How much does laser hemorrhoid treatment cost

How much can periodontal treatment cost?

Periodontal treatment is carried out in order to reduce inflammation of the gums (periodontitis, periodontitis) and their unpleasant side effects. Periodontal treatment relieves acute pain, prevents the risk of tooth loss and improves the aesthetics of teeth and gums.

From the patient's point of view, periodontal treatment is associated with many questions: Which procedure is the right one? Do you trust your local dentist or do you go to a specialist? And what about the cost of periodontal treatment?

The CompletDent specialist dentists would like to answer all of these questions with this text. They experience:

  • Which Circumstances the cost of periodontal treatment influence,
  • Which Health insurance costs be taken over,
  • how a lot of periodontal treatment abroad costs,
  • Which Aftercare costs can arise and
  • how much you with the Periodontal treatment in the CompletDent dental clinic can save.

Unless otherwise noted, the prices listed below apply to the Dental treatment in the CompletDent Dental Clinic in Budapest. Finally, the prices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are discussed for comparison and you will also receive an overview of the Costs for periodontal treatment abroad.

What are the costs for periodontal treatment?

The costs for periodontal treatment are mainly based on the following factors:

  • Severity of periodontal disease
  • Type of treatment: Basic treatment, surgical intervention and, if necessary, further treatments
  • Selected treatment technique: Hand instruments vs. laser and co.

We always give you the price of our clinic for the following examples of bone augmentation treatments. So that you have a direct comparison, we will finally also look at the costs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as in other countries.

In this text we can of course only offer you general information on treatment costs. If you would like to obtain an individual treatment plan including a cost estimate, our experienced team of doctors will be happy to advise you personally!


The costs for periodontal treatments are calculated according to the severity of the disease

The same applies to periodontitis: the earlier the disease is recognized, the easier and better it can be treated. Of course, this also has an impact on the treatment costs!

Lower cost of early-stage periodontal treatment

A Periodontal disease rarely begins at the tip of the tooth root, but mostly with inflammation of the gum margins. Then the onset of receding gums exposes the necks of the teeth. A basic treatment that you can provide in the CompletDent Dental Clinic for only 80 to 120 euros.

Advanced periodontal disease makes treatment more expensive

When the periodontitis spreads, deep gum pockets develop, the teeth holding apparatus is increasingly destroyed and the teeth begin to loosen up to the point of tooth loss.

Surgical treatment is required here (our price: 100 euros / tooth), and gum plastic surgery and / or a replacement with dentures may also be necessary.

The different stages of periodontal disease

How do the costs differ depending on the type of periodontal treatment needed?

The most important cost factor is the Type of intervention: Is basic treatment sufficient or is the inflammation of the teeth so advanced that surgical intervention is necessary?

You can expect these costs with a basic treatment for periodontal disease

During the basic treatment, the exposed tooth necks and roots are cleaned of hard plaque and bacteria and mechanically smoothed. The procedure is non-surgical and is therefore also known as a closed periodontal treatment; In the CompletDent Dental Clinic this costs 150 euros / Keifer.

Advanced periodontal disease: this is how expensive the surgical procedure is

In the open periodontal treatment the gums are surgically opened to enable cleaning of the root surface right into the deep gum pockets. This procedure costs 140 euros / tooth for us.

What are the costs of a transplant as part of a periodontal treatment?

Exposed tooth necks and Roots are not only unsightly, they also pose an increased risk to dental health. Here one can Gum transplant remedywhich the CompletDent oral surgeons offer from 500 euros / region.

You can find more information about this procedure in our article on gum surgery.

What influence does an additionally required denture have on the costs?

If advanced periodontitis leads to irreversible loosening or loss of teeth, a replacement with dentures is necessary. Our CompletDent prosthetics experts explain what options there are and how expensive they are in the text on the cost of dentures.


How does the selected treatment technique affect the cost of periodontal treatment?

In the CompletDent Dental Clinic in Budapest we offer you state-of-the-art periodontal treatmentswhich achieve better results than conventional methods, but which are also a little more expensive.

As a basis for effective periodontal treatment, we always recommend professional tooth cleaning (PZR), which removes hard and soft plaque from all tooth surfaces.

Periodontal treatment with Vector® therapy

The Vector® procedure is a special form of ultrasound treatmentthat uses a special grinding / polishing fluid. This largely non-contact and pain-free treatment is available from CompletDent for only 300 euros.

Modern procedures: This is the cost of a periodontal treatment using laser therapy

The Cleaning the tooth necks and Root surfaces is traditionally done with hand instruments. Treatment with the soft laser, which reliably kills germs, stops small bleeding and promotes healing, is gentler and more effective - with us from 490 euros!

This is how much a periodontal treatment with Emdogain costs

Emdogain is a gel that is applied to the cleaned root surface and measurably accelerates the regeneration of the tooth support system. You can get an Emdogain treatment in our Budapest dental clinic from 120 Eur / tooth.

Radiant smile with healthy gums after periodontal treatment

What does the reimbursement of costs by the health insurances for periodontal treatments depend on?

If you have a Periodontal Treatment need, you can on a pro rata basis The health insurance company will assume the costs counting.

How do the costs differ depending on the insurance?

If you have statutory health insurance, you must apply to your health insurance company to cover the cost of periodontal treatment. The amount of the reimbursement is the same for all GKV members, i. H. The same rules apply to periodontal treatment at Barmer as at Techniker Krankenkasse (TKK) or IKK.

AOK and Co. pay for repeated periodontal treatment after 2 years at the earliest.

A conventional periodontal treatment is a standard benefit

The conventional periodontal treatment (Basic treatment with hand instruments, if necessary also surgical intervention) is a standard benefit. The costs for this are borne by all statutory and private health insurers.

What are the costs of periodontal treatment with private insurance?

In the case of private insurance, it depends on the individual insurance policy which costs - in addition to conventional treatment - are covered.

Does the health insurance company cover the costs for an early diagnosis?

As part of early detection The health insurance company takes over the creation of the Periodontal Screening Index every 2 years (PSI). In addition to the regular check-up, the condition of the gums and the periodontal structures are evaluated.

What co-payment do I have to expect for periodontal treatment?

The Own contribution for a periodontal treatment is calculated from the total costs minus the health insurance share for the basic treatment. You will always have to pay your own contribution if you opt for additional services (PZR, bacterial test) or particularly gentle, modern treatment methods (laser, Emdogain).

Does the hardship rule apply to periodontal treatment?

The Hardship regulation refers to the Reimbursement of costs for dentures: It says that the health insurance for people with particularly low incomes on request up to 100% of the costs for a standard dental prosthesis will be covered.

The hardship regulation does not apply to periodontal treatment; in principle, only the costs of conventional treatment are covered here.


What are the prices for periodontal treatment abroad?

The Dentist prices within Europe are very different - this also applies to periodontal treatments. Therefore, the comparison is worthwhile, especially in the case of complex interventions with a high personal contribution!

This is how high the costs for periodontal treatments are in Germany

In the case of a pardon treatment in Germany, you can expect an additional payment of 700 euros for laser therapy and 250 euros / tooth for an Emdogain treatment.

You can expect these costs for periodontal treatments in Austria

The prices of Austrian dentists are largely similar to those in Germany.

This is how much periodontal treatment costs in Switzerland

The generally high price level in Switzerland is also evident in dental treatments: laser therapy for periodontal disease patients costs 1,100 euros, Emdogain treatment costs 350 euros / tooth.

You can expect low costs for periodontal treatment in Hungary

For periodontal treatment in the EU country Hungary, the same reimbursement rules apply as in Germany. The costs for a gentle laser treatment are 250 euros, for treatment with Emdogain 120 euros / tooth.

This is the cost of periodontal treatment in Poland

Polish dentists offer laser treatments for periodontal patients from 300 euros, the costs for healing therapy with Emdogain start from 150 euros / tooth.

This is how much periodontal treatment costs in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the cost of laser treatment for periodontal disease is around 300 euros; the use of Emdogain costs around 160 euros / tooth.

These prices are called for periodontal treatment in Turkey

In Turkey, you have to pay for the entire periodontal treatment yourself; here - unlike in EU countries - the German health insurance company cannot cover the costs. A treatment with laser costs around 250 euros, with Emdogain from 150 euros / tooth.

What costs will I have to pay for aftercare?

Whether and to what extent paid follow-up measures are required after periodontal treatment depends on the healing process: The CompletDent experts generally recommend one regular, needs-based professional tooth cleaning (PZR) as a supplement to daily dental care at home. In addition to the annual survey of the periodontal status, follow-up treatment of individual teeth (cleaning and smoothing of the root surface) or drug therapy is also carried out if necessary.

Cost examples compared to periodontal disease treatments

So that you can get a better picture, we present some typical scenarios for periodontal treatment and the associated costs in the CompletDent Dental Clinic in Budapest:

  • mild periodontal disease: conventional treatment with handheld devices and conventional disinfection: 100 euros
  • mild periodontal disease: gentle and effective laser treatment: 200-250 euros
  • advanced periodontitis with severe receding gums: Laser treatment and Emdogain therapy, gum transplantation (covering the exposed tooth necks) for a beautiful smile: 200-250 euros

Calculate the costs for your periodontal treatment with our cost calculator

If you need a dental prosthesis after completing the periodontal treatment, you can use our cost calculator to check the cost savings you can achieve with an individual implant solution from the CompletDent dental clinic compared to your on-site dentist. Just enter your personal ideas and see for yourself!