How does a running gag bit work

Running gag: why do we say that?

Do you have a favorite joke? Certainly! Some jokes can be repeated over and over - and they just stay funny! The so-called "running gag" describes this phenomenon

The running gag: the more often, the funnier

There are jokes and jokes that you can laugh about even if you've heard them often. A so-called "running gag" (this is English and means something like "continuous joke") - a joke or a funny scene that repeats itself often - is also often used by filmmakers or writers to make the audience smile again and again.

In the Funny paperbacks with Donald Duck, for example, the tank crackers regularly try rather unsuccessfully to break into Scrooge's money store - and are caught every time ... This action is repeated in the stories in a modified form. It's especially funny when you know the history and - as in our example with the tank crackers - already suspect that the break-in attempt will surely only go wrong again.

The constant repetition of the joke makes it a "running gag" and therefore particularly funny.