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Archetype: new darknet drug shop wants to reach the top - Interview

With Archetyp it is immediately noticeable that everything was produced by hand, well thought out and therefore very laboriously. This new dark commerce marketplace recently opened its doors after extensive preparations. But anyone interested will only find drugs and no data there, which is no coincidence. We recently had a long chat with the programmer and founder of this project.

Archetype should become the model for all marketplaces in the long term.

Archetype works with its own messaging system, but most of the exchange should take place in a separate area at the underground forum dread. The Tor forum dread is available again after a long time.

The requirements of the online shop are clear: delivery of goods only within the EU, payment exclusively via Monero (XMR). In addition, you basically only have drugs on offer. There is no room for providers of hacked or phished data, credit cards, etc.!

When talking to the creator of the project, it quickly becomes apparent that he has a lot of interest to tell. The goal at the end of the flagpole? Archetype should become the archetype of all marketplaces in the long term. The current shop at the address 4pt4axjgzmm4ibmxplfiuvopxzf775e5bqseyllafcecryfthdupjwyd.onion is only the beginning.

History of the origins of Archetype

How did Archetype actually come about?

I come from poor financial circumstances and didn't necessarily grow up in the best part of town. I came into contact with drugs very early on and was able to gain a lot of experience, bad experiences, but also good ones. When I was younger I thought I was invincible. I thought I was smarter than everyone else, so I skilfully ignored every warning and did whatever I wanted every day.

I've tried different drugs since I was in my teens. But I have to say that alcohol was the worst drug for me. But that is probably also due to the environment and the circumstances.

In the circle of friends, we would often wander the streets like fools, eager to screw up. I think it was a kind of “ritual of masculinity”. Most of the time we were pretty drunk to lower our inhibitions. Then you just have more confidence, everyone knows that. Looking back, a lot of things are uncomfortable for me. But I am grateful that I got away with what I have experienced so far with a 'black eye'. I think it's easier to lose control in a group. It is probably the case that you are often not fully aware of your actions when you act in a group.

Suddenly purified at the age of 20

I first used LSD when I was around 20 years old and it felt like someone had just given me the gift of 'critical' thinking. I've started to question a lot, first of all why I'm actually drunk almost every day. I noticed that I was very far away from what I imagined for my future when I was a child. As a child, I always wanted to have a social job and do something good for the world and for my fellow human beings, but at that point I actually did exactly the opposite: exhibited anti-social behavior and as best I could, every person pissed off.

I think that was also my 'ego death', I realized and perceived a lot that I hadn't noticed before, I am very happy about this experience with LSD. After my first trip, I really wanted to consume LSD again quickly and did four trips within a few months. After the fourth trip, I had a new self-image and no more desire to drink alcohol. I stopped drinking alcohol overnight for a year.

I started to focus on my childhood goals. And of course I've set a few new goals for myself. I started with MMA
Reading books and educating myself. I wanted to create the best version of myself, my archetype. (Note: MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, a separate type of full contact competition.)

The Silk Road Forum as a guide

What helped me a lot to focus on the right things in life was the Silk Road Forum, it was kind of magical there. There have been a few fools, but for the most part the forum, in my memory, was characterized by respect and tolerance. It was there that I came into contact with philosophy and ethics for the first time in my life, the time I spent there was a very formative time.

A lot has happened since Silk Road. There were countless marketplaces, but only a few that understood the values ​​that I now carry within myself. I want to help build a healthy and vibrant drug scene in Europe, where values ​​are more important than profit maximization.

Archetype means something like “an ideal typical representative of an idea” - and with that I want to express that I took up the humanistic-liberal idea of ​​Silk Road, but would like to live it out differently than Ross Ulbricht back then. I would like to distance myself clearly from the acts of Ross Ulbricht (murder assignments). I don't idealize Silk Road or Ross Ulbricht, but the idea behind it.

"If you seriously want to tell me that fraud is a good thing, you do mental gymnastics at the highest level."

I founded Archetyp for this reason, nowadays it seems to be all about profit maximization. Everything is offered as long as you can still be listed on Dread or Dark.Fail with what is offered. These market admins, whom I speak to here, are, in my opinion, still children in their heads - 'because they don't know what they are doing'. If you seriously want to tell me that fraud is a good thing, you do mental gymnastics at the highest level. I will do my best to split the scene, because criminal dregs do not belong in the drug scene. Drugs should be legalized.

In short: I miss the exchange at eye level, which is about growing together. That's why I now use Archetype to take up the humanistic-liberal idea that was behind Silk Road at the time and try to bring values ​​back into the scene. Together we can advocate decriminalization and legalization.

After all, it's not just about the next high in life. Archetype, should become the archetype of a marketplace.

Archetype: Implementation planned for the I2P network

Why only in the Tor network, is everything else too dangerous for you?

Yes, the servers can only be operated safely as a Tor Hidden Service, so the choice fell on the Tor network, in the future I can imagine also providing a mirror via I2P if there is enough interest within the scene.

Why is alcohol, the number 1 popular drug, legal?

You can currently be reached in the Tor network at 4pt4axjgzmm4ibmxplfiuvopxzf775e5bqseyllafcecryfthdupjwyd.onion. There are only different drugs on offer there, how did that come about?

Drugs only harm the person using them, no one else. The biggest problem with drug use these days is that there is no way to seek proper help. Since there is no state regulation, it is not always possible to know for sure how good the quality of the goods is. Or whether the goods are stretched and there are no comparative values ​​or recommendations. One can certainly argue that the families of addicts also suffer from the addiction, or that the addict is prone to crime, but both arguments can also be applied to the legal drug alcohol.

If there were government regulation and maybe also a 'drug driver's license', which one must have before one can legally purchase drugs, one could solve many problems, avoid them directly and offer help as needed.

You currently have 25 vendors, are many retailers looking for reputable portals?

Definitely! Each portal increases the reach of a retailer and thus the potential sales, which is the main goal of most retailers.

Well thought-out front end with lots of little gimmicks

What is the difference between you and the competition? Is there a unique selling proposition?

Archetype has what is, in my opinion, the most beautiful front end: A very clean user interface, with well thought-out functions, which also offers an unprecedented user experience thanks to many unique features. Archetyp has by far the best search function because you can do 100% accurate searches.

For example, you can search for exactly 10g of cannabis that is being sent from a country within Europe to Germany and filter by: price, popularity, rating and price-performance ratio. So it is possible to find the cheapest price. Other markets just can't keep up with us here.

There are also many little gimmicks that make life easier, e.g. you can switch off pictures, which saves requests and increases performance, many other such ideas have been implemented.

Archetype - security through obscurity

Payment is only made via Monero. What else have you done to safeguard the privacy of your users?

Although it is often argued that 'security by obfuscurity' does not make sense, we rely on it as one of many measures and cannot make an exact statement unless we know what we are doing.

I have already put my know-how in the security area on display several times, e.g. when I hacked the competing market: 'Pax Romana' in spring 2020 and gained complete control over the server. Database, wallets, source code and admin PGP private keys. Customers of the affected hack, I then offered a full refund of the loot. The market no longer exists, but you can still read about it on DiDW or Dread.

Furthermore, I occasionally work as a pentester for existing markets or develop software solutions for customers in the Darknet, which is actually a great advantage, as Archetype does not have any paper trails (documents, records). The entire infrastructure is financed by money that cannot be associated with me. I have never paid out a crypto currency and this will be my protective shield for a long time to come.

Yes, darknetstats.com also says that Pax Romana has been hacked. Do the sales go through escrow? Or how do you allow customers not to get ripped off?

There are currently two different methods of payment: escrow and immediate payment of the goods, whereby retailers have to prove at the start that they have good intentions. Over time, however, they may also demand immediate payment for the goods.

Another forum is not required

Why a portal and not a forum?

There are already very good forums, my favorite is DiDW, closely followed by Dread. It also has the advantage that if archetype servers are confiscated in case of doubt, the discussions are not lost because they took place at DiDW or Dread.

How did the connection with Dread come about? The forum was down for a long time.

Since I've been a user at Dread for a long time, it was easy for me to create my own sub-forum (dreadytofatroptsdj6io7l3xptbet6onoyno2yv7jicoxknyazubrad.onion/d/Archetyp) for my marketplace. The forum has existed for over 10 months now.

"Revolutions are effected in two ways, by force and by fraud." - Aristotle

What do you think of the Dread honeypot rumors? Allegedly, a European police authority is said to have taken the wheel there long ago.

I cannot comment on this in a well-founded manner, as my knowledge is insufficient. I have already heard of the rumors, however, as far as I know, they were spread by a competing forum at the time.

Basically, you should always act so sparingly that even if Dread is under the control of a police authority, no conclusions can be made about yourself.

"The war on drugs is wrong and failed."

What does your conscience say that you help third parties acquire drugs and that you benefit financially from it?

I feel good about it because I believe in the liberal-humanist idea behind Archetype.

The war on drugs is wrong and failed. I think Germany should follow Portugal when it comes to drugs:

Decriminalization and / or legalization, possibly in combination with a drug driver's license, which conveys knowledge about risk minimization and the like.

The operator of Archetyp respects the representatives of the other side

Quite a few forums or dark commerce trading places have been taken down. Aren't you afraid of a bust?

No, I'm not afraid of a bust in any way. I have great respect for the police authorities and do not underestimate them. I know what my security is based on and that I absolutely have to maintain this foundation.

I think what many people also forget, just because Monero is currently considered 'untraceable', it doesn't mean that it will be just as anonymous and private in the future. You should always keep in mind that there are companies that are actively researching to make Monero payments trackable. The biggest mistakes of my predecessors were, in the end, almost always paper trails (= telltale documents that were found during the search).

As computing power increases, it should also become easier and easier to track Monero payments. So if I send a payment today that I consider to be ’secure, anonymous & private’, it could be that it can be traced back in 5 years. And I think my 'crimes' will not be statute barred until then. Nothing is safe forever and I plan every step so that my anonymity not only exists today, but also in 10 years.

"Nothing is forever certain"

What are you doing in five or ten years? And what does the internet look like then?

In five years' time Archetyp will be the dominant European drug marketplace, and I will continue to work diligently on new features to give users the best experience. We will operate the market until we have ousted Dream from the throne (duration of the market), after which we can do the same with Agora and Dream and slowly aim for retirement and clear the way for the next marketplace.

In ten years I will read with pride in the then current scene forums, as users mention Agora, Dream and Archetype in the same sentence. Like every ex-market admin, I will then also be living in Belize. ;)

I can't very well imagine the Internet of the future. It's probably similar to today, a little more censored and with even more advertising.