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Free worksheets and educational materials for elementary school on the topic of worksheets reading texts

Reading texts are intended to encourage children in primary school to read. Reading is one of the important skills students should master. Reading texts are specially tailored to the interests and reading abilities of elementary school students and therefore fit particularly well into the classroom. In addition to the texts, there is always the option to set short tasks from different areas. Depending on the type of text, these can relate to the content, the language or the grammar.

For the sake of clarity, we have divided the worksheets into the following categories:

NEW: You can find various reading texts on countries from Europe and around the world in the "Countries" category. Here the students should read the text about the country and then answer a few questions about it.

Free reading texts for elementary school

Learning to read is one of the most important topics in elementary school for children. As soon as they can read the first words and sentences, the normal teaching material is usually not enough to ensure sufficient practice. In addition, the normal teaching materials often do not offer enough reading material to encourage or support children individually.

With our reading texts you can teach all children learn extensive practice material for reading provide. Reading books in class is often impractical. In the free reading time it is difficult to ask the children individual questions about the text in order to check their reading comprehension. Reading books with the whole class is often tedious and often too expensive. Our free worksheets on a wide variety of topics provide your students with extensive reading material in exactly the right length.

Difficulty reading with elementary school children

Learning to read is a difficult subject for many children. Even if they can read small sentences, there are many children who have trouble grasping the meaning of what they read. Reading the same texts from the textbook over and over again does not help much, as children learn the texts by heart very quickly. However, because of their size alone, books usually have a deterrent effect on novice readers or children with reading difficulties. Here, short, clear reading texts are just the thing to motivate the little reading grudges. Depending on their level of reading, they are short and easy to read and cover almost every favorite topic of the children. They can also be used to check whether the children have grasped the meaning of the texts.

Problems in cross-class teaching

Reading together is often very difficult, especially in cross-class lessons. On the one hand, there are different stages of learning to read. The bigger problem, however, is that there are at least two different textbooks. In classes with 4 years even four different ones. The important common reading, in which other skills are taught, cannot take place like this. Reading a text together trains not only the reading skills of the reader, but also a variety of social skills in the audience. Here, too, our reading texts ensure the necessary individual support and variety in the classroom. The older children can read more demanding texts to the little ones and the little ones can read the texts along with them. In this way, all children can edit the same texts and benefit from reading together, also with regard to the other skills.

Reading texts - individual support for every child

Our free worksheets with the reading texts offer you the opportunity to support each child individually. With our Worksheets with the reading texts to print out the transition from first reading to complex multi-page stories is made easier for children. But our reading texts are also ideal for at home. For first or second graders, for example, the texts can be written as Good night stories be used. As reading skills increase, more and more words can be read together.,

Advantages of worksheets reading texts

  • many different topics
  • clear scope
  • suitable for almost every reading level
  • facilitates cross-class reading
  • versatile
  • no acquisition costs

For children for whom our reading texts are still too difficult, you will find suitable exercise material under the sections Reading sentences and Flash reading.

Reading texts for the different grades

Since many children have very different reading levels, it is very difficult to classify reading material according to grade. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a brief overview of the normal curriculum and the Reading recommendations for the individual school years give. However, attention should be paid to the individual reading level. Under no circumstances should the children be overwhelmed or lose interest in reading.

1st class reading texts

In the 1st Class should the children be introduced to reading. As soon as the children get to know the letters and that Understand the principle of reading, reading skills can be expanded with our first reading worksheets. The reading texts listed above can, however, be used here as reading texts. For example, the vocabulary of children with increased needs in this area can be expanded quickly. The use of language can also be e.g. B. be trained by verbally summarizing the texts.

Children who already have a high level of reading skills in the first year of school can use the worksheets to read sentences, read in a flash, read and paint, or encourage reading puzzles.

2nd class reading texts

in the 2nd school year should that Learning to read will be completed. Now the children can slowly be introduced to more extensive texts. The worksheets that have already been recommended for class 1 students who are good at reading are particularly suitable. Children for whom this exercise material is too easy can of course use the reading texts listed above or meaningful reading or reading and understanding.

Here, too, can our Reading texts to expand vocabulary but can also be used to deepen grammatical skills. The children can e.g. B. Write out nouns or other parts of speech from the texts. This is then at the same time a Copy-off training and promotes spelling.

3rd grade reading texts

At the latest from 3rd school year should children learn Obtain information from more complex texts. Many of the above reading texts on a wide variety of topics are suitable for this purpose. But also our worksheets fill in the blanks or meaningful reading or
reading and understanding help children improve their reading skills.

4th grade reading texts

in the 4th school year children should too Read longer texts easily and comprehensively can. Here our reading texts are suitable for the independent development of information. Even more complex reading texts can be found under the topic countries. Our reading texts are also suitable for determining whether the students can actually read meaningfully. For this purpose, all students receive different reading texts. These must now be independently selected and briefly summarized in writing. This not only checks reading skills, but also promotes the writing down of thoughts, or is the first step towards later Writing table of contents.

Use reading texts in a variety of ways

Our reading texts can of course not only be used for Promotion and review of reading skills use. They also enable the children to expand their media skills by providing information from factual texts on a wide variety of topics such as: B Identify the seasons, festivals, plants or countries.

The reading texts can not only be used in German lessons, but are also ideally suited for the various subjects in the subject area. You will find numerous reading texts on the topics of weather or months, among other things.

Didactic commentary on reading texts in primary school

Being able to read is one of the most important skills in our society. People who cannot read or can only read very little are virtually unable to live independently. There is much more to reading than just capturing individual words. Rather, over the years the children have to learn to extract information from increasingly complex texts and to use it further.

However, normal teaching material is not sufficient for this. In the past, the children were supported in their acquisition of skills with books at home. This support is almost completely absent today. Books are out of fashion. If at all, e-books are read. However, these are often not accessible to children. This makes it much more difficult for children to acquire reading skills. We therefore offer you here extensive exercise material on reading to support the children in this important process.

To make learning to read fun for the children and motivate them to read for themselves, our free worksheets provide reading texts on many interesting topics. We make sure that both girls and boys enjoy reading most of the texts. Of course, there are always texts that are more related to girls or boys, as these usually offer even more motivation to read.

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