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In this article I will tell you how your dog shows you that he loves you and tell you a little bit about the background. Because you will be amazed how much research has actually found out about the emotions of our dogs. Have fun while reading!

I am convinced that every dog ​​is special with its own character. And every dog ​​certainly shows in a very individual way how much he loves his people.

Still, there are some things that can be seen in many dogs when they show affection.

And I am sure that there are many things that you have known for a long time "my dog ​​understands every word" and "my dog ​​feels how I am". And many people dismiss such a thing as nonsense.

That is why I have put together a lot of “evidence” here. And all this information makes this article particularly exciting for me!

So much has been explained and proven in more detail by behavioral researchers. Believe me, you will be amazed what we know about dogs!
I will tell you more about this here.

How does your dog show you that he loves you?


Number 1: He cuddles with you and seeks direct physical contact

It's always one of the best moments of the day for me! After work, we had dinner and then my friend, Pixie and I snuggle up on the sofa. Watch a series or a movie.

Yes, and Pixie is right in the middle. Sometimes even completely snuggled up against one of us like a sausage so that it has complete body contact.

We only seek physical contact with the people we really love. In the same way, our dogs would like to be with us - ideally lying in one place with the whole pack!

Also the fact that our dog often presents us with his belly - in order to be petted on it, of course, is a sign of absolute trust!

And it has actually been proven that both dogs and humans release the cuddle hormone oxytocin. It is especially known to mothers in contact with their babies. But animals also produce this neurohormone, which consists of nine amino acids.

It gives a pleasant feeling of security and has been proven by scientists in humans as well as dogs in the urine. You can find out more about this in this science article. >


Number 2: Your dog licks you off

I don't have to explain that to you: a kiss is a clear sign of affection that everyone understands. If your dog licks your face and especially your mouth, then this is actually exactly the same!

Dog mothers lick their puppies so that, for example, their digestion is stimulated. Before the puppy opens its eyes, it has known its mother's sloppy affection for weeks. And thus associate them with love and affection.

Later, the puppies - and the wolf cubs too - lick their parents' snouts to appease them, maybe to get a few crumbs of food and also as a form of grooming.
So it is really a wolf behavior that the dogs transmit to us.

"Even wolves show their affection for one another in exactly the same way!"

And that's exactly how they do it with us. Your dog shows you that he accepts you as his social partner, he thinks you are great and maybe he is also hoping to get some of the leftover liver sausage sandwich you just ate.

Even if it is perhaps unusual for us humans: but it is something completely natural for your dog to lick you off. That's just the little wolf in him.

If you don't like it on your face at all, then offer to let him lick your hands. And be happy when your dog wants to give you baggy kisses!


Number 3: Your dog orients itself on you when you go for a walk

When you're out and about, does your dog keep turning to look at you and where you are? You can be especially happy about that.

Because you have a great bond and even if he is following his nose and a thousand great rumors and smells - it is always important that you are there. And so you experience shared adventures.

If your dog roams around a lot and does his own thing, that doesn't mean he doesn't think you're great. But he just thinks everything else is sooooo much more exciting.

Here you can use little tricks to get his attention!

For example, make him sit down and hide some treats around a large tree, which he can then sniff out. With Pixie, I also like to do this on fallen tree trunks, on which she then balances sniffing treats.

You can also playfully practice tricks with your dog on the walk. With a great treat reward. You will see that your dog will soon pay more attention to you!


Number 4: Your dog brings you his toys

When your dog stands in front of you with its tail wagging and expectant eyes - its toy in its mouth - this of course also means that it would like to play with you.

Which of course is also a sign of friendship and love. Because playing together strengthens your bond!

But many dogs are also of the opinion that they want to show you their drooled favorite toy. The greatest award in the whole dog world, don't you think?


Number 5: Your dog wants to sleep in bed with you

Here too, opinions and opinions often differ as to whether the dog should sleep in bed or not. In any case, most dogs have a deep need to sleep "with the whole pack" together.

An expression of solidarity. After all, you are his most important social partner.
Or your whole family.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale actually found that people sleep better when their pet shares a bed with them. So it is not only a basic need of your dog to sleep with you, but also a better sleep feeling for many owners.


Number 6: your dog is playing with you

Young dogs in particular like to play with other conspecifics. But dogs often lose interest in playing with other dogs as they get older. With Pixie, I could see that very well too.

But she still likes to play with us. Almost every day. And it doesn't have to be a toy at all.

Outside, it is enough for her if we physically empathize with an invitation to play and the so-called "teasing" of the dogs. She can then be hunted and then chases us again.

And at home she plays with my hand, which I usually hide under a blanket. Often she starts such a game with a clear request to play. And so she sees us humans absolutely as playing partners.

And this has also been scientifically proven! Alexandra Horowitz has evaluated that there is a unique form of interaction between a human and a dog. Which strengthens the bond and leads to positive emotions in humans and dogs.


Number 7: Your dog is happy when you come home

I always find it a shame when trainers forbid dog owners from supporting and enhancing their dog's joy. "He should behave civilized and not jump up on them." Schmarrn in my eyes! And sad about it.

Because this behavior is one of the greatest signs of their love! What a shame if you ignore this, don't you agree?


"Gregory Berns has proven that dogs really feel love."

The researcher Gregory Berns - whose book I can absolutely recommend to you - has found out that the smell of her human being in dogs really triggers a release of happiness in the brain.
It's so fascinating how he trained his bitch that she kept still without anesthesia in the MRI and that he was able to publish a lot of scientific results.

Be sure to have a look at his book: "How Dogs love us" Gregory Berns

For me it is one of the top 5 books that every dog ​​owner should have read. Because you learn so much about your dog!


So Gregory Berns found that our smell triggers the “reward center” in the dog's brain. You can find the study here! Just like when we eat ice cream or look at our dog happily, it is exactly the same for him. Gregory Berns was the first to prove that dogs really feel something like love for us!

And then it’s more than nice when they’re happy that we’re finally back home, right? Here you can find a great Ted Talk by Dr. Gregory Berns. Really very exciting!

Number 8: Your dog makes eye contact with you

For us humans, direct eye contact is an absolutely intimate act. When you're in love, you can look into the other person's eyes for hours.

And it's not for nothing that we say, when we're angry, "Get out of my sight!"

When we look our dog in the eye, it is actually rude in canine language. Because direct eye contact between dogs is actually seen as aggression. A challenge. Polite dogs therefore look to the side and lick their mouths soothingly to show "I'm not hurting you!"

Because of this, many dogs don't like being stared at directly. For example, Pixie starts barking when strangers look into her eyes for too long.


But it is different with your loved one!

It has even been scientifically proven twice that dogs seek eye contact with their humans - here you come to the first study. Here you can find the second, Japanese study!

And just like cuddling above, the binding hormone oxytocin is released in the brain of dogs as soon as they look into your eyes.


"Your dog looks you in the eye because he loves you."

This doesn't just mean that your dog is 100% different about whether he is any Looks people in the eye or you.

And you can really compare it to people who are in love with “looking in the eyes”: your dog looks you in the eye because he loves you and it makes him happy.

I bet you'll feel different now the next time your dog looks you in the eyes, right?



Number 9: Your dog is trying to understand your language

I also find myself drooling over Pixie every now and then. Just talk to her without thinking that she understands next to nothing. Nevertheless, she looks at me with great interest. Very polite of her! 😉

But that's not really nice of me. Because the words that she understands and consciously associates with something - by the way, there are over 70 with her, you can read more about them in this article - for her they get lost in my babbling.

The study on this:
And yet it has been proven that our dogs understand what we are telling them by their mood and tone of voice. And how we mean it.

You can read more about this here.
So your dog is not only trying to follow you, but is also trying to listen to you. Even if he doesn't understand your language! So much courtesy can only be love, right?


Number 10: Your dog responds to you with empathy

Have you ever felt sick, sad or angry and your dog was right by your side and looked at you as if he understood you?

Yes, many may say that you are crazy for thinking that. Puff cake - now you can reply to everyone that this has been scientifically proven! Even twice!

You can find two great articles about the two studies here and here. And the two studies themselves here and here.

Dogs are so social that their instinct, empathy, and closeness to us humans allow them to sense our mood. And knowing exactly how we are doing.

Therefore, they openly show empathy when you are sad. Or it can of course also be the case that you quarrel and your dog leaves the room because he cannot bear the negative energies.


Many think I'm a crazy doggie when I say that pixie often mirrors my mood too. When I'm under a lot of stress, she is also more aggressive towards others when walking. I can tell: “Oh oh, I have to go down. So that Pixie can go down! "

Yes, and now I know that this was not just "a feeling" of mine, it is absolutely right!

In my article on how you can influence your dog with your mood, I'll tell you even more about this topic and what to look out for.


So and these are my 10 signs with which your dog shows you how great he thinks you are.

Can you think of anything else or is there an anecdote that immediately pops into your head?
I think that you all feel the same way as me: actually I suspected and thought many of the things for a long time.

But it is now all the more fascinating to see what is scientifically proven and therefore absolutely true! Our dogs are really the greatest animals in the world!

Greetings from Rebecca and Pixie

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