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How to conjure up the perfect meadow cleavage with a dirndl bra

Finally, a woman has found the perfect dirndl dress or a breathtaking traditional blouse for the meadows. But no sooner has the beautiful costume been tried on than she has to find depressed that her own bosom is not shown to advantage at all. But it looked different on the gorgeous photos of traditional costumes. Anyone confronted with this problem has not expected too much from a dirndl, but has just forgotten the right dirndl bra.

Stay away from conventional bras!

Even trying to improvise with a regular bra won't work. Even the best ordinary push up does not achieve the desired result. Since traditional clothing usually presents a very deep and wide neckline, a telltale corner of the laundry always peeps out. And even if you use a balconette bra with a similar shape, for example, the breasts will not be perfectly shaped in the generous viewing window. Hardly anything is more embarrassing than not showing a lush section at the Oktoberfest. Unfortunately, if the chest is too deep, that is exactly the case.

Shaping the bust in the right light

A dirndl bra is the classic aid for a breathtaking cleavage with a traditional dress. The straps are attached very far on the outside and disappear invisibly under every typical traditional costume. If playful ruffles or lace peek out at one point or another, that's on purpose. Thanks to the three-quarter cups, the upper half of the breast remains visible. Since the most important function of a dirndl bra is its shape, the cups are equipped with inconspicuous pads that push the breast up and towards the center. The cut supports this effect, so that the visual stimuli are subtly emphasized.

Staging deep insights just right

For a solemn occasion like Oktoberfest, it can't hurt if a woman helps out a bit. In addition, the lush necklines in traditional dresses do not count as cheating, they are simply part of it. With the Bavarian push-up bra you can create an impressive neckline that looks deep and lets you guess a lot, but still doesn't reveal anything. If you want to get a little more out of it, you should try the following insider tip: it's best to close your traditional costume in a stooped position.

Cut a good figure even with exuberant partying

The gorgeous cleavage shows a lot, but not too much. Intimate areas are carefully hidden and the breast is reliably kept in shape so that women do not have to worry about embarrassing slip-ups. After all, the Oktoberfest should be danced and celebrated. Even under these conditions, nothing slips, a dirndl bra keeps the breast firmly in place with every movement. Naturally voluptuous breasts are also in good hands in this brassiere. A dirndl bra is suitable for all cup sizes and always has the same breathtaking effect.

Patterns with a love of detail against boredom

The sexy meadow bra is often decorated with lace, bows or the typical Bavarian check pattern. In particular, traditional details such as deer and flower embroidery are still very much in vogue. As a result, the dirndl lingerie not only looks playful, but also has a great love of detail and is pepped up in an exciting way. Boredom was yesterday. Monochrome dirndls, bodices and skirts are also very much in fashion at the moment, but they are also eye-catching with some stylish accents such as jewelry or a small bag.

Be trendy with the right colors and materials

Traditional clothing is available in many different designs and materials, so that there is something for every taste. Although the dirndls are mostly colorful and cheerful, fashionable pastel colors and subtle brown and beige tones are also very popular this year. In particular, natural materials such as linen and cotton are currently popular, but those who prefer something more festive can also use silk as an alternative. Anyone who makes such a spectacular appearance with a dirndl bra should pay careful attention to which side they tie their apron: right means forgiven, left means single.

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