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lutz wrote:Why don't you start "at the beginning"?
If you list like that, then I would first want to know how you feel about point 1.
If there is a common belief here, then at least we would have a common starting point.

Total depravity or total ability
Because of the fall of sin, sin rules the whole person, his thinking, his feelings and his will. Therefore, the normal person is unable to understand the message of the gospel, he is completely spiritually helpless and lost. Man can only understand God's saving message after he has been enabled to do so by the Holy Spirit.

My experience with the knowledge of sin
As a former Catholic, I had previously spoken to the others at masses that Jesus had died for my guilt, my great guilt. But that was only memorized, not personally recorded. I hadn't realized what guilt is before God.

When I seriously began to seek God in 1982, I suffered particularly from the fact that I had been paraplegic for 8 years. This hardship weighed heavily on me and took away my joie de vivre. At some point, encouraged by a Christian from a free church with whom I was in contact, I started to ask God to meet meand help me believe in Him. I just talked and also confessed to God that I didn't believe in Him yet and that I certainly didn't know how to trust Him. But that was exactly my concern, because I was becoming less and less able to cope with my condition and suicidal thoughts were not alien to me either.

I prayed and sought God for days and weeks. At some point the mentioned Christian said to me: "You, in the past you always complained about your condition and you no longer do that, but are happy and balanced". Personally, I wasn't very aware of this, but I had learned one thing, at some point I had realized that my prayers not only went up to the ceiling but really came to God, and God bowed to me. Although I did not yet know the Bible, I experienced the reality of what is written in Psalm 145: “The Lord is near to all who call on him, allwho call on him in truth. ”Ps 145:18. But when the Lord bent down to me only then did I begin to realize my sinsto see me in His light.

Suddenly I recognized things in my life, emotions in my heart, and so much more that I clearly recognized as sin and for which Jesus had died on the cross. Suddenly my condition was no longer what bothered me the most, but my sin weighed down my conscience and my heart. But praise and thanks I was able to see Jesus in faith on the crossand find forgiveness of my sins.

That was the beginning of my Christian life, but I was still very much at the beginning. How carnal was I, how depraved, how I am still very much lacking in self-knowledge and far-reaching knowledge of sins. But I had recognized my sinful and completely depraved nature, as well as the love of God, which Jesus sent to this world to die for me on the cross and to endure God's judgment in my place. But I have to admit, from day to day I realize more and more how unable I would be to remain in faith without God's grace. If God pulled his keeping hand away from me, I would be capable of anything.

In Romans we read: "" As it is written: There is no righteous person, not even one; there is no one who is understanding; there is no one who seeks God. All have deviated, they have all become unfit; there is no one who does good, there isn't one either. Her throat is an open grave; they acted deceptively with their tongues. Otter poison is under their lips. Your mouth is full of cursing and bitterness. Your feet are quick to shed blood; Desolation and misery are in their ways, and they have not known the way of peace. There is no fear of God before their eyes. "Rom 3: 10-18. That is the natural man, without God, and so I am by nature too - stilluntil we are equal to him.

To the dear brothers and sisters of Calvinism:
Perhaps this contribution is not as you hoped, but the Bible can prove a lot and lead fruitless discussions. In some places I would prefer to express my convictions through personal testimonials. God is bigger than our hearts and He does not know templates. But we are always in danger of wanting to understand God and then perhaps do not recognize that we are part of it own picture built by God. I am so moved by the testimony of Job: “Of Hearsay I had heard of you, but now my eye has seen you. ”Job 42: 5. Only from Hearsayheard, that is how Job classified his faith. He was faithful to God and was allowed to pray for his friends in the end. God himself gave him the testimony from the very beginning: There is no one like him on earth - a man, so righteous and upright, who fears God and avoids evil! ”Job 1,8.

It is right that we cannot grasp God on our own, with our natural faculties. Jesus says yes: “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.” Jn 6:29 Nevertheless, God revealed himself to all men in nature, as it is testified in Romans: “His invisible Beings, both their eternal power and their divinity, have been perceived and seen in what has been made since the creation of the world, so that they may be without excuse "Romans 1:20. And all people are called to seek Him:"Seek the LORD while he is found! Call him while he's near. "Isa 55,6.

Unless otherwise stated, biblical quotations are after the rev. Elberfelder (PC edition)