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File problem with 64Gb card


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since June 18th I am (not so happy) the owner of the
Xperia Z Tab Wifi 16Gb
which I have on Friday with a
64GB SanDisk microSDXC equipped *

the card seems to work fine so far
I can save

but yesterday I noticed the following (which bothers me a lot)
maybe someone has an explanation for it:

Tablet connected to the computer with a USB cable
Saving files from the computer to the XpZ tablet is also possible the other way round

However, if I rename a file that is stored on the SDXC card on the tablet or do something similar (move, etc.)
then suddenly it can no longer be recognized by the computer
even apps on the tablet (e.g. PowerDvD) no longer recognize the file
however, it is still there and can be viewed and opened via File ManagerHD (music, video, pictures)

the explorer of the connected computer can no longer find it
this problem also affects the internal memory and is not limited to the 64 card for me - a general phenomenon when connecting via USB
If the device is connected to the computer via WiFi (Pc Companion), this also appears
but only on the map

does anyone have any advice or is that "normal"

Thank you for your interest and for your answers

Greetings elias

* I have an SG Note2 with exactly the same card and never noticed any problems there
therefore no further thought about these cards and simply bought and used one
Everything works there as I am used to
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