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Historian Niall Ferguson: "Barack Obama's foreign policy was a disaster"

Main pictureBarack Obama 2011 (c) Getty Images (The White House)

British historian Niall Ferguson in an interview about the policies of Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Extract from the new "Presse" magazine "The USA. History of a World Power".

The British historian Niall Ferguson considers the diagnoses of the decline of the world power USA to be exaggerated, describes Europe as a geopolitical sideline and certifies that the “anti-imperialist populist” Donald Trump pursued a more efficient strategy towards Iran and China than his predecessor in office. He regards the constellation around Taiwan as extremely dangerous: "This is how wars begin."

Die Presse: You wrote about the rise and fall of the US empire 16 years ago. "Colossus" was the name of the book. Does the colossus still stand on two feet or has US power crumbled since then?

Niall Ferguson:
I don't think the US is done for as a world power. Their military presence in Europe and Asia is still substantial. It has become fashionable to announce the end of US domination or even the end of the republic because of Donald Trump. But that's all an exaggeration. The US is not going to stop being a great power anytime soon. In reality, China has much bigger problems. Do you remember Paul Kennedy and his book "The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers"? Many make the same mistakes he did in the 1980s when they think America is over.

Was the failed adventure in Iraq a decisive moment for the USA's international loss of power?