How to switch weapons in Halo 5

Halo 5: Guardians Test (Campaign)

The hunt for the Master Chief is reminiscent of Halo 2, is excellently staged and is also a lot of fun with well-known gameplay.

Here you can read the test of the multiplayer and the conclusion to Halo 5: Guardians.

The Xbox One premiere of the Halo series was rather unfortunate, to put it mildly. This particularly affected the Master Chief Collection's multiplayer mode, which was still causing serious problems weeks and months after its release. The first games on the pre-release servers of Halo 5 have so far gone without problems and lag, but we don't want to judge too quickly and wait for the first rush of players, so you will read everything about the campaign below, and the second part of the will follow shortly Tests dedicated to the multiplayer part under live conditions.

My personal highlight, however, is already the story of Halo 5. After the Prometheans, AI creatures created by the blood fathers, manifested themselves as a new threat in the predecessor, the danger is far from over. After the chief has defeated the didactic and Cortana sacrificed himself for him, he and his comrades withdraw from the Blue Team and act on their own. The UNSC, in turn, is concerned about the chief's loyalty and therefore sends Spartan Jameson Locke and his fire team Osiris to arrest him and his comrades first.

As a result, the two Spartan teams develop a little cat and mouse game that takes them to different worlds. In this regard, Halo 5 brings back memories of Halo 2, because the events change perspective from mission to mission. Sometimes you play the chief, then you play Locke again. So you follow the events of the story from different places, but in the end everything is connected and the paths of the two teams cross in the end.

Among other things, in the fifth part you end up in Sanghelios, where you meet an old friend with the master Thel 'Vadam. Together with him and the swords of Sanghelios, which he commands, you will take part in the Battle of Sunaion, a large-scale attack on the last great fortress of the remaining Alliance troops on Sanghelios.

Sunaion was built over an ocean - think Kamino from Star Wars: Episode 2 - and is a real theater of war. The attackers land under heavy anti-aircraft fire in the city and first have to switch off the surface-to-air guns while the chaos rages all around. When it comes to staging, 343 Industries really draws on the full in Halo 5. In many places, things happen in the background - fights in the air, crashing ships and the like - which makes the scenes feel lively and not very static.

Halo 5: Guardians

  • Developer / Publisher:
    343 Industries / Microsoft
  • Appears for:
    Xbox One
  • Price:
    approx. 65 euros
  • Appears on:
    October 27, 2015
  • Tested version:
    Xbox One
  • Microtransactions:
    Yes (more on this in the multiplayer test)
  • Languages:
    German, English and other languages

Sanghelios is ultimately just a sideline on the way to the actual goal, about which I do not want to reveal any further details at this point. What is clear is that the Prometheans are the real threat and have another ace up their sleeve that threatens all inhabited worlds of the galaxy. The exciting story is driven again by numerous pre-rendered cutscenes. They are a real feast for the eyes. In moments like this, you can just sit back and enjoy. Again and again it feels like a small reward in the middle of and between the missions. Even better: You won't be bothered by annoying quick-time events.

As for the playful aspect: Well, Halo 5 is just another Halo. If you put it that way, it might sound more negative than it actually meant. What I'm saying is that you shouldn't expect any major deviations from the tried and tested Halo gameplay. 343 Industries does not turn everything upside down and neither does it turn the entire feel of the game upside down. The greatest of emotions are things like the sprint introduced in Halo 4, the ability to quickly dodge in a certain direction with the jetpack on your back or to hover briefly in the air while aiming. These are useful options that can help you in one situation or another, for example if you take cover with a short boost.

All in all, this brings a little bit more variety into the gameplay, otherwise you can expect the familiar mix of narrower sections and more spacious areas in which you roam around with vehicles, including ghosts, scorpions or a mantis exoskeleton. The big innovation in Halo 5 is the co-op mode for up to four players. This is a drop-in / drop-out co-op mode. That means: For example, you could start playing alone and at some point, for example in the middle of a mission, one of your friends would just join you.

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The human players slip into the role of the three AI Spartans who accompany the Chief and Locke. If you are traveling with three other friends, you should at least choose the heroic level of difficulty - or the legendary, if you want a real challenge. Each additional human player ensures that the difficulty increases in general. You can then act tactically in the individual sections.

For example, a Spartan could stay in the second row and cover the rest with a sniper rifle from an elevated position. Another gives support fire with his assault rifle, while the remaining two engage in hand-to-hand combat with shotguns. Or something like that, just as you want. Some sections were designed precisely for such tactical gimmicks and offer several levels. In any case, the possibilities are there and driving a Warthog is still the most fun with a human teammate.

Now, that's not to say that the AI ​​companions would otherwise be useless if you're playing alone. They fire independently at opponents, but you can also assign them fixed targets on which they then focus. However, they don't do all of the work for you. You still do the lion's share of the fighting and should be viewed as more of a light support. They are especially useful when you hit the ground. They can revive you within a short time frame, which saves you having to return to the last checkpoint - unless you fall into an abyss or are immediately disintegrated by a shot, even the strongest medicit is no longer of any use.

I would say that if you are playing alone, the fact that you are traveling with AI companions is not a big game changer. But the fun is all the greater when you can attack the enemies together with your friends or speed across the battlefields side by side with several vehicles and work together tactically. The enemy AI also reacts a little more demanding to the higher difficulty levels than to normal, for example. Your approach is also based on the type of enemy in question. You will face melee fighters and snipers alike - and enemies somewhere in between.

You always have to keep an eye on the battlefield and, for example, make sure that someone doesn't stab you in the back in the more open areas. At the same time, the placement of the opponent is always a tactical component. Can you risk engaging in hand-to-hand combat in the middle of an area with snipers lurking in higher positions? Sometimes doing the right thing is a lesson you learn the hard way. It is all the more gratifying when it works.

Incidentally, the respective Spartans compensate for the lack of Cortana as your constant companion. Again and again they comment on what is happening and are therefore more than just silent companions. You get a real feeling that these are tight-knit groups that have been through a lot together and are always good for a joke. Also, her Locke and his team note that it is not easy for them to work against a legend and celebrated hero like the Master Chief, which leads to slight doubts here and there.

At this point, a big compliment to Microsoft. In the past, the synchro of the Halo games was still very embarrassing to others and looked carelessly applauded, but today it is really excellent. Perfectly selected speakers - even if I sometimes thought that Black Widow is now fighting by my side - and everything is lip-synched. This is what a successful translation looks like, which does not ruin the atmosphere of the game and tear you out of the mood. As far as the playing time is concerned, the campaign on the normal level of difficulty occupied me for around nine hours - that's a decent length. Of course, it varies depending on which level of difficulty you choose and how many human players you are competing with, but the campaign is by no means too short. I would say that you are exactly in the right area without getting the feeling that you have seen too little or that everything has been unnecessarily drawn out.

In the end, the question remains whether Halo 5 would also be something for you if you haven't dealt much with Halo so far. Well, in and of itself you still have a very good shooter in front of your nose. This can be compared to “The Empire Strikes Back”. Works as a stand-alone film, but then you simply miss some details about the story arc that started in the previous part. Likewise, the bond with the characters is completely different and you experience the film, or in this case Halo 5, in a completely different way. Our story review of the Master Chief saga provides you with a compact overview of what happened in the series. Alternatively, there is of course the Master Chief Collection with all the important games for the Xbox One, if you want to catch up on everything.

As I said before, Halo 5 remains Halo. More like Halo 2, actually, but you know what I mean. A few new skills and the co-op mode add to the still perfectly functioning on-foot and vehicle gameplay in the series, which is as fun as ever - with other human players even more. It all depends on the story, of course, but I can reassure you. It is wonderfully staged, excitingly told and has one or two surprises ready. It is simply great sci-fi fare that continues the story arc started in Halo 4 with great entertainment value and great show values.