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GNTM 2021 Who's out? Which candidates are in the semi-finals?

On May 13th, 2021 one of the candidates had to leave GNTM 2021 again. Now it is clear who is in the semifinals. Who is out Who else is there?

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By Daniela Westermayer
It ran on Thursday, May 13th, 2021 Episode 15 of "Germany's Next Topmodel". Seven candidates were still in the running and were fighting for a place in Semifinals.
Romina, Alex, Soulin and Co. were in one Couple shoot challenged on real ice. Who had to tremble in the truest sense of the word? At the Decision walk The models also mastered a dance performance with the dancers from "Magic Mike Live". This time guest juror Wolfgang Joop was there and decided together with model mom Heidi who could move into the semi-finals.
Who is out Who else is there? An overview of the model candidates from GNTM 2021:

Who was kicked out of GNTM?

Liliana has Nigerian-Italian roots and speaks four languages ​​(German, Korean, Italian, English). She describes herself as authentic, unique and conscientious. The 21-year-old has a very close connection with her mother. Music is her passion and she also has a soft spot for socks.
This time it wasn't enough. Shortly before the semifinals, Liliana had to say goodbye. Since she wasn't focused enough during the shoot, her inattentive manner was her undoing.

GNTM 2021: who's out?

For the majority of Heidi's girls, the journey is with GNTM 2021 already over. A candidate has to go every week. Some are too voluntary got out. Here you can see them all retired candidates at a glance:
  • Liliana from Rheda-Wiedenbrück - episode 15
  • Luca from Bitterfeld-Wolfen - episode 14
  • Ana from Neu-Ulm - Episode 13
  • Elisa from Dortmund - episode 12
  • Larissa from Achim near Bremen - episode 11
  • Romy from Görlitz - episode 10, voluntary
  • Mareike from Halle (Saale) - episode 9
  • Linda from Niederelbert - Episode 9, voluntary
  • Alysha from Berlin - episode 8
  • Jasmine from Vienna - episode 8, voluntary
  • Chanel from Oer-Erkenschwick - episode 7
  • Miriam from Berlin - episode 6
  • Amina from Berlin - episode 5
  • Mira from Bordesholm - Episode 4, voluntary
  • Sarah from Kaiserslautern - episode 4
  • Sara from Aichtal near Stuttgart - episode 3, voluntary
  • Nana from Hamburg - episode 3
  • Ricarda from Pinneberg - Episode 2, voluntary
  • Maria from Flensburg - Episode 2
  • Maria-Sophie from Konstanz - Episode 1
  • Franziska from Nuremberg - Episode 1
  • Vanessa from Munich - episode 1
  • Lena from Main-Spessart - episode 1
  • Samantha from Hamburg - episode 1
  • Alexandra from Cologne - episode 1

GNTM candidates 2021: who else is there?

At the beginning there were 31 Candidates at "Germany’s Next Top Model". But girls have to go week after week. These top model candidates are current still in the process and continue to hope for this year's title:

Alex from Cologne

Alex is a student and has already gained some experience in front of the camera. In her free time, the 23-year-old is interested in fashion, interior design and does martial arts. Honesty and loyalty are particularly important to Alex. Your dream travel destination is Belize.
"I want to become 'Germany’s Next Top Model' in 2021, to prove to myself and others that parts of the past do not stop you or play a role as long as you really want to."

Ashley from Munich

Law student Ashley teaches English and French at the same time at the adult education center in Munich. After completing her studies, she would like to go to the UN in Brussels. So far, she has already been able to gain modeling experience. She describes herself as inquisitive, perfectionist, empathetic and funny. Her friends appreciate her humor and advice.
"I want to show and be living proof that 'a child with a migrant background' can achieve their goal of being a model with an Afro and the associated obstacles."

Dasha from Solingen

Dasha was born in Ukraine, but came to Germany with her parents in 2005. The 20-year-old has been playing the guitar for twelve years. She also likes to dance, draw and sing. She can't stand gossip at all. She is very helpful and takes on every challenge.
“Of course I want to fulfill my dream of becoming GNTM. But I also want to change something. I want to act as a role model and support people who are being bullied. "

Romina from Cologne

Romina is self-employed and has over 85,000 Instagram subscribers. The influencer has already worked as a model and has a very conscious lifestyle. She has a healthy diet and exercises regularly. The 21-year-old from Cologne describes herself as thoughtful, but doesn't mince her words. She is with Stefano Zarrella, Giovanni Zarrella's brother.
"I will be 'Germany’s Next Top Model' in 2021 because I am the perfect example of the fact that you can achieve anything in your life if you just be yourself and believe in yourself."

Soulin from Hamburg

Soulin came to Germany five years ago after her family came out Syria had fled. The high school graduate loves to stand in front of the camera and slip into a wide variety of roles. She was able to live out her passion in various photo shoots and model jobs. She likes to dance, paint and play the piano. The 20-year-old speaks a total of five languages.
“For me, GNTM 2021 is more than a title, for me it is a message that I will carry. In addition to my great passion for modeling, I want to show people my story and that each of us has his or her package to carry. "

Yasmin from Braunschweig

Yasmin is an insurance saleswoman and has recently started her own team. She describes her job as her hobby. She also loves the Harry Potter books and films. The 19-year-old is very ambitious and describes herself as an open and humorous person. Her parents, who both come from Morocco, are her great role models.
“I want to prove to myself and to others that modeling is not easy to present, it is a tough job. I became really aware of it when Udo Walz made me aware of GNTM seven years ago. "

GNTM 2021 final: are these the finalists? - Warning, spoilers!

As the "Bild" newspaper reported on Tuesday, April 27th, 2021, the Finalists already fixed. Accordingly, in the last episode on May 27, 2021 still five candidates for the title "Germany’s Next Top Model" 2021 fight. The episodes are all said to have been filmed in December last year. So only the last live show is pending.
If you don't want to know which five top model candidates are in the grand finale, please don't read any further here.
According to the "Bild" are the five finalists of season 16: Ashley, Soulin, Romina, Dascha and Alex. So Heidi Klum continues until the end Diversity.