How to play a beatbox on the flute player

"You can use certain techniques to create the illusion that a single person is playing drums, baselines and vocals."

Tell us a little bit about beatboxing, what is it about and what is it that makes this hobby so fascinating and appealing to you?

Beatbox is the art of imitating noises and sound effects with the mouth. This art form emerged from hip hop in the 80s and was originally intended as a supporting element for spoken singing, not as an independent stylistic device as it is today.
The fascination of the listener lies in the fact that certain techniques can create the illusion that a single person is playing drums, baselines and vocals like an entire orchestra.

How did you personally get into beatboxing and what role does this hobby play in your life now?

I got into beatboxing in 1999 through friends who practiced it for themselves at an early age and infected me directly. Since I have been playing guitar since I was 7 years old and also studied classical guitar at the "Hanns Eisler" University of Music when I was more mature, my affinity for music was always present. Meanwhile, I am the reigning two-time German beatbox champion in singles, as well as with my comrade in the team. I travel around the world a lot (Siberia, New York, Indonesia, Dubai, etc.) and earn well enough to be able to make a living from it. I have turned my hobby into a job!

Let's get to your BeatBoxCrew 4xSAMPLE. How did it come about, who is there and how can you imagine your beatbox training together, how does it work?

The 4xSample Beatboxcrew was founded in 2003 by Wetlipz, Chlorophil and me. At that time it was said that there would also be a German championship in the team beatboxing category and we trained for that. Our training looked and still looks like this, that we meet in my kitchen, collect our ideas and implement them as best we can. After all, like singing, beatbox can be practiced anywhere and, above all, without amplification (similar to an a cappella band).

In 2006 the time had finally come. The first team championship took place as part of a huge hip hop festival called Splash! instead, which we were able to leave as a deserved winner.

The second team championship didn't take place until four years later in Cologne as part of the SOMA Festival, so in 2010. A few months earlier Wetlipz had left the band for various reasons and so only Chlorphil and I were left to swear in the title. All the more astonishing that we were able to take home the German championship title for the second time in a row in Cologne.

Tell us a little bit about the highlights of your beatboxing career, what were particularly great experiences and exciting moments? And what does the future of 4xSAMPLE look like, what are you planning?

There have been a lot of highlights in the last twelve years that I have probably forgotten again or it would take too long to list them all, but here are the five best that come to mind spontaneously:

1.) In 2008 I was in Indonesia for two weeks through the Goethe Institute as part of the German Film Festival, where our documentary "Love, Peace & Beatbox" was shown several times and I was invited to give concerts and workshops.
2.) In 2007 the play “Klasse Klasse” celebrated its premiere in which I set the entire piece LIVE with guitar and beatbox. In the meantime, the play is still running in the Admirals Palast in Berlin and, because it does not contain any language, it also plays in distant lands. We have already played in Winterthur, Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, Tunis, Chartago and in many cities in Germany. It should be continued at the end of 2011.
3.) In 2007, after 2006, I won the title of best beatboxer in Germany for the second time in a row. My hard work had paid off.
4.) In 2007 4xSample won the "Long Night of Talents" competition and deservedly flies a week to New York to the birthplace of Hip Hop and thus also of Beatboxing.
5.) Big highlights are also planned for 2011. Supporting act for Delinquent Habits at a concert in Switzerland thanks to our friends Smith & Smart, ten-day tour in New York with a large crew organized by Gangway, two appearances on the club ship AIDA with my befriended a capella band YeoMen, appearance with 4xSample in Bilbao at the municipal breakdance championship and also with 4xS a silent film dubbing in Paris.

4xSample is planning its own DVD for 2011. It's about time after so many years. Our new t-shirts are coming out soon.

How do you start as a beginner with the hobby beatboxing, are there certain basics that are particularly important? And what is the best way to get in touch with the "scene", where can you get information or make contact?

The best way to start is to learn drum sounds, such as a hard "P" as a base drum, a "Ts" as a hihat and a "K" as a snare, so that you can use the simple words "pizza cat", provided you have the voice omits, has a first beat with the three elements.
Phil and I have been teaching beatboxing for many years and we have found that language is the quickest way to beatbox.
Workshops and other dates can always be read on our website. Just register and learn.

In general one can say that the best way to get in contact with the scene is through JAM sessions where other beatboxers are. Since the scene is spread all over the world, the opportunity for it should always be more or less close.

Thank you for telling us more about the hobby beatboxing.

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