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Amanda De Santa (* 1970, earlier Amanda Townley) is a character from Grand Theft Auto V and Michael's wife. However, the couple maintain a harsh tone in their relationship. However, she is said to have a "strong personality" with clear rules, so she does not allow strangers to stay overnight in her house. Amanda is tied to Michael because of his past, but can no longer stand him (and Michael in the opposite way too). She is the mother of Tracey and James.

At the beginning of the game, she cheats on Michael with her tennis instructor. When Michael and Amanda have severe marital problems, she moves out with Tracey and James and goes to her yoga teacher Fabien LaRouche. In the mission Family reunion Michael then beats up Fabien with an iFruit laptop. At the end of the story, Amanda lives with Michael again, because the two want to try again.

Trevor Philips suggests in a conversation with Wade Hebert that Michael met his wife at a strip club where she was employed as a stripper.

Amanda's bad relationship with Trevor also has a psychological background, as Amanda comes from the same class as him. In a conversation between Michael and his wife, we learn that she used to live in a trailer park herself.

Amanda like all the other family members "De Santa" and all employees like the gardener Carlos or the housemaid Eva cannot be killed directly. You can only be killed by an explosion which can be triggered by grenades, sticky bombs, grenade launchers, bazookas, rocket launchers, rocket-firing vehicles and exploding tanks + vehicles, physical shock damage such as a moving car or an impact and by drowning, since a gun does not fire once, the crosshair is aimed at her body. Then she writes an angry SMS to the killer and he pays the treatment costs.

However, since she is often in the house and neither a firearm control in the house nor a shot at her is possible, a grenade or sticky bomb has to get into the house. This is possible via the entrance door, the bathroom window and the patio door. Since she is often in the kitchen with the children or cleaning staff, which has said patio doors, the latter is the best choice.

If you go to the hushsmush.com website on the in-game internet, register and then go to the partner search results (sometimes you have to click on “VIEW MORE”), you will find a profile called “foxymama21”, which is exactly on Amandas Description fits and probably dates from before Michael and Amanda reconciled.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, as in GTA V, you can enter Amanda's number in the mobile phone of the online protagonist, but she doesn't answer and you can only hear her mailbox (see Trivia below).

Mission appearances

Grand Theft Auto V.


  • Amanda likes to play tennis.
  • Amanda gets angry when Michael smokes in the house.
  • She drives a red Sentinel with the license plate. In the beta version it said a random combination.
  • She enjoys practicing yoga.
  • She calls Franklin after the missionSlight turbulence because she's worried about Michael.
  • Amanda sometimes pleases herself with a pink dildo. You can see this when Michael comes into the bedroom in the evening. She then quickly throws him away.
  • If you go to play tennis with Amanda, you will find out that she wears contact lenses.
  • Amanda is unfaithful.
  • Her cell phone number is 346-555-0118. You can call Amanda with all three protagonists, but she hardly ever answers Franklin and Trevor, you only hear their mailbox.
  • In Grand Theft Auto Online you can also call Amanda with the online protagonist, but as with Franklin and Trevor you can only hear their mailbox.
  • If you talk to Franklin at the end of the story for It's time decide and you kill Michael, then Amanda sends him an email, in which she wrote that Franklin should stay away from Jimmy and Tracey and he should go to hell for it.
  • It is suggested several times that she had repeated cosmetic surgeries

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