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Angelus: Pope proclaims the Year of the Family

Silvia Kritzenberger - Vatican City

"The family of Nazareth is the model in which all families in the world can find inspiration and a safe point of reference," Francis summed up his appreciation of the family of Jesus and explained what makes their model so significant:

“In imitation of the Holy Family, we are called to rediscover the educational value of the family: it must be based on love that constantly renews relationships and opens up horizons of hope.” When the family of deep mutual affection, forgiveness, a loving With each other and the adherence to the will of God, one can experience sincere fellowship in her, so Francis.

The ideal of love in marriage and in the family

"In this way the family opens up to the joy that God gives to all those who know how to give joyfully," continued the Pope. “And so she not only finds the spiritual strength to open up to the outside world, to be open to the service of the brothers and sisters and to help build a new and better world, but also to become a bearer of positive impulses and through example evangelize of their lives. "

At this point the Pope recalled that in his Apostolic Letter Amoris laetitia of March 19, 2016, the ideal of love in marriage and in the family and heralded a separate ecclesiastical year for the family. It is scheduled to start on March 19 and end with the 10th World Meeting of Families in Rome in 2022.

To listen to: the Pope's Angelus prayer on the Feast of the Holy Family 2020

The content of Amoris laetitia deepen

This special year will be an opportunity to “deepen the content of Amoris laetitia. These suggestions will then be made available to the ecclesial communities and families in order to accompany them on their way ”, explained Francis, who on December 8th already proclaimed the“ Year of St. Joseph ”with the Apostolic Disc“ Patris corde ”.

Finally, the Pope made the following request:

“May the Virgin Mary, to whom we now turn with the prayer of the Angel of the Lord, work for families all over the world to be fascinated more and more by the ideal of the Holy Family, as set out in the Gospel to become a new humanity and a concrete and universal solidarity. "

"Today I entrust each family specifically to the Lord"

After the noon prayer, Francis then reminded that the corona pandemic is a great burden for many families around the world.

“I am thinking above all of the families who have lost a member during these months or are being severely tested by the consequences of the pandemic. I also think of doctors, nurses and all employees in the health service. You are at the forefront of the fight against the spread of the virus; however, this has an impact on their family life. Today I entrust the Lord specifically with each family - especially those who are being tried hard by the difficulties of life. May the Lord, who was born in Bethlehem, give everyone the rest and strength to go together on the path of good. "

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