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The UK's trump cards

@ weico

To attest UK trump cards and to let them "play them to the full" shows your naivety.

Symbolic example:

The UK fisheries and fishing industry have ALL the trumps if EU fishermen are no longer allowed to fish in waters that are then British.

Isn't it logical → more fishing → increasing processing of fish → more jobs → growing economy → increasing prosperity.

Little problem:

Who is the now larger amount of fish products sold to if they CANNOT be sold in the large EU market?

To Trump's America first, to China or who else?

If the SECTION is not secured - and it can only be secured with concessions to the customers, whoever they are - the RIGHTS extended with the exit are not worth much.

Of course, the EU would also have serious problems if the UK played its trump cards, no matter what the cost. You would have to, among other things. subsidize their fishermen.

In short:

Playing trumps results in a loser-loser situation for those involved or affected.

So also for the wonderful automotive industry in UK according to your link:

"78% of the automobile products manufactured are exported" - where does the large part go IF the EU receives no consideration for the import of such products?

The EU is a BIG market.

UK will have to fight for him and pay with CONCESSIONS.

Nothing against the assessment of strengths and weaknesses, but my perspective assessment regarding a comparison with the EU is based on STRUCTURAL inequality.

As explained below, based on Wolfgang Selig, it says:

The UK has the advantage of no longer being part of the heteronomy of a redistributive community that is the EU and will appear to be strengthened.

Increasing redistribution can ensure internal stability, but in international competition it will tend to have a negative impact on the EU and thus exhaust the resources for a continuous redistribution and stability policy.

Ultimately, even a large market will not be able to prevent this.