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2019-12-22 / Nadine from EIS

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Wet dreams mean everyone thinks of the teenager who wakes up in the morning and suddenly notices that he ejaculated while he was sleeping. Wet dreams aren't just something teenagers experience. We all have it. Erotic fantasies that awaken in our subconscious and offer us a special pleasure at night. And then in the morning the nasty surprise on the bed sheet? Find out in this post.

According to researchers, wet dreams make up almost 8% of our dreams. Almost 70% of women and over 90% of men are affected by the nocturnal fantasies. In 80% of men, a wet dream has already led to an orgasm. In women it is over 30%. It's our brains to blame. In a wet dream, mainly that part of the brain that is responsible for emotional perception is active. The brain sends signals to the body. For example, breathing becomes faster and the pulse rises. In principle the same as if you were awake. All of this then leads to orgasm and, accordingly, to ejaculation in men. So the nasty surprise on the bed sheet isn't just a myth. This phenomenon is more noticeable in men, as their ejaculation is usually much more intense than that of women. But that doesn't always have to be the case. Finally, there are women who can ejaculate. It doesn't always have to be sex that fills those wet dreams. Sometimes only erotic symbols that we don't even perceive as sexual acts are enough.

At the beginning I spoke to the teenager you have to think of when talking about “wet dreams”. This is no coincidence either. Even though wet dreams do occur in adults, the chances are highest during puberty. This is mainly due to the hormonal change. This ensures that dreams are more often wet. Another factor that affects wet dreams is sleeping position. Researchers have found that prone positioning promotes wet dreams.

Let's sum up: Not only are teenagers affected by wet dreams, but they are significantly more common during puberty. Wet dreams exist in both men and women and they do not always involve classic sex, but cannot be sexual either. For those who have never had a wet dream, it is advisable to sleep on your stomach more often. And for all those who like to have fun and have fun while awake: Have a look at our shop!

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