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41 birthday quotes

A birthday is a special day - and not just because it happens once a year. A birthday is a wonderful opportunity to show the birthday boy how important it is to you. Too often the appreciation gets lost in everyday life and many people forget to be grateful for every day. It's often different on a birthday.

At a wild party, a measured celebration or while eating a cake in a small group, the birthday child has the opportunity to enjoy the day with loved ones. If you can't join the party, a cute birthday card shows that you haven't forgotten the special occasion.

1. The secret of happiness is to count the high points of life instead of birthdays. -Mark Twain

2. There is always something in us that does not age with the years. -Jacques Benigne Bossuet

Editor's comment:

We all get older, we know that. Jacques Bénigne Bossuet also knew this. But the French bishop and author was also aware that old age has nothing to do with our inner selves. We age in our outer shell, but there are so many memories within us that are still young. So many events that we know freshly to experience and that is exactly what we should think about. Getting old is one side of our lives, but reliving our memories makes us young again.

3. What a shame that there is so little space between the time when you are too young and when you are too old. -Charles de Montesquieu

4. None of us will be younger, wrinkles adorn our faces. But age also makes you wise: it goes on, your journey! -Wolf Dietrich

5. If you can blow out so many candles, you still have plenty of room for improvement! -Frank von Schillerberg-Gosheim

6. Anyone who maintains the ability to see beautiful things will never grow old. -Franz Kafka

7. Everything repeats itself only in life, only the imagination is eternally young; What has never and nowhere happened, That alone never becomes out of date! -Friedrich Schiller

8. Some have died of a birthday overdose. -Jole von Weißenstein

9. Merriment and joy is the heaven under which everything flourishes. -Jean Paul

10. And once again you only get as old as you feel! -Jole von Weißenstein

11. The more candles your birthday cake has, the less breath you have to blow it out. -Jean Cocteau

Editor's comment:

As melancholy as Jean Cocteau's saying is, the French writer, director and painter was right about it. It is said of aging that your lung capacity seems heavier, your strength runs out, and more. Perhaps the more there are, the more difficult it is to blow out the candles. However, we then also have a lot to tell because we have hopefully experienced a lot and if we keep fit early enough, we can still age a little.

12. Health and a cheerful mind lead easily through life. -Theodor Fontane

13. I'm a whole year older this month than I was twelve months ago. -Laurence Stars

14. One begins to see more and more clearly: life is only a time of sowing, and the harvest is not here. Vincent van Gogh

15. We find the harmony of life in the spirit, the truly real life. -Friedrich Ast

16. In the twentieth year of life the will rules, in the thirtieth knowledge, in the fortieth year judgment. -Benjamin Franklin

17. It is good when the passing time appears to us not as something that consumes or destroys us, but as something that completes us. -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

18. A new year of life means: new grace, new light, new thoughts, new ways to the goal of new ways. -Otto Riethmüller

19. From the youth standpoint, life is an infinitely long future. A very short past from the standpoint of age. -Arthur Schopenhauser

20. Forty to fifty is the best time to live. -Theodor Fontane

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21. What time takes from man in terms of hair, it replaces him in terms of wit. -William Shakespeare

22. Do you always think of a present for me? Aren't these the most beautiful and the only true gifts that you don't need? -Friedrich Schleiermacher

23. The noble asks everything from himself, the ignoble expects everything from others. -Confucius

Editor's comment:

Always asking, expecting and wishing from others - that was already ignored and frowned upon in the times of the Chinese philosopher Confucius. On the other hand, it is much more noble to focus on yourself and expect only the best from yourself. Because those who are not ready to demand everything from themselves do not have the right to expect anything from others. Even today we should listen to Confucius and rather start with ourselves before we approach others with expectations.

24. Birthdays: numbered impermanence. -Markus M. Ronner

25. The first forty years of our lives provide the text, the following thirty the commentary on it. -Arthur Schopenhauer

26. You only age from twenty-five to thirty. What is preserved until then will probably be preserved forever. Friedrich Hebbel

27. Each age has its amusements, spirit, and customs. -Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux

28. Every gift is welcomed, but above all: May you succeed in what you strive for. -Wilhelm Busch

29. Make the best of yourself. You can't do anything better. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

30. May people come and go - may the bells ring and children cry - let us celebrate this day! -Henry David Thoreau

31. Nobody is so old that he did not think he could live another year. -Marcus Tullius Cicero

32. Live today, forget the worries of the past. -Epicure

Editor's comment:

The ancient Greek philosopher knew what he was talking about. Because living in the past changes the present and can put a strain on it. Today's psychologists also advise leaving the past behind and enjoying life in the present. This is the only way to create great conditions for being happy in the future. Those who live in the here and now enjoy life with a new intensity that leads to the automatic forgetting of the past. At least when this brings painful memories with it.

33. Years go by and are gone forever, but a beautiful day shines through a life. -Franz Grillparzer

34. You stay young as long as you can learn, adopt new habits, and endure contradiction. -Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

35. The older you get, the faster time seems to go by! -Wolf Dietrich

36. Sorrow, be lame! Worry be blind! Long live the birthday boy! -Theodor Fontane

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37.Become what you are not yet, remain what you are now; in this remaining and becoming everything beautiful lies here on earth. -Franz Grillparzer

38. Our whole life is a never recurring birthday, which we should therefore celebrate more holy and joyful. -Jean Paul

39 Although your years are drawing to a close, we are still celebrating you with the best of our minds. -Jole von Weißenberg

40. It is not the man who has lived the most who counts the highest years, but he who has felt his life most. -Jean-Jacques Rousseau

41. Live and be happy! - Vive valeque! -Quintus Flaccus Horace

This is how you write a nice birthday card

Writing a good birthday card is a real headache for some people. The first thing you should think about is what kind of birthday greeting you want to deliver. The many options include a flat card, a folded card, and an electronic greeting. A handwritten letter or a loving e-mail can also be a nice surprise for a birthday.

At the beginning of every birthday greeting there is a kind of introduction. Cards and other messages often begin with “Congratulations!”, “All the best!” Or “Happy Birthday!”. If you write a longer message, you can also address the occasion in the introduction. Then it becomes more personal. For example, you can describe what the birthday girl means to you. What qualities do you value in the person? Why are you friends with her? What do you wish for her for the future? Finally, you can write that you regret not being able to come by in person and give the celebrant some good wishes.

On a flat card, which can also be sent as a postcard, you can add a personal dedication next to a quote. Some of the freely worded lines that you add look very personal. You have more space in a folded card. A congratulation often adorns the front. Inside you have space for a short text according to the structure described above with introduction, main part and conclusion. You can place a quote next to or on the back of the card. A symbolic picture or a suitable photo rounds off the birthday card. Electronic cards work in a very similar way. Some mail providers and other service providers provide templates in which you only have to insert your text.