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Dr. Wu

Dr. Wu


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Dr. Wu is the obstetrician of Kendra Giardi and Terri Schuester.

He is from Kenneth Choi shown.


Dr. Wu is the local obstetrician in town. However, after years in medicine, he is a little dulled and you notice that in the patients who want to sue him. However, the job as a doctor is always very stressful and it is one of the professions with the highest suicide rates.

Season one

In Beyond Gut and Sue he has his first appearance and his patient is Terri Schuester, who is not expecting a child, but, as he tells her, has a hysterical pregnancy. Terri is unable to confess the truth to Will, so she claims that she is expecting a boy.

However, Will becomes suspicious and wants to be there when he next visits a doctor. So that the lie does not get exposed, Terri seeks help from her sister and goes with Kendra to Dr. Wu and blackmail him. Later, Will sees a fake ultrasound image. Kendra tells him that the two of them go to Dr. Chin will switch and sue him if he doesn't help deceiving Will.