We the kings somehow wallpaper

With this dreamlike wallpaper we will probably never leave our own walls again

So we could really just sit there for hours and do this Wallpaper look at. Because somehow the whole thing has something calming ... and almost hypnotizing. As if you were being drawn into the wallpaper and floating somewhere through these wonderfully curved shapes. Or is it just our half-awake brain that is playing a few pranks on us this Monday ?! 😅 Anyway ... most of you will surely agree that these murals are something completely different. Sure, if you like it minimalist and Scandinavian reserved at home, this sight might be a bit too much, but The geode / marble wallpapers by Lara Skinner are definitely an eye-catcher.

And that may be due to the color scheme, the noble marble effect and the shimmering gold details or maybe just a combination of them, but we just fell a little bit in love with these murals. 😍 Because please let the latest home result from Wallsauce (the wallpapers are available above) only have an effect on you !!