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Jennifer (Jen) Rose Talbot

Jennifer (Jen) Rose Talbot


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Mr. Talbot - Father

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Jennifer "Jen" Rose Talbot was a secondary character in the book Among the Hidden written by Margaret Peterson Haddix. She is the third child of a baron family, the Talbots.


Jen has dark brown hair, white skin, and dark green eyes.


Jen is audacious and passionate about her beliefs, she is also very determined, book smart, and extremely reckless and confident. She's also selfless, as shown when she snagged her hand on the screen and got a deep cut, as Luke explained, she didn't seem to care that much as if she was accustomed to the pain. Her recklessness eventually ends up causing her to get shot and killed in a rally against the population police. She also makes wild hand gestures whenever she talks.

Jen and Her Life

Jen was born into a rich family by her Mom and her Mom’s second husband. She was chosen to be a girl, as her mom wanted to have a girl in the family. She was born and hid her whole life with her family, but was allowed to be more free than Luke. She moved in with her family to a fancy house near Luke, and eventually becomes friends with him. She tells him all about the rally and stuff that only Barons can do, such as eating junk food. They form a close bond as Luke visits her more and more, but the relationship falls apart when the rally is brought up and Luke refuses to go with her. Jen goes with forty other shadow children to the rally. They are all shot dead at the president's house, along with Jen. Jen’s death is later told to Luke by her step-dad, and her memory serves as inspiration for Luke to continue trying.

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