Who is oreilly bewitched danger

Spiritual healer and Reiki teacher Volker Schmidt // Dissolving black magic attacks and activating self-healing powers


Being bewitched isn't fun.

Being bewitched can be dangerous.

Those who have been bewitched are in grief.

Here in Germany, too, people are still bewitched.

There are good and bad witches.

Nothing changed about that.

Also here in northern Hesse or in the Waldeck Frankenberg district in northern Hesse there are witches who bewitch others.


The spiritual healer Volker Schmidt from Korbach in Northern Hesse can help hexed people. His spiritual healing, which takes place via energy harmonization, dissolves black magic, dissolves blockages and also activates the self-healing powers. So in addition to the dissolution of a curse, you also get spiritual healing at the same time.


Healing through the spirit - that is, spiritual healing - is not a modern, modern invention either, this also existed before the so-called classical medicine, actually medicine even developed out of spiritual healing. If you as a spiritual healer have to point out that spiritual healing does not replace a visit to the doctor or alternative practitioner, this reflects our legal situation, but says little about the quality of the medical professions doctor and alternative practitioner and also little about the quality of the spiritual healer out. Nevertheless, I also support this approach and see myself more at home in the area of ​​holistic activation of self-healing powers, energy balance and energy harmonization. And I personally consider that to be a highly effective aid.


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