What is CSX Crew Life

Digital banking for every day

Unfortunately, it is technically not possible to convert existing accounts to a new CSX account. To benefit from CSX, you need to open a new customer relationship with the CSX Mobile App from Credit Suisse. To do this, proceed as described below.


Once the account has been opened, you can send us an order to close your old account by post. Also remember to set up any standing orders and direct debit procedures and to inform employers and other people who are transferring money to you.


1. Check software

Make sure that at least iOS version 12 / Android version 6 is installed on your mobile phone. You can find the currently installed version as follows:

- Apple iOS: Settings >> General >> Info >> Software version

- Android: Settings >> Phone info >> Software information


2. Update the app

Update to the latest app version from Credit Suisse Direct


3. Start opening

- Log out in Mobile Banking («More» >> «Log out»)

- On the login screen, select «More» >> »Services» >> »Become a customer»

- Follow the opening process


You are also welcome to contact us by phone. Please remember that you can only open it using the app.