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Scamorza - Italian filata type cheese

Scamorza is a Italian scalded cheese of the Filata type. Filata cheeses are also mozzarella and provolone. These cheeses are characterized by a special manufacturing process, in which the curd is acidified, then scalded and drawn into long threads. This is also noticeable in the consistency of the cheese, for example with mozzarella.

Scamorza manufacturing process

The firm cheese is produced in central and southern Italy. The fresh cheese curd is scalded with hot water at 80 degrees Celsius. While stirring, the hot cheese mass is processed into a soft and malleable dough. Then pieces of the same size are cut off and the Scamorza is in his typical shape brought. This is mostly a pear shape or a braid. It is then cooled in a cold water bath and the cheese is then further pickled in a brine. Then the Scamorza is dried.

The rind of the Scamorza is dark yellow, inside it is white and light. The fat content is between 40% and 50% in the dry matter. In addition to the normal variant, it is also smoked (Italian: affumicata) available.

Use of the Italian Filata cheese

You can eat the Scamorza straight, it is cut resistant in its consistency. But you can also process it, similar to mozzarella and provolone. Scamorza is particularly suitable for gratinating, as it melts quickly and has a fine, mild taste that does not cover the food. You can also fry it or fill it. Of course, you can also use it for stuffing, for example in a meat roll or something else.

The Italian cheese is also very tasty on fresh white bread. It's also great when you have it used for crostini. To do this, you cut fresh white bread into slices, coat it with pesto and place thin scamorza slices on top. After a few minutes in the oven, you can enjoy the crispy crostini.

But you can also do risotto refine with this cheese. In addition, you cook the risotto as usual and serve it hot in plates. The scamorza is cut into wafer-thin slices and the risotto is covered with it. The hot rice dish melts the thin cheese slices slightly, giving it a special flavor.

Scamorza is versatile and goes well with many foods. It goes very well with tomatoes and basil. But the Scamorza can also give a salad a great note, if you use the smoked version, the salad gets a great smoke aroma. You should simply enjoy the cheese on its own to get a feel for how it tastes and which dishes it goes well with. Another delicious cheese from Italy.