How to connect usb to hdmi tv

HDMI to USB & USB to HDMI - this is how it works with an adapter

If you don't have an HDMI connection on your PC, TV or laptop, you can still connect the devices. All you need is an HDMI-USB adapter. There are several options here. We show how you can use HDMI to USB and USB to HDMI.

Video tip: Connect devices to the TV

If you want to connect an HDMI to a USB port, you need an HDMI-USB adapter. There are several variants of this.

HDMI-USB adapter

A classic HDMI-USB adapter is a small box in which you can plug an HDMI cable. A USB 3.0 cable comes out on the other side, which you can then connect to a PC or laptop.

For example, you can connect an HDTV to a PC without an HDMI port:

  1. You plug the TV's HDMI cable into the TV and the HDMI-USB adapter.
  2. You connect the USB cable to your PC / laptop / notebook.
  3. See also: Connecting a laptop to a television.

Difference between laptop & notebook

But you can also network projectors or monitors with your devices in this way. You can find HDMI-USB adapters on Amazon, for example. Depending on the equipment and function, the prices vary between 15 and 70 euros.

You should therefore pay attention to the following:

  • USB 3.0 or USB Type-C or Micro-USB (depending on what you need)
  • Additional functions such as: HDMI to VGA

Micro USB to HDMI

You can also buy micro-USB to HDMI adapters. You can then use them to connect your smartphone to a TV, for example. You should be careful here, however, as the cables can often be confused with those that lead from Micro-HDMI to HDMI.

When it comes to cables, you should pay particular attention to the length. Adapter cables are often offered in different lengths. A 2m cable can be too short under certain circumstances.


For USB to HDMI you can use the above adapters, because there is no distinction between HDMI to USB and USB to HDMI. Also read how you can connect HDMI via VGA.