How does Galia melon taste

Galia melon: low-calorie summer snack

The Galia melon is one of the so-called net melons and is often found in the fruit bowl, especially in summer - it is not a fruit at all, but a vegetable! As a sugar melon, the Galia variety is more closely related to the cucumber than to the watermelon, but - as the name suggests - it tastes juicy sweet and is more reminiscent of a fruit, so it goes well in any fruit salad. Alternatively, the Galia melon can be perfectly combined with savory side dishes such as ham, salami and cheese.

Galia melon: You have to know that

The Galia melon is a cross between Ogen melons and the honeydew melon variety Honey Dew. It was first bred in Israel, but today it is also grown in South Africa, USA, Brazil, Costa Rica, Spain and Italy and is therefore available at any time of the year. The Galia is round and about the size of a head, and can also weigh up to 1.5 kilograms. The greenish peel of this melon variety is covered with a web-like texture, if you cut it open, you will find a whitish-green pulp, which - with the right degree of ripeness - can be easily scraped out and enjoyed.

Galia melon: It's inside

If you want to lose weight and count calories, you don't have to worry about this melon: 100 grams of Galia melon contain an average of just 25 kilocalories, so it is the perfect fruit vegetable for everyone who cares about their figure.

It also lacks fat and protein, but the Galia provides important nutrients such as potassium and sodium.

While potassium is required for metabolic processes in nerves and muscles, sodium is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses and the distribution of water in the body and ensures a healthy heart and strong muscles. The melon also provides vitamin A and B, iron and amino acids in smaller quantities.

Galia melon: recipe ideas

If you want to do without a long preparation, you can simply cut your Galia melon in half, spoon out the stones and then fill both halves with 1 teaspoon of blossom honey and a dollop of crème fraîche. Sprinkle a few pistachios over the top for an extra bite. You can also top a sandwich with Galia melon: cut the pulp into thin slices and serve them with banana slices and delicious goat cheese. Depending on your preferences, you can refine the whole thing with olive oil, herbs and / or lemon juice. Galia melon can also be used at the barbecue evening: Simply scoop out the pulp with a ball cutter and stick it on a skewer with a few shrimp. Marinate the skewers (for example with lemon juice, honey, oil and salt and pepper) and grill them for about eight minutes. Eat healthy with pleasure!

(Source: Cover Media)