What is the FLR method verification

The headline seems a bit crass at first, but that's exactly what it's about here, the prohibition on having an orgasm. Even if it is shown on many websites how women are treated as sex objects, are not allowed to have orgasm or should even wear a chastity belt, it is usually only about satisfying the fantasies of many men. But this is supposed to be about something else and the female orgasm is not forbidden, on the contrary.

Why should I forbid my partner to orgasm?

The question is pretty easy to answer. Men, unlike women, are always in the mood for sex and think of sex at every possible opportunity. Associated with this are many fantasies and ideas of what sex should look like and we can easily observe the result of this on the Internet, because almost 90% of it consists of pornographic material. What is the behavior of a man with or without orgasm? Most men aim to have an orgasm sooner or later and most men do everything possible to achieve this goal. Some even pay money for it, a lot of money. So there is a lot of energy and potential in the ability to control orgasm. Almost every woman knows the phenomenon that after an orgasm the man initially has no desire for sex and especially for the woman. Few women have tried sex in which only the woman but not the man is allowed to have an orgasm. The refusal of orgasm acts like a gas pedal for the man, intense caressing, cuddles and more for the woman are usually the result. A man who knows that it is all about his own orgasm will act differently than a man who knows that his orgasm plays only a minor role.

What happens after an orgasm?

It was already known in ancient times that men are seized by a strange tiredness after sex. Men don't want to cuddle anymore and only have one thing in mind: to take a nap next to their partner with whom they just had a nap. The different arousal curves in men and women also explain the different behavior after orgasm. With the woman it slowly sinks and she still wants to cuddle. In men, the curve drops steeply like a stock market crash and creates an additional need for rest and a change in behavior, since the goal of "orgasm" has been achieved.

The advantages of the orgasm ban

For some women it may also have advantages that the man regularly jerks off, consumes porn and tends to keep his hands off it. But most women want a loving, gentle, sometimes tough man who knows how to pamper them and bring them to climax. And it is precisely this desire and energy to pamper her that suddenly vanishes with his orgasm. So if you can keep him from having an orgasm, you might get the following benefits

  • He's more focused on you
  • He'll want to pamper you
  • He will want to serve you
  • He'll want to argue less

Basically, however, you can find out the advantages yourself. Try having sex a little. One day you will not let him cum, no matter what he says or does, he will not get an orgasm until you are satisfied. Another day, you will bring him to orgasm as quickly as possible. You too should then notice that his behavior will be different.

How do I control his orgasm?

The orgasm ban in itself is not a big deal, but it is not always easy and not always an easy path to implement. If you're together 24 hours a day, it will be easy to control your orgasm. But what about going to the toilet, shower, bath, etc. A man who is not regularly brought to orgasm by his partner will look for other ways to have an orgasm. And it is precisely at this point that there is a major hurdle for many women. Preventing orgasm with aids. If you simply deny him orgasm, sooner or later he will cheat, but that shouldn't be our goal. Therefore, it must be ensured that he cannot orgasm in her absence. Thanks to the creativity of many men, there are now good and effective options for this. The simplest is to use a chastity belt. This may sound like a medieval story at first, but it is one of the keys to a successful FLR. The topic of chastity belts is very extensive and is therefore dealt with in a separate area that you can reach here.

Trust is good, control is better!

Is it harmful not to have an orgasm?

No matter what many websites and especially relevant forums write, no, it is not harmful not to have an orgasm. The man does not have to be milked or regularly force-sucked. These are more like fantasies of men. If he can go a few weeks or even months without an orgasm, it is far from harmful. On the contrary, it will be very healthy for your relationship. In order to maintain its functionality, however, he should get a high regularly and also have an ejaculation. However, this does not have to mean an orgasm for him. You can bring him to just before orgasm and then stop or use the prostate massage to ejaculate without him having an orgasm. There are now special dildos on the market for performing a prostate massage, which are shaped in such a way that, when inserted into the rectum, they exert pressure on the corresponding areas. Before you buy such a dildo, however, you should look for a suitable model with your partner and clarify whether inserting a dildo is okay for him.

What if i want to have sex?

By using a chastity belt, you ensure that he can only have sex and orgasm if you allow it. After a short time you will notice changes in him. The positive effects already mentioned above will appear permanently and will intensify. But what if you just want to have normal sex with him? Especially if he has not been allowed to orgasm for a long time, the risk of premature ejaculation is high. Also, it is not always wanted for him to have an orgasm during sex. The following variations are just examples of how you can enjoy beautiful sex without running the risk of losing pleasure through a premature orgasm. In the first variant, there is hardly any difference to normal sex, but the risk of an uncontrolled orgasm is quite high. In the last variant, you can experience sex without running the risk of having an orgasm.

This does not mean a snack but a form of sex. For several years there has been a trend in which sex is completely without orgasm. Slow movements, a lot of caresses and a lot of feeling are in the foreground. Orgasm is not the goal. When I read an article on the subject at the time, I asked myself why I didn't come up with the idea myself. But the thing has a rake. Neither of them is allowed to have an orgasm. Of course, that didn't suit me at all, so I adjusted the rules a bit. I am allowed, he is not. He has to make me understand when he is ready and he has to adjust his movements so that he does not have an orgasm. This takes a lot of practice and time, but it can work.

Advantage: No tools or preparations required. Can be built into normal sex.

Disadvantage: Very time-consuming and exercise-intensive. Sometimes frustrating as he needs a break, which means a break for her too. The problem with condoms is that the penis can become flaccid. Not a surefire way to prevent him from having an orgasm.

Variation 2 - The rider

Sure, the easiest way that he does not have an orgasm is that he is not even allowed to penetrate her in the first place. But you also have to suffer under that and that is not our goal. The golden mean is that it may penetrate, but no longer move. To do this, he has to lie on his back and you sit on him in the riding position. He can penetrate once and you stay on top of him afterwards. It is important not to make any up and down movements but only to move forwards and backwards. His clitoris is moved back and forth on his tailbone. By the way, most women come to orgasm from this very well. If you keep your movements to a minimum, he will feel next to nothing. But you can also sit on his penis without him penetrating you and moving back and forth on his penis. It is important that you do not touch his glans while doing this, because the lower 2/3 of his penis do not have many nails. The variant can also be combined very well with variant 1 and 3.

Advantage: No tools or preparations required. Can be built into normal sex. Delay the orgasm better than variant 1. You can continue after an orgasm from him.

Disadvantage: Only one position possible. The problem with condoms is that the penis can become flaccid. Not a surefire way to prevent him from having an orgasm.

For a number of years there have been aids for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Creams such as Emla Cream or Xylocaine Spray, which have an anesthetic effect, are available in pharmacies. When applied to the glans and penis, the man cannot feel anything for 20 to 40 minutes. However, the virility does not suffer. If so, she can be supported with a penis ring. The spray or cream should be applied briefly and then a condom should always be used, otherwise the woman will also be anesthetized. For some time, condoms from the Durex Perfomer brand have also been on the market, which are coated on the inside with a numbing layer and have a similar effect to the creams. Anesthesia is possible with the condoms without him noticing.

Advantage: Pretty safe way to delay orgasm out. Can be done quickly and easily with condoms. Can be built into normal sex.

Disadvantage: No direct penis contact through condom. Needs some preparation. Effect is not always clear. Effect limited to a maximum of 40 minutes. Not a surefire way to prevent him from having an orgasm.

Variant 4 - The penis sleeve

Originally invented for men with potency problems, a penis sleeve combines very well to prevent a man from orgasm. A penis sheath basically consists of a sheath made of latex, rubber or plastic with a penis or dildo-like shape into which the penis and sometimes the testicles are inserted. We offer pants made of latex that contain a penis sheath. Regardless of whether the penis is stiff or not, the sleeve always keeps the right shape. Direct penetration of the penis is therefore not possible. Especially in combination with variant 3, you can enjoy sex for as long as you like.

Advantage: No direct penetration of the penis. He always stays stiff. In combination with variant 1 and 3 a very safe way to prevent orgasm.

Disadvantage: No direct penis contact (feeling like with a condom). Preparation necessary. No absolute certainty that he will not have an orgasm as the sleeve can move.

In most cases, a strapon, a dildo to strap on, is more likely to be used by a dominatrix to maltreat a man's butt. We don't want to do that. There are beautiful strap-on dildos in any shape and color, and even with vibration. In the meantime, models are even offered in which the man molds a dildo from his penis. So you can enjoy it without it having to penetrate yourself. There are no limits for the fanatasy. The only important thing is that his penis is left out. To be on the safe side, he can even keep his chastity belt on. For some chastity belts there are even corresponding attachments. Especially women who have problems getting an orgasm when it has penetrated should try different strap-on models, as this can significantly increase penetration.

Advantage: Absolutely safe method to prevent orgasm. You can try a larger or differently shaped penis. He can go as long as you want

Disadvantage: No direct penis contact (feeling like with a condom)

Now it's getting a little special. This variant is not a solution for me, but there are many couples who prefer this kind of sex. The point here is that the woman has sex with another man and the man is watching or has to listen in a neighboring room. Sometimes it is also practiced that the man is involved and has to satisfy him or her orally, but is not allowed to have an orgasm himself.

Advantage: She can enjoy normal sex. She can have sex with one another or with multiple people. Absolutely safe method to prevent orgasm.

Disadvantage: The other man may have premature ejaculation. Can destroy the relationship.

What to do if he does have an orgasm?

Every now and then he should have an orgasm. However, it is important that you incorporate the orgasm as a reward and that he does not have to do anything for you 12 to 24 hours after the orgasm, as his desire will decrease drastically afterwards. So if he's supposed to go to football on Saturday anyway and you want to visit friends in the evening, Friday evening or Saturday morning is a good choice. By Sunday evening he should be "normal" again and completely focused on you. However, you should make it clear from the start that he can only orgasm if you allow him to. He has to ask you if he can come.

So if he has an orgasm and you can't stop in time you should stop all movements, whether with your hand, mouth or vagina, and either let go of the penis immediately or pull it out of you. Normally, an orgasm is only satisfactory for a man if he is penetrated a little further (approx. 10 seconds) after the cumshot has started. If this does not happen, the orgasm is much less intense and one speaks of a ruined orgasm. It can also happen if he is very aroused and you stop right before his orgasm. Then a little sperm will run out, but he will not have an orgasm. You need to be extra careful when using condoms for contraception.

If he gets an orgasm, but you have not allowed it, you can continue penetrating him after about 20 to 30 seconds after you have stopped all penetration. He is particularly sensitive after an orgasm. So you can annoy him a little. Some men even like this, others will fight back strongly. Therefore, it is advisable that you sit on his burrow immediately after his orgasm, facing your feet. He can't move much like that. If you continue to penetrate it, another orgasm can occur. To create particularly intense feelings, you should use lubricant and touch the glans of the penis with the palm of your hand as if you were rolling a ball on a table top. Alternatively, you can roll its glans between two palms.

Many men want a woman to swallow or at least keep their sperm in their mouths during oral sex. But what about him? Would do it? Many men are disgusted with swallowing their own sperm. Especially since after an orgasm the "lust" is gone. You can use this condition as a great punishment. If he came without or with permission and got semen on your hand or other body parts, you can force him to lick it clean. For some men it is a fetish, for others it is a punishment. If he came inside you without, you can let him lick up the leaking sperm. This may not sound so pleasant at first, but it leads to a quick learning effect when it comes to premature ejaculation. Just give it a try and if you also have fun with it, you've found a new leverage.

The crucial point is that you make it clear to him and he also realizes that in an FLR only you as a woman decide when and, above all, how he can orgasm. It takes many men a long time to accept this change.