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Store your documents in a place that Office Delve can access

If you want to keep Delve getting the most value out of everyone on your network, make sure you and your coworkers have documents in one place to save and sharethat Delve can access: in OneDrive for work or school / university or SharePoint in Microsoft 365.

If there are very few or no documents showing up in Delve, you can start storing your documents on OneDrive for work or school / university and sharing them with your colleagues. It can take a while (sometimes up to an hour) for new and uploaded documents to appear on Delve for you and the people you've shared them with. Your private documentsFor example, documents that you have saved in private folders on OneDrive for work or school / university are not displayed to your colleagues.

Create a folder to share your documents and invite people to collaborate with.

  1. Select the app launcher at the top of the page , then select OneDrive out.

  2. Choose New > folder out.

    Enter a name for the folder and select Create out.

  3. Select the folder and then Share link out.

    Enter names or email addresses, and then select share out.

  4. Open the folder and run a Upload of existing documents or create new Documents.

When you add documents to this folder, only you and the people you invite will be able to view the documents in Delve and work on them together. Other people cannot see the documents.

  • For sharing documents with everyone in your organization you can have a folder named Share with everyone (or a similar name), and Everyone in the dialog box share enter. Then upload documents or create documents.

    If you already have a folder named Share with everyone on OneDrive for work or school / university, you can upload or create documents in this folder.

  • If you want to share individual documents, select the document on OneDrive for work or school / university, click Share link, and then enter names or email addresses.

Save and share documents in SharePoint in Microsoft 365

If a document is collaborative project work, saving it on a team site might be a better choice.

How to save and share documents in SharePoint:

  1. Choose SharePoint in the Microsoft 365 app launcher. (or Websiteswhen this option appears. These are identical.)

  2. Open the website you want to create or upload documents to, e.g. B. Your team website.

  3. Create and upload your documents. Anyone with access to the website can now also see the documents in Delve.

Share documents as attachments in emails

Documents shared as attachments in email will appear in Delve for people in the email conversation. People you've sent an attachment to can find the document on your page.

You will only see attachments in Delve if you are using Microsoft 365 email. Attachments in email messages protected with Rights Management Services (RMS) do not appear in Delve.

I uploaded documents, but they are not showing up in Delve.

It can take a while (sometimes up to an hour) for new and updated documents to appear in Delve. After they appear, any changes you made to the documents should be reflected in Delve within minutes.

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