What does the brenybeast girlfriend look like

If a man deflowers a woman, what about the woman if ...

Suppose an attractive woman has been with an, say, alpha male, zsm for some time. So someone who is very busy in his vocation and fully immersed in it (can be a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, a craftsman, etc ... the vocation itself does not matter at first). Earned several thousand euros a day and worked around the clock (70 hours a week). There are workaholics who can't do anything else, it's all a question of character. The woman gets along with it, the relationship is otherwise the same as other relationships.

Nevertheless, after a while the separation occurs.

A little later, the woman meets another man. This is, let's say a beta man, has a normal job, likes to chill out on the coach for 12 hours and his biggest hobby is the Playstation and football. So a normal man that woman sees every day on the streets of Germany.

Now the question.

Will an attractive woman always make the comparison with the ex before the woman enters into a relationship with such a man? How big is the probability that an attractive woman will choose such a man for a relationship at all?