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Welcome to LaXon

Laxon is your specialist for high-quality stainless steel thermo mugs.

Laxon manufactures stainless steel mugs and thermo mugs for wholesalers and resellers and has made a name for itself as an importer over the years. Thanks to their quality management and professional staff, you can guarantee the best quality at low prices with flexible delivery and can assure you with some pride that you have NEVER exceeded an agreed deadline.


For thermal mugs and car mugs, we attach great importance to leak-proof seals and to good and easy cleaning and dishwasher resistance.

With our types of finishing For cups, we have concentrated on the fact that we can not only offer you and your customers simple laser engraving, but also, thanks to our exclusivity, can produce special multi-stage engraving for you. Laxon is Germany's only supplier who can engrave your logo in different shades of gray (from whitish to grayish to black; only with stainless steel) and thanks to the rotating device, the entire cup can be engraved in multiple colors.

We were able to expand our machine park with great success in 2018, and can now also individually print pictures and logos with color gradients all around and seamlessly on your coffee mug. Of course, we have also used special techniques here and our print is dishwasher-safe and scratch-resistant.