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the stories of a herb mume ...

Well-known international scientists, including 70 Nobel Prize winners, contest climate change in a sensational documentary!

Sounds very plausible and is true according to my research….



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June 21st is the summer solstice.

At midnight, a heavily guarded ceremony will take place in the Notre Dame Catholic basilica on Rue Argand in Geneva.
(After this became known, the planned location will probably be changed, but Satanists do not change the time because it has the greatest effect on mass consciousness ...)

We have been warned not to make this public, it is top secret, but it is the same basilica where children disappeared and ritual killings appeared to be taking place back in 2014.

Their 6/21/18 pact is sealed with blood.
Only the Pope and WCC leaders will be present.
(World Council of Churches).

Note on my part:

Due to the special date this year (numerological = 9),
the Satan disciples try to anchor their things in the morphogenetic field for all time!
It is up to us peace-loving and loving people, all energy - and lightworkers, to finally put an end to this hustle and bustle!

A Vatican document from the secret archives now before the International Common Law Court in Brussels says that in order to honor their god Satan it is necessary that the Pope and the cardinals participate in satanic infanticide and sexual abuse on a regular basis
Have to participate at intervals. To expose and stop this, Kevin Annett and the 1TCCS will lead a demo in Geneva on June 21, 2018 (they risk their lives)

This is not the first timethat Pope Francis will be accused of this.
In July 2014, two young women testified in court that Bergoglio raped them during such a sacrifice ceremony in the spring of 2009 and 2010. An employee of the Curia in Rome said these ceremonies are also taking place in the grounds of Carnarvon Castle in Wales and a French chateau.

The ITCCS court received documents from secret archives.

They say, among other things, before each appointment, the new Pope and the Nine Circle Cult must perform a ritual of sacrificing a baby followed by drinking his blood.The ritual's eyewitnesses also claimed that the Queen, her husband and members of the family, and some senior Jesuits also attended, along with Pope Ratzinger.
(Note: That's the way it is!)
Forty-eight witnesses appeared before the ICLCJ court, and Pope Francis, Jesuit leader A. Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury J. Welby were found guilty.

(Why aren't they arrested? Either the courts are denied competence, or these people are protected from above, which goes hand in hand.)

Please to all readers:Please remember to send light to Geneva at midnight on the night of June 21st, 2018! !

Mark this on the calendar and imagine the Pope
and the accomplices behind bars!

Note on my part:
“This ritual -“ event ”was found and dissolved, the children were saved safe and sound, the Pope and the accomplices were arrested and are behind bars. This has also happened at all participating sites! "
That's the way it is!

The protest and counter conference in Geneva: or

Source: Anonymous
The source is known, but is NOT mentioned here for reasons of protection!

Herbal Mume says thank you!

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There is more than a question mark in my brain about the content of the BVG and the condemnation of so many people ...
Should only people be silenced here, are you afraid of them?
Here is the article:

When the Federal Constitutional Court decision on the sedition paragraph (130 StGB) was issued at the beginning of November 2009 (-1 BvR 2150/08), the circle of injustice in the FRG at the highest legal level seemed to have closed for us. We reported accordingly.

The former Spiegel editor Heinz Höhne gave an answer to the question more than ten years ago, what of the stories about the “religious Holocaust ideas” and the obvious “image of the fascist reign of terror” without the criminal protection the “prohibition of thinking” would remain. Here is his answer:

“But when historians scratched these Manichaean (religious) ideas of good and evil with their research, they easily landed on a minefield of taboos and prohibitions of thought, where a bizarre coalition of popular educators, self-appointed" chief judges of history "and virtuosos of political correctness suspicious of political correctness their kind of historical truth wakes up. They are driven by the probing suspicion that with the well-known revisionism of professional historiography there will be little left of the once so closed picture of the fascist reign of terror. "

Heinz Höhne, give me four years
Ullstein, Berlin-Frankfurt 1996. p. 8

We relied on the reports in the media, according to which the highest authority of the FRG constitutional order confirmed that in the FRG special rights for and against certain groups apply. An unbelievable thing, because international human law forbids such a thing.

It was the unforgettable Jürgen Rieger who brought this violation of human rights before the constitutional court. Only a few days after his death, the decision was announced, with devastating wording for us libertarians. The system media referred to the passage that the system actually applies special laws. You can read clearly that"Section 130 (4) of the Criminal Code, also as a special law with the right to freedom of expression (Article 5 (1) and (2) of the Basic Law) in view of the general injustice and the horror that the National Socialist rule brought over Europe and large parts of the world, is compatible. "

This part of the BVerfG decision sounds clear. The inhuman machinery of persecution actually seemed to be entitled to refer to Section 130 of the Criminal Code. We at the NJ had always complained that in connection with the denial of gas chambers and the extent of “Jewish victims”, the use of the 130-er is arbitrarily interpreted against its content by the courts concerned with it.

In our opinion, anyone who does not deny “Jewish victims” during the Nazi era, but only denies the generally mentioned scope, as well as the “murder weapon gas chambers”, should never be brought to justice under Section 130 of the Criminal Code. This paragraph does not prescribe a minimum number of victims that one must believe in, nor does it mention a specific weapon that one must name. In this respect, the entire parliament would have heard before the judge that passed the wording of the law without a “minimum number of victims” and without “gas chambers”.

But the justiciable reality in the persecuting state FRG was different. Evidence may not be introduced to this day and so-called obviousness is pretended in terms of the number of victims and the weapon used, but this has not yet been defined by any judge. No judge wants to commit himself to numbers and the gas chambers are only addressed in a nebulous manner, if at all. Nevertheless, convictions are regularly carried out, now up to life imprisonment. You simply add up individual sentences from a research publication and punish the author with the maximum penalty of five years for each sentence individually. The German freedom fighter Horst Mahler received 13 years of imprisonment, and that at an age of 73.

It was Horst Mahler who analyzed the Federal Constitutional Court decision and reported from the cell that the content was the opposite of what in the guiding principle, as quoted above, came out through the media. Mahler explained why the arbitrary law was thereby invalidated. He should be right with his analysis, the Federal Constitutional Court has defined the arbitrary prosecution according to § 130 StGB in interaction with the fundamental right to freedom of expression differently than currently practiced by the courts.

Already in paragraph 61 of the reasoning for the judgment, the judges make it clear that the expression of opinion, “Jews were not gassed” does not constitute a criminal offense, unless the violence of the Nazi era, which is described as obvious, is expressly approved, glorified and justified. The judges probably confirm the “lawful” application of a special law that violates human rights, but only in connection with the approval of violence:“The provision (Section 130 of the Criminal Code) does not serve to protect victims of violence in general and deliberately does not aim to approve, glorify and justify the violence and arbitrariness of totalitarian regimes as a whole, but is limited to statements relating solely to National Socialism."

No matter how wrong historically, no matter how reprehensible it is ethically, what was formulated there, denying the existence of gas chambers is therefore not part of the persecution measures. In order to be prosecuted under the special law, someone would have to say / write: "It was perfectly okay to have killed the Jews, because Germany had the right to do so." No revisionist, no nationalist, no liberal had ever said or would ever say such a thing.

Under paragraph 72, the court becomes even clearer, because the judges find that the denial of the so-called Holocaust must not be interpreted as “glorification” of the Nazi Reich or as “approval” of the alleged Holocaust. It is clearly stated that there should be no restrictions on expressing opinions with peaceful content. It says:"For interventions in Article 5, Paragraph 1 of the Basic Law, it follows from this that their objective must not be aimed at taking protective measures against the purely spiritual lasting effects of certain expressions of opinion." To hinder an expression of opinion, even if it could pose a threat to the system, must not be hindered in the sense of the constitutionally protected freedom of expression. The court literally:"The intention to hinder utterances with harmful or mentally dangerous content annuls the principle of freedom of expression itself and is illegitimate."Then again the clarification that every expression of opinion that does not directly call for violence or justify violence must be permitted, no matter how “dangerous” or “worthless” (false) it is. Literally:“Just the worthlessness or the dangerousness of opinions as such is no reason to limit them. Article 5 (1) of the Basic Law does not allow freedom of expression to be subject to a general reservation of weighing up. " This formulation is crystal clear. As long as there is no call for violence in connection with the Holo-denial or the alleged crimes are justified, full freedom of expression under Article 5 of the Basic Law must apply to the Holo-contradiction.

This definition is defined even more deeply:“For the protection of material rights, this results in a kind of intervention threshold for the prevention of danger, which is based solely on opinions as such, are too abstract to entitle the state to prohibit them.” In plain language: The special protection of the Jews is not endangered if someone writes / says that the Holo did not take place. Such an opinion, according to the judges, must not be prohibited by the state.

In Paragraph 75 of the judgment it is made clear once again that the persecution within the framework of Section 130 of the Criminal Code applies solely to the call for violence and the unequivocal justification of historical violence, but not to intellectual disputes. It is said that the “purely spiritual effect” can overlap with the “infringing effect”, but the legislature must agree“Limit it from the outset to the pursuit of protective purposes that are based on this limit and do not take back the principle of free intellectual debate itself.” The judges are even required to carry out a proportionality test. So whether violence has resulted from certain utterances:“The proportionality test also has to follow these limits. The more specifically and directly a legal asset is endangered by an expression of opinion, the lower the requirements for an interference; the more mediated and distant the threatened violations of legal interests remain, the higher the requirements to be made ... The more [expressions of opinion] result in a content-related suppression of the opinion itself, the higher the requirements for the specific threat of a threat to legal interests. "So if it is evident that the pursuit of a “special opinion” endangers the freedom of expression itself, the more it must be checked whether there is really a threat to legal interests (danger to the Jews through threat to public peace).

In paragraph 77, the court makes it clear what the endangerment of the public peace means:“An understanding of public peace that aims to protect citizens from the subjective unease of citizens through confrontation with provocative opinions and ideologies or at the preservation of fundamentally regarded social or ethical views is not sustainable for the justification of encroachments on freedom of expression. A disquiet that the intellectual controversy in the opinion struggle brings with it and follows solely from the content of the ideas and their conceptual consequences is a necessary downside of freedom of expression and cannot be a legitimate purpose for restricting it. "

However, as always in the FRG judicial system, the judges leave a back door open for prosecution with a vague formulation in paragraph 78. They emphasize the criminality of “disturbing the public peace” by including the invitation to criminal acts, the threat of criminal acts, the reward and approval of criminal acts, including those of Section 130 of the Criminal Code.

But in Paragraph 79 makes this definition ineffective again made by clearly establishing the criminal liability in the endangerment of the public peace:“According to the reasons for the law, the legislature has based Section 130 (4) of the Criminal Code on the protection of public peace. The question of whether, or in what understanding, the norm could also be based on the protection of the dignity of the victims of the National Socialist rule of violence and arbitrariness, can be left open. "

And in paragraph 81 the court completely abolishes the persecution of opinion according to § 130 StGB, as also vaguely confirmed in paragraph 78. It is clearly stated that, according to Section 130 of the Criminal Code, only the approval of the real crime may be pursued, not the ideas. Literally:“Section 130 (4) of the Criminal Code defines as a criminal offense the approval, glorification and justification of the National Socialist rule of violence and arbitrariness. The punishment is the approval not of ideas, but of real crimes. "

The current inhuman persecution practice according to Section 130 of the Criminal Code in Section 82 is even more clearly rejected as unlawful. It is explicitly stated that an offensive interpretation of history should not be made a criminal offense. Literally: "The regulation does not punish a trivialization of National Socialism as ideology or an offensive historical interpretation of this time, but the externally manifested approval of the real historical rule of violence and arbitrariness, as it was put into practice under National Socialism." So even expressing sympathy for National Socialism, for example because it created many social reforms in favor of the people, is not a criminal offense. The interpretation of history alone certainly not at all.

Paragraph 82 underlines once again that a contrary opinion on the state-decreed Holocaust image does not constitute a criminal offense under Section 130 of the Criminal Code, but expressly only approves and rewards “crimes actually committed”. Literally: “The legislative evaluation of the provision is similar to Section 140 of the Criminal Code, which makes the reward and approval of certain, actually committed and particularly serious crimes a punishable offense.”

So far, the courts have used Section 130 of the Criminal Code as a rubber paragraph. No judge has ever been able to bindingly say to a defendant which number of Jewish victims is considered to be relevant under criminal law or which number of victims would make oneself criminal if mentioned. There are also no clear guidelines on this in paragraph 130 of the prosecution. Even the “murder weapon” for the Holocaust is not mentioned in Section 130, as already stated above. Thus, it is impossible for the common man to keep track of the statements with which he makes himself liable to prosecution. In paragraph 88 (sic) the court highlights this maladministration, which cannot be applied as it is. Literally: “Art. 103 (2) GG obliges the legislature to describe the prerequisites for criminal liability in such a concrete way that the scope and scope of the criminal offenses can be recognized and determined through interpretation. This obligation serves a dual purpose. On the one hand it is about the rule of law protection of the norm addressee: Everyone should be able to foresee which behavior is forbidden and threatened with punishment. "

In view of the fact that the holo-judges have so far interpreted the law themselves and applied the interpreted version, the BVerfG decision stipulates that it is illegal with the following sentence:“On the other hand, it should be ensured that only the legislature decides on criminal liability. In this respect, Article 103, Paragraph 2 of the Basic Law contains a strict legal reservation that prevents the executive and judicial authorities [judges] from deciding on the prerequisites for a punishment themselves. "

It remains to be seen whether the highest jurisprudence will result in a change in the practice of persecution in the FRG. Hardly likely. In the FRG there is no longer any rule of law in this sense. The Federal Constitutional Court can judge what it wants, politicians ignore the decisions if they are not acceptable. After the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court on the Lisbon Treaty, it should never have been ratified in this form (abolition of the German state people). Yet it happened.

Both the judges and the highest judges fidget at the strings of politics."When they are appointed [constitutional judges], the judges depend on politics." (Welt, 02.26.2010, p. 2) Even the system mirror confirmed this legal neglect years ago:“The state - and with it its property - is considered the property of the parties. They are proficient in television and radio. Courts and public utilities see them as their prey. "(Der Spiegel 26/1992, p. 23)

Only when the constitutional judges have left do they now and then dare to oppose the practice of persecution, as for example Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann-Riem and Prof. Dr. Winfried Hassemer. But they never muster that courage during their tenure. Against this background, the BVerfG's decision on the 130th that is analyzed here can be called revolutionary. But the lead judge of this decision, Hans-Jürgen Papier, is now out. Sometimes paper dared to show a little courage for human rights. That should be over now.

One can say that according to this definition of Section 130 StGB by the BVerfG, all imprisoned revisionists and freedom fighters were innocently or are being locked away.

Thousands of Germans were unconstitutionally convicted and imprisoned for Section 130! Corresponding constitutional court judgments must be revised, repealed like the corresponding law in general. Thousands of convicts have to be rehabilitated, even compensated. Detainees released. Rehabilitation of those condemned by the GDR dictatorship was done quickly and gladly in the early 1990s. It made it clear how angry the communists were and how liberal and democratic one is. And now? Is it that fast now? Or isn't it terribly embarrassing to be told by others what freedom, justice and human dignity mean in real life?

Dear bloggers and internet users. Please spread this post as much as possible on the Internet, in forums and blogs and of course on Facebook and Twitter. Right now it is important that we do not allow ourselves to be put off by the German lying press and that we create an appropriate counter-public.




Herbal Mums

Well ... if the "Constitutional Court" has passed the decision that this is NO longer a criminal act, the EU has lifted the penalty for "National Socialist symbols of the" AH-Reich "in 2005 (from 2005 the EU has lifted the ban on symbols of the 3rd Reich) , I ask myself :


Greetings your very thoughtful herb mums ... ..

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Source FB:

Herbal Mume says thank you! ❤

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E I L T! We at the editorial team see a huge danger emanating from the current events. The manipulation of the people through the media, be it through reporting on the Syria conflict, the affair about the poison attack on the double spy Skripal, where the Russians are again and again to blame, all of these things should get us in the mood on the western side against To pull Russia into the field, what will begin these hours in Syria.

The risk of expansion to the European field is immensely high. It only takes 1 mistake on one of the two sides and we are in an immense crisis in no time! We'd rather not use the word war.

It is shameful, but there are many signs and we want to call and communicate !!!

We want PEACE

Source: Horizonworld

Herbal Mume says thank you!

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The swastika - a representation of the cross in motion. this is theharmonic number - 4. The number 4includes in oneany descendants of the Slavic-Aryan peoples :
the body his parents lent him;
the soul that was sent into this body by the gods;
the spirit as the connection with the gods and the protection of the ancestors;
the conscience - the measure of all human actions.


The swastika was from the originalVEDISH Populate here Midgard Earthbrought. The White peopleto have a swastic psychological matrix: the conscience, the mind, the soul and the body.

Swastika with sword. The Colors of the arms of the swastika correspond to the eye colors of the White Peopleswho once came to Midgard Earth to colonize it. Your Original home here on Midgard Earth was Hyperborea, the former North Pole of Midgard Earth until it was hit by the gray parasites and this Hyperborea sank around the North Pole.

It is known which peoples with which color of eyes and from which parts of the universe once came to our Midgard Earth.
First came the Da’Aria from the constellation Little Bear from the Tara system of the earth Rai, the eye color gray was impressed by the Tara sun. Then came the h’Aria from the constellation Orion from the Rada system from Earth Troara. The eye color green was impressed by the Rada sun. Next came the Swajator Russians from the constellation Great Bear from the Arkoln system from Earth Ruta. The eye color blue was impressed by the Arkoln sun. And finally came the races, the classy ones, from the constellation Leo (Beta Leo) from the Dashdbog system from Ingard Earth. The eye color brown was imprinted by the Dashdbog sun.

The symbol of the Union of the Four Great Peoples - Aryans & Slavs.

The united Aryan extended families are: the Da’Arians and the h’Arians.
The united Slavic extended families are: the Svjatorusen (Heiligrussen) & Rassenner.
The unity of the peoples was represented with the symbol of Ingliism on the heavenly etheric field. Solar Ingliism is crossed by a silver sword: stands for race & conscience,
the actually fiery red handle: pure intentions,
pointing downwards: the preservation and protection of the ancient wisdom of the Great Race from the various dark forces.


Daaria - Hyperborea was so named by the tall blondes
even before the surface of Mars was destroyed.



Daaria - Hyperborea was destroyed when Midgard Earth was ravaged by the GRAY parasites.
16 years before the destruction, a large move took place from Daaria - Hyperborea to Central Asia in the area between the Ural Mountains and the Lena River in what is now Eastern Siberia with the center Asgard Iriski (now Omsk). From here, too, the people of the great race had to resettle again.

Da’Arians: These include: Siberian Rusichi (the Tobol Sktartars), Northwest Germanic Peoples, Rasizschi (from Jugorsk and Lukomorje), Danes, Dutch, Flemish people, Datschallen, Latvians (Latten), Rive (Lithuanians, Litovans), Estonians and others.
This includes: East Russians, Northeast Prussians, Scandinavians, Anglo-Saxons, Normans (Murmans), Gauls, Icelanders, the people of Svyati Risichi and others.
The Swjatorus include: Northern Russians, Belarusians, Borussians (Russians from Borussia), Poles, East Prussians, Serbs, Horvates, Irishmen, Scots, Assyrians, Macedonians and others.
The Rassenner, Latin Etrusci, Tusci or Greek Tyrrhenoi, Tyrsenoi, and we know them under the name Etruscans, moved to northern Italy and formed there from around 1000 BC. its own high culture that existed until the turn of the century. The Etruscans first gave the Romans and then Europe a decisive impetus for cultural development. Greek culture also benefited from this confederation in northern Italy. Ultimately, the origins of this culture came from a completely different star system, namely Beta Leo, and here from Ingard Earth.

The Slavic extended families of the Rasseni gave the country the name - Tule (Tule - the fire because they had a fiery eye color - fire brown).

Vedic cultural area in Europe after the secession of England

In the course of time, the swastika has reached very different cultures and also assumed many forms:

In recent German history, the swastika was and is the symbol of the German people's struggle for freedom against their oppressors. Until 2005, the symbol of the so-called swastika was not only frowned upon in the Federal Republic of Germany (BRiD), but also directly prohibited. From 2005 the EU lifted the ban on symbols of the 3rd Reich and asked the EU countries to implement this repeal in their respective countries. In the FRG, the establishment has not yet complied with the EU's request, and these bans continue to apply.