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VideoPad video tutorials

VideoPad interface (version 6.01)

This video explains the interface of the VideoPad. You will be introduced to the toolbar, the cards for the media files, preview windows, sequence views and the tabs (video in English with German subtitles).

Add media

This tutorial will walk you through the quick and easy method of adding media to video projects. This guide covers drag-and-drop, navigating through files, recording a webcam, tabs for media files, previewing clips, and adding clips to the sequence (video in English with German subtitles).

Add media from cell phone

In this video tutorial we explain how you can open and edit videos, photos or audio from your mobile phone in VideoPad (video in English).

Add audio to the movie

This tutorial shows you how to add audio to a video using the VideoPad video editing program. You will learn how to import audio, record a comment and how to access NCH Software's sound effects library (video in English with German subtitles).

Add text to videos

This tutorial explains how to add text to videos. It explains how to add captions, an opening screen, credits, text overlays and ticker (video with German subtitles).

Add subtitles

In this video, we are going to show you how to add and edit subtitles on your video. See how you can create your own subtitles and load subtitle files (SSA, SRT, & VTT) in the Subtitles window. You'll also see how to format the subtitles by editing the font, text, and color (video in English).

Video editing

This tutorial shows you how easy it is to edit a video using VideoPad. The clip length, start and end points, the clip sequence and the splitting and deleting of clips are covered (video in English with German subtitles).

Increase the audio volume

This tutorial shows how to increase the audio volume in your video. You'll see how to increase the volume using the Normalize and Boost effects (video in English).

Remove audio from videos

We demonstrate in this video how to remove audio from video clips. You can learn how to unlink and delete audio from a video clip, and how to relink an audio clip back to your video (video in English).

Remove noise from audio

In this tutorial, we're going to cover how to remove noise from the audio in your VideoPad. You'll see how to remove noise from audio using standard presets or by using the Remove Humming And Hissing effect (video in English).

Crop video

In this video tutorial we show you how to trim video clips in VideoPad. You will see how to change the start and end point of your clip (video with German subtitles).

Crop videos

Check out this tutorial to learn more about trimming a video clip.

Share videos

This guide shows you how to cut or split a video clip. You'll see how to cut out part of a clip in the sequence or how to split a clip in a preview window (video in English).

Change the clip speed

This tutorial will show you how to increase or decrease the speed of a video clip (video in English).

Mirror a video

This video shows how to flip a video horizontally or vertically (video in English).

360-degree video editing with VideoPad version 5.06

This video tutorial will walk you through the basics of 360 video editing in VideoPad. You will see how to switch to the 360 ​​degree preview mode and how to apply the “Place in 360 degree” effect to clips reduced to one level (video with German subtitles).

Add effects

This guide shows you how to use the VideoPad video editing program to apply effects to a video. You will learn how to add effects, edit them, and save them in a project. You will also learn how to change the clip speed (video in English with German subtitles).

Add the zoom effect

In this video we introduce the zoom effect. We'll show you how to add this to a video clip and also how to add a zoom animation to the clip (video in English).

Use pan and zoom for Ken Burns effect

The use of the Pan and Zoom effect is demonstrated in this video. With this you can then easily apply the Ken Burns Effect (video in English).

Add transitions

In this tutorial you will learn how to use transitions in the VideoPad video editor. This video will teach you how to add transitions, how to preview and edit them (video with German subtitles).

Use the animation editor

This video covers how to use the Animation Editor to animate effect parameters in your video. Learn how to display a parameter's animation line, use the parameter menu, and add keyframes
(Video in English).

Add a logo or watermark to the video

This tutorial shows how to add a logo or watermark to your video.

Blur part of the video

In this tutorial, we will see how to add a blur to a video clip. We'll show you how to apply the blur effect to just part of the video and how to adjust and animate it (video in English).

Save and export videos

In this tutorial you can learn how to save your VideoPad project in order to work on it later and how to export the finished film in the desired format to the desired storage location (video with German subtitles).

Upload to YouTube

Watch this video to learn how to upload your video from VideoPad directly to YouTube.

Save to MP4

This video tutorial will show you how to save your video to MP4. It also demonstrates how to change the default encoder settings and adjust the resolution and frame rate. (Video in English).

Note: The tutorials on this page are for VideoPad starting with version 4.48. Instructions for older versions of VideoPad can be found here: VideoPad video list. For tutorials of other programs from NCH Software please see our YouTube channel.

You can also visit our German YouTube channel.

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