Which fraudsters are blocking the one-man army?

Romance Scamming: the cheating with love

Many singles are looking for true love and use the numerous opportunities online to do so.

If the dream partner suddenly comes into life, the sky is full of violins and the butterflies don't want to stop fluttering.

But it can also happen that the supposed dream partner suddenly turns out to be a nightmare. Romance scamming is a scam in which professional scammers sneak into the hearts of their victims and swear great love to them - but only to get their money.

Recognizing romance scamming is not that difficult with a few tips and watchful eyes. Here you can find out how you can recognize great love and reveal romance scamming.

What is romance scamming?

Romance scamming is about auditioning for love. The term comes from English and is also known as "Love Scam". It is internet fraud that mainly takes place on dating platforms.

Contact ads from scammers can hardly be distinguished from real profiles:

  • You have one or more profile photos.
  • They usually have a great profile text.

However, if you take a closer look, you will often find spelling errors in the fake profiles. They mainly arise when scammers from other countries publish a profile on a dating portal and look for victims there.

Romance scamming means that

  • the scammers play great love for potential victims,
  • attract their victims with false promises,
  • ask their victims for money
  • often threaten their victims if they don't play along as desired.

The police also warn of romance scamming and clarify about it, because the criminal offenses are increasing.

Who is Romance Scamming and why?

Romance scamming has increased significantly on dating portals and in social networks in recent years.

Profiles or fake identities are created in order to write to others. Scammers often pretend

  • to look for the great love
  • to be looking for leisure time contacts,
  • Needing tips / advice / an opinion on a specific topic.

The aim of romance scamming is to first build trust and create an emotional bond. Then the potential victims are systematically blackmailed and exploited, for example with a request

  • for money,
  • for goods / services in kind.

The mesh is always similar:

  • Pretending to be in need yourself.
  • Pretend that a family member is sick and that money is needed for treatment.

In romance scamming, the fraudsters play with the guilty conscience and the emotions of their victims and induce them to help out in the supposed emergency situation (usually with money).

Online Dating Guide:

Romance scamming by men

Romance scamming is mostly done by men. You create profiles on dating portals and pose as academics or other respected professional groups, for example:

  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Sociologists
  • Constructors in the oil industry
  • Veterinarians
  • Computer specialists

However, there are often profiles in which the fraudsters pretend to be US soldiers. The profiles are provided with photos of particularly attractive men in order to attract female users.

Of course, there are also real profiles with very attractive men who do such jobs. This is what makes it so difficult to spot romance scamming.

For protection, users must verify themselves after registering with a reputable dating portal, as the ElitePartner experience shows, for example.

Romance scamming by women

Romance scamming is also possible with female profiles. There are also preferred occupational groups here, which are gladly indicated in the profiles:

  • Nurse
  • doctor
  • Teacher
  • actress
  • business women

The photos of the supposed dream women are also always extremely attractive, so that men will prefer to write to them.

However, it is also important here not to lump all portals and profiles together. As the InternationalCupid.com test shows, there are countless real profiles of attractive international single women.

So that men can be largely certain that there are no fake accounts on the portal, the verification takes place here as well:

  • Validation of E-Mail address
  • Review of the image material

In particular, profiles with particularly attractive women (often of Eastern European descent) are suspected of being fake.

To get an impression, you can convince yourself of the authenticity and, for example, take the RussianCupid.com test after registering for free.

Who Are The Victims Of Romance Scamming?

The victims of romance scamming are usually in good faith and have not yet given up hope of great love. That is why fraudsters are particularly often looking for bona fide users on single portals.

The scammers usually proceed according to a certain pattern:

  • Address via a dating portal and the attempt to lure the user out of the protected environment; the suggestion is often made to switch to another messenger or to continue writing by e-mail.
  • Messages are written alternately in German and English.

The contents of the messages are loving and show emotional closeness. It can also happen that gifts (such as flowers) are sent.

Telephone calls can also be made during romance scamming, albeit mostly via Skype.

Be avoided:

  • Direct meetings
  • The release of the telephone number

The fraudsters later report blows of fate and try to wrap their victims around their fingers.

Different methods of romance scamming

There is no one method of romance scamming - cheating with love has many facets:

  • False identity (for example an American soldier)
  • Fraud through false money promises

In order to distinguish romance scamming from real profiles and not to put every good-looking man or woman under general suspicion, it is important that you keep a watchful eye on the dating site.

AfroIntroductions.com experience shows, for example, that numerous singles from Africa are registered here. The exotic beauties are by no means fraudulent.

Instead, the portal is convincing

  • over 2.5 million members (largest African dating website),
  • tested profiles.

You can register there and find interesting exotic dream partners. The highlight: The search is even possible via a mobile application and in different languages.

Additional advantages

  • You can view the profiles for free.
  • You have access to advanced messaging functions.

Romance scamming with false identity

In order to identify romance scamming, it is important to understand the procedures. Fraudsters use a false identity particularly often.

Men usually create their profile as follows:

  • Age: 30 to 55 years (aimed primarily at women between 35 and 70 years of age)
  • Marital status: often divorced or widowed; occasionally with children
  • Occupational groups: soldier, engineer (the job titles are mostly in English)
  • Nationality: often British or American

Women’s profiles in romance scamming often look like this:

  • Age: 27 to 40 years (aimed primarily at men between 35 and 70 years of age)
  • Marital status Unmarried
  • Occupational groups: nurse, teacher or businesswoman
  • Nationality: often Eastern European, British or American

With romance scamming women, communication is usually extremely familiar and exuberant. Not infrequently, nicknames are given immediately and invitations to live chats are issued.

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Romance scamming through false promises

False promises are the order of the day in romance scamming, but the victims usually realize it too late.

For example, women attract men

  • Declarations of great love,
  • Promises that the man is the only one for her
  • Invitations home (which of course are never fulfilled),
  • Invitations to erotic chat.

In return, they want gifts. For example, links are sent to men from online clothing shops or online sex shops that the fraudsters want something great from.

What does a man in love do?

  • He reads his dream woman's every wish from the eyes.
  • He wants to see his dream woman happy.

No man in love will refuse his dream woman a wish, and it is precisely this good nature that women take advantage of.

Scamming is also widespread in romance

  • the question of cashing checks,
  • the immediate question of money.

If you receive such prompts from a profile after brief contact, extreme caution is required.

This is how protection against romance scamming takes place

Serious dating portals try to protect their users from romance scamming in the best possible way. There are different ways of doing this:

  • Verification of the photos for authenticity
  • Verification of the profiles with a valid identification document
  • Verification of the email address through confirmation

Of course, there are also portals where confirmation is not required. The risk of fake profiles romping around there is always there.

In the best case scenario, opt for a portal where you can register as a paid member. The advantages:

  • Experience has shown that scammers do not pay for membership and are therefore not represented on such portals.
  • You are in contact with users who actually have serious intentions.
  • You receive numerous additional functions, for example personality tests and partner suggestions.

You can also protect yourself from romance scamming on other portals by carefully reading the news and looking at profiles. If you suspect a fake account, you should contact the dating service support.

I have become a victim of romance scamming: these possibilities exist

What happens if you become a victim of romance scamming despite the greatest possible caution?

You have several options to resolve the situation:

In the best case scenario, ignoring the messages will help. You should not respond to intrusive messages and under no circumstances should you comply with requests for money transfers.

However, the scammers often become really intrusive and put their victims on an emotional level.

  • They threaten their victims.
  • They send intrusive emails and pictures.

The same applies here: ignore. However, you can also block the messages on many portals and then hear nothing from the fraudsters.

If the scammers become too intrusive and do not rest despite being ignored or blocked, you can proceed as follows:

  • Secure evidence
  • Report to the police

Do not be afraid to report Romance Scamming out of false shame.

Tips to Detect Romance Scamming

You can often recognize romance scamming by a few abnormalities:

  • Type of address
  • images
  • Content of the news
  • Origin of the profiles
  • Asking favors (such as money, visas, or parcels)

The approach to the fraudsters usually follows a scheme:

  • Tight news
  • Mostly in English
  • In messages, try to persuade victims to use a different channel of communication

The photos of the profiles are usually too good to be true. Men like to post pictures showing them in uniform; Women are often dressed provocatively.

The content of the messages almost always follows a certain pattern:

  • Extremely loving
  • Immediate use of nicknames

Also, scammers ask a lot to get information from their victim. This gives them supposed leverage for the blackmail later on. For example, they ask for secrets or intimate confessions.

The perfidious scam of fraudsters in romance scamming and playing with love

The scammers propose joint ventures and encourage the victims to make plans for the future; for example, to see a single trip test for trips together.

The result with the victims:

  • They think they have found love.
  • They feel like the scammers are actually planning a future with them.
  • You are not suspicious, you have trust.

However, if the victims do not play along with or external doubts, the tone of the news quickly changes.

  • The fraudsters abuse their victims.

They put them under emotional pressure, and if that doesn't help, they play the emotional card of their family's supposed problems.

Conclusion: Romance Scamming - Recognize & avoid love scammers

Romance scamming is a perfidious way of playing with people's feelings on dating portals. Often they are fraudsters from Africa or Eastern Europe (male and female users alike).

The profiles of the fraudsters are often provided with particularly attractive pictures and have German and English language content (mostly with incorrect grammar).

The procedure is always similar: First you write loving words to your victims and try to gain their trust, then the victims are blackmailed and put under emotional pressure.

So that you do not fall for scammers, you should choose a dating portal that offers verified profiles. This gives you the security that you are only dealing with real users who seriously intend to get to know each other.

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