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Equipment list: Goldring 2500

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ELAC - The Life of Sound.
SVS 3000 micro subwoofer
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Top topic: home cinema room


Comfortable & affordable cinema sofas

The high-quality armchairs and sofas from Sofanella create a cozy and comfortable home theater experience

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Guido Randerath
Home cinema and car hifi department

No-name vs. brand

Inexpensive products don't necessarily have to be bad. In the food industry, for example, it happens that one and the same product is under an expensive brand label and is significantly cheaper than no-name on the same supermarket shelf. But what about electronic devices?
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Elmar Michels
Car Hifi department

RV entertainment

Mobile homes are very popular and entertainment is also becoming increasingly important for campers. Therefore retrofitting campers is also an issue here with us.
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Thomas Schmidt
Editor-in-chief HiFi loudspeaker test yearbook

Klang + Ton 2021

You have to reinvent yourself every now and then. And so we have given our "old warhorse" Klang + Ton a much broader thematic theme in 2021 in order to make reading even more exciting and varied for you, dear readers.
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