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kairotic room
You need ideas. We'll give you the space. The kairotic room offers a new and individual way
brainstorming. If you are looking for creative solutions, you should come together here.
kairotic room - ideas guaranteed.

"The future has many names. For the weak it is the invisible. She's the unknown for the fearful. For the brave it is the opportunity. ”Victor Hugo.

A room to rent.
To develop. To recognize. To get ahead. To get together. For immersion and immersion. To meet the Kairos. Everyone needs kairos.
The opportunity for everyone who needs ideas, developments, inspiration, innovations, exchange, confirmation, impulses and new directions.
The kairotic room creates opportunities. Opportunities for the future.
The beginning is the change of location: "Innovation means eliminating the existing."
The right time, the right place and you meet in the kairotic room.

A room to courage.
Courage can be learned. Every new idea takes courage. Lack of ideas is discouragement. Interesting that the German "Brav" is only one letter from the English "Brave“(= Brave, the brave) is removed. The kairotic room gives courage.

The kairotic room frankfurt is located at Petersstrasse 2 near Frankfurt city center.
A cube-shaped white cube, 50 square meters, 6 meters ceiling height, with large shop windows. One side of the kairotic room frankfurt has a screen that can be used multimedia.

The white cube idea comes from the world of art.
The white space, the white walls, stand for the unsolved, the open and the free that needs to be played on. Like the white sheet of paper that needs to be filled.
The Store window are an important window to the real world, which continues to exist outside during the kairotic sessions and with which one should not lose touch. Although we try to develop new ways and ideas in the kairotic sessions, completely detached from circumstances and constraints.

Since every encounter in the kairotic room is a different one - sometimes under the top secret idea -
there is the option of disguising the shop window behind a white curtain.
On the left in the kairotic room there are 4 ceiling-high niches. These have already been used for development steps.
1. Niche = Status Quo / 2. Niche = Targets / 3. Niche = Ideas / 4. Niche = No boundary thoughts.
At the rear of the kairotic room there is a gallery that can also be used for the kairotic session. Sure, from there the CEO can deliver a speech that might just bring him something. But we can also get one from the gallery Impulse generator, build a slide that leads to the lower area - so that it slips with the development of ideas.

A seat: Original visitor bench from the famous Städel Museum. You too would like to be able to marvel at your ideas and works that are created in the kairotic room as if from a museum bench.
Of course there is a toilet and kitchen area. So that not only the kairotic session is nutritious, we have a wonderful one Catering right next door.