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The right protein for everyone

An important range at Megamax are protein supplements. Another word for protein is protein, the building block of life. Everyone needs enough protein in their diet. Protein is of great importance in building and maintaining muscle. Especially people who want to lose weight need enough protein so that no muscles are broken down during the diet. And seniors need protein to maintain their strength.

Megamax offers various protein products: for vegetarians and vegans there is a soy protein that has a biological value of 100 thanks to amino acid optimization. Protein 100 contains whey and milk protein and thus the protein from milk. Megamax Whey Protein with whey protein isolate, which is also lactose-free, is especially aimed at athletes who are looking for protein that is readily available.

For consumers who want a sustainably obtained product, Megamax Bio-Eiweiß is a suitable protein from controlled ecological agriculture.

With Megamax 100 you can choose between eight flavors. Whey protein and soy protein are available in vanilla and chocolate flavors. In this way, the right Megamax protein can be found for every customer.

Good to know: All protein products from Megamax contain less than five percent carbohydrates - and thus stand out from protein preparations to which sugar or honey are added.