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Dixieland festival legend Dr. Jazz from Dresden is dead

The co-founder of the Dixieland Festival in Dresden, Karlheinz Drechsel, is dead. As festival director Joachim Schlese announced, Drechsel died on Sunday at the age of 89 in Berlin. Like no other, he shaped the festival for more than five decades. Drechsel was born in Dresden and was a drummer, musician, cultural and theater scholar himself. He hosted a weekly jazz program on Berlin radio. Drechsel was affectionately known as "Dr. Jazz" by fellow musicians, fans and colleagues. His knowledge of this style of music was considered inexhaustible. He owned more than 25,000 records and CDs in a private collection at home.

Busy in east and west

In 1971, on Drechsel's initiative, the International Dixieland Festival Dresden came into being, which he moderated for a long time. From 1977 to 1989 he was involved in the festival series "Jazzb├╝hne Berlin" with GDR and international jazz musicians, which he also moderated. He has published several books on jazz and wrote professional articles.

He was a jazz musician to the core.

Joachim SchleseDirector Dixieland Festival Dresden

After 1989, Karlheinz Drechsel moderated jazz festivals in Braunschweig, Hamburg and in several cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. In Saxony he was responsible for the development, design and moderation of the concert series "Jazz in the Gewandhaus" in Leipzig and "Jazz in the Semperoper" in Dresden. In 2004, Drechsel was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for his services to jazz in East and West Germany. By then he had already moderated more than 3,500 broadcasts on the radio, reported the RBB. At the age of 85, "Dr. Jazz" left the stage in 2016. He would have turned 90 on November 14, 2020.

With Louis Armstrong through the GDR

Karlheinz Drechsel accompanied Louis Armstrong on his concert tour through the GDR in 1965. In a conversation with MDR SACHSEN, Drechsel recalls this encounter with the "King of Jazz":