Allow access from anywhere MySQL Odbc

Set up an ODBC connection to a MySQL database under Windows 7

ODBC is a database interface for SQL databases. This allows developers to develop their applications independently of the database management system, provided an ODBC driver is available for this. In addition, connections can be set up in the ODBC client under previously defined names so that the software can then connect to the database using this specific name.

At DM Solutions you have the option of having the database you use with us activated for external access. This is particularly advantageous for shop operators, as you can connect the database of the online shop to an inventory management system so that the quantity of your items is always up to date. Therefore, we would like to explain to you in this article how you can set up an ODBC connection to your database under Windows 7.

Please note: For external database access, at least a basic tariff or similar is required. These include: Basic web hosting; SSD web hosting basic; Joomla Professional; WordPress Professional

Set up ODBC connection under Windows 7

First we need the ODBC client. You can find this under Start -> Control Panel -> Administration -> Data Sources (ODBC). Alternatively, you can use the search box of the start menu odbc then the program will appear in the search results.

Here you can now see a list of all existing database connections. To set up a new connection with your database, simply click on "Add".

You will now be asked for the driver you want to use. Select the required MySQL ODBC driver here and confirm this with "Finish".

A new window with the MySQL Connector opens. Here you simply enter the access data for your database.

Which values ​​have to be entered?
Data Source Name / Description: freely selectableto describe your database
TCP / IP Server: your server name (
User: your web account (webXX)
Password: your Database password
Database: the Databaseyou would like to connect with

Then simply click on "Ok" to create the connection.

Your connection will now appear in the overview. You can now use this in any software that supports ODBC MySQL.

Congratulations! You have set up an ODBC connection to your database under Windows 7.