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Just an ordinary dinner?

When he had locked his shop that evening and was still thinking about this seldom stupid invitation on the way home, he passed the theater stage for once. Chuuya was curious and looked a little lost in thought at the huge photos of the productions, which were attached outside on the right side of the stage. He recognized some actors from the party and did not notice that he was being watched by a group of these actors.

The main piece this summer was called: "Drawn, disqualified as a person!"

Dazai played the main role in this piece…. Of course, what else, thought Chuuya and read the information about the piece:

The main character Ōba Yōzo noticed in his childhood the lack of any ability to empathize with others. This deficiency not only makes it impossible for him to build social relationships and bonds, he also perceives this deficiency as a defect that must absolutely be kept secret. As a means of secrecy, Ōba chooses clowning. Jokingly distracting him from his lack enables him to move undetected in society, but at the same time it also creates the impression of complete alienation. The inability to make the expected social adjustment is summed up in the opening sentence as follows: "I led a shameful life".

It seemed an interesting, but also very demanding piece, thought Chuuya and looked at the largest picture on the photo wall. It showed Dazai in a suit as he was sitting in a bar, drinking and while the waitress looked at the bar.

Chuuya had never really been interested in the theater, it was just there and he also made good money with it in the summer when everyone was sitting in the restaurants and eating his stuff.

He had been standing in front of the pictures for a very long time and did not notice how the group of actors who watched him began to whisper, the young actor with the silver-gray hair made the start.

When loud laughter reached Chuuya, he looked past the stage and noticed her. Caught up, the younger man with the light gray hair smiled at him, got up and went to the actors' dressing room.


Chuuya did not understand what it was about, he was so absorbed in the pictures and the description of the play by Dazai that he had not noticed them. Embarrassing, he has been standing here for ten minutes and looking at pictures of Dazai like a groupie. Had they laughed at him?

Then he was startled to see the younger man coming back from the cloakroom with Dazai in tow.

What was that supposed to mean now? The brown-haired actor smiled as soon as he noticed him after the younger one with the gray hair pointed at him. So they had laughed at him after all? What was going on here If only he had gone the other way around and home.

"Chuuuuu-yaaa" shouted Dazai happily and waved him over.

Chuuya blushed like one of his tomatoes and was still standing in front of the photo wall as if stuck to it.

The brown-haired was slightly irritated that he was probably not moving and came up to him.

“Good evening Chuuya! Atsushi told me that you've been standing here for a while. ”Dazai explained and smiled shyly at him.

"Ahh ... yes ... oh is that so? I just wanted to go home and thought I'd stop by and take a look at the pictures for the performances. ”Chuuya stammered, embarrassed, he hadn't expected that and smiled back.

"The drawing will not run again until Sunday, today" The moon over the mountain ", the piece by my young colleague, has its premiere," said Dazai, pointing to the young man with the silver-gray hair. "Would you like to see it?" He asked further and looked at Chuuya expectantly.

"I? Uh, no, no, I still have a lot of work to do. Another time maybe. ”He explained quickly and avoided Dazai's gaze.

"We could watch the play together." Dazai tried to convince him and smiled all over the place.

Chuuya found it difficult to refuse, but if Dazai came to him the day after tomorrow, he urgently had to clean up. He was hardly at home during the week, so a lot of things were left lying around and his cats did the rest, not to mention the chickens that did what they wanted in the garden.

"I would like to, but I also have to prepare something at home for the weekend." He honestly admitted and hoped Dazai wouldn't push him any further.

Dazai's eyes widened and he immediately smiled happily, clasped his hands excitedly and asked "What are we cooking?"

"Ehhh! I'm not going to tell you yet. ”Chuuya replied, amazed at the quick change of subject.

But the truth was also ...

he had no clue!

"Then I can't really prepare myself!" Dazai protested, artificially insulted, and made a dramatic hand gesture in the direction of his chest and then laughed.

Before Chuuya could answer anything, someone shouted to Dazai behind him.

"DAZAI! It starts! ”Shouted one of the drama group.

The brown-haired actor raised his hand and waved in their direction, "I'll be right there!" He shouted.

“I have to go, I'm really looking forward to Saturday…. Chuuya. "Explained the brown-haired.

"Yes, I'll go home now, have fun and success!" Chuuya said with a smile and was startled.

Dazai put his hand on his shoulder for a short moment and stroked his upper arm with the words ... "See you tomorrow." Smiled tenderly, turned around and walked back to his colleagues in quick steps.

Chuuya was still rooted to the spot for a moment, what was that supposed to mean? He watched them briefly as they all disappeared into the side entrance. Somehow he would have liked to go with me, but he didn't really fit in and that with Dazai felt increasingly strange.

Chuuya couldn't shake the feeling that the actor was flirting with him ...

The red-haired now went up the little mountain to his house and decided to clean up the garden first. A few flowers still had to be cut and the path to his house through his garden should look good when he got visitors.


After a while in the garden, his neighbor Kouyou noticed him and stood at the fence when she was watering the flowers and watched him.

"Chuuya-kun, are you getting a visitor or why are you tidying up your garden so meticulously?" She asked and looked curiously at his goings-on.

“Good evening Kouyou! Yes on Saturday, I wanted to keep things tidy because of that, you know, I hardly get around to keeping order here and the chickens also make a lot of nonsense if I let them in the garden. ”Chuuya replied embarrassed and brushed his hair out of it Face and looked over the fence, into her perfect garden.

"It won't be as nice as yours anyway," he laughed.

“I like your garden, who is coming? Your parents? ”She asked and, after a quick look into his herbaceous bed, continued to water her roses that were on the fence that adjoined his property.

“Worse, an actor! I didn't intend to invite him, but he always buys from me and absolutely can't cook and when he complained about my asparagus I found out that he had done pretty much everything wrong and then said, for fun, that I would show him how that works and he took it seriously. ”Chuuya told his neighbor.

"Ohhh ..." she exclaimed in amazement, grinned and then asked with great interest, "Who is it, sounds almost like a date." She giggled.

Chuuya raised an eyebrow in amazement. "Certainly not! He's just terribly bored ... in the little theater here. ”He replied ... bored.

"Don't you say it's Dazai Osamu ???" she said in astonishment and clasped her hands in front of her face.

"Maybe ..." Chuuya replied boldly and winked at her.

“What a handsome man, I was going to go to his play. He's a real star, but to be honest I was wondering how they got him here, unfortunately all his performances are already sold out. "

"Yes? Interesting, I didn't really follow that. ”Chuuya said and swept up the rest of the garden rubbish in front of his door.

"You may be a banause ... will you introduce me to him?" She asked.

"I didn't want to have a party here ... Ane-san!" Chuuya sniffed, a bit tormented and visibly nervous, actually he didn't want to tell her that at all.

"It's okay, don't be angry! Relax, it will be interesting. ”Kouyou laughed and waved to him as she disappeared into her house, it was slowly getting dark.

After he had tidied everything up and locked the chickens in, Chuuya also went into his house. For the time being he was satisfied with his garden.

He treated himself to a nice glass of red wine and thought about what he could cook with Dazai, asparagus of course and potatoes, but he still needed something. A nice schnitzel would actually be typical for the region, Chuuya took everything he needed to buy before tomorrow.

Sighing, he let himself fall on his sofa and listlessly zapped through the TV program, once again nothing came up, so he decided to watch something on Netflix.



Early in the morning he had bought pork tenderloin and breadcrumbs for the schnitzel, everything else he had in his own shop.

Chuuya unlocked his shop and decorated his entrance area outside when his assistant Akutagawa arrived.

"Good morning Chuuya!" He sang happily and immediately leafed through the restaurant orders of the day.

"In such a good mood?" Asked the redhead and saw how caught the young man felt.

"Yes, it was a funny evening yesterday." He replied, avoiding his gaze.

"Oh yes?" Chuuya asked and walked past him with a box of cherries that he had fetched from the cold store.

"Yes, I was at the premiere of" The Moon Over the Mountain "yesterday, that was really good!" Enthused Akutagawa.

"I didn't even know that you were going to the theater, Ryuu?" Chuuya asked.

"Ahh yes ... I ... I was invited." Stammered the young man and sorted the tomatoes according to the various orders, taking on the color of their face ... but before Chuuya could squeeze him closer, he heard a well-known voice behind him .

"Chuu-yaaa, good morning!" Dazai sang and grinned broadly at him when Chuuya turned to him.

Dazai wore beige colored chinos and a light pink colored shirt. In the corner of his eye he saw Akutagawa disappear through the door and he thought he had seen the actor with the silver-gray hair on his van ... how did that fit together?

When Dazai noticed his gaze, he also turned in the same direction to explore what Chuuya was staring at.

"Is there anything special?" He asked and looked at Chuuya again.

"No, nothing." Chuuya replied and put the cherries on the small pedestal in the middle of the shop in front of Dazai.

"I would like some of them, one kilo please!"

“What do you want with so many cherries? You only get a stomach ache. ”Chuuya said, astonished.

“They are also for the team, why do you think I always buy so much fruit here? I can't do it all by myself. ”Dazai explained and giggled.

"Oh, well." Chuuya agreed and put the cherries in a large paper cone.

Meanwhile, Dazai sneaked around the shop curiously and looked at the vegetables in the display, after a brief moment the question arose that Chuuya had been waiting for.

"What are we cooking tomorrow?" Asked Dazai, turned to him and grinned broadly.

Chuuya briefly considered whether to tell him, but decided against it. "I'm not giving away!" He said, sticking out his tongue.

"Chuuya is so mean, how should I prepare?" Pouted Dazai.

"To prepare? With your talent we prefer not to. ”Chuuya laughed and handed the bag with the cherries over to Dazai.

"When should I be there?" Asked the brown-haired.

"Yeah, actually I thought so in the evening, but I think tomorrow I won't have so much to do in the afternoon, if you like, you can come into the shop at 2pm? Unless it's too early for you? ”Said Chuuya and walked around his counter to put the box of cherries on the small table outside the door.

Dazai watched him go and then suddenly put his arm around his shoulders and leaned down to whisper in his ear, “I have absolutely nothing to do with this tomorrow Date could hold back. "

Chuuya blushed, Dazai was so tall and he could smell his perfume, he was so close to him for this brief moment. He rocks like sandalwood and tangerine, somehow earthy, woody, soft, like his eyes and hair that also seemed warm and soft.

"Ahh yes ok ..." Chuuya stammered and was annoyed with himself that he had completely lost his composure after this brief contact.

The brown-haired actor had only touched him for seconds and was almost around the corner of the house when he shouted "See you tomorrow!"

Wait a minute, thought Chuuya ... he said Date???!!!


The closer he got to the end of the day, the more nervous he got.

Chuuya now wondered for the 100th time whether he had got everything and cleaned everything at home….

He felt like a teenager ... how stupid, he thought, and put the last boxes in the cold store. The asparagus for tonight, the potatoes and whatever else he needed were already on his table behind the counter. A date, why was he on a date for Dazai? The actor must have just made fun of him, wanted to annoy him ... this womanizer was certainly anything but gay.

Chuuya had read a lot about him, had searched through all the relevant celebrity news over a glass of wine in the evening and you always saw Dazai with beautiful women.

Chuuya wasn't gay, actually he had more often had something with women than with men, yes you could perhaps say he was bisexual. Actually, that wasn't important to him, he liked women as much as men, he had to like and like the human being Osamu, Dazai.... Of course he would never admit that openly and he probably didn't have a chance, but it was an interesting friendship between them, if you could call it that. Lost in thought, he sorted around in the cold store and did not notice that the brown-haired actor was already there and was watching him with a small smile.

"Should I help you something?" Asked a voice directly behind him and Chuuya was startled.

He turned and landed on Dazai's chest for the second time since they'd known each other.

Startled, but with a smile when he realized it was Dazai, he stepped back and mumbled: "Uh no, I was actually finished."

The brown-haired actor looked very good again, he wore a white and blue, broadly striped shirt and dark blue trousers. His brown leather shoes went very well with it and were almost the same color as his dark brown locks.

Only now did Chuuya notice the turquoise umbrella in his hand. "Oh it's raining? I didn't even notice. “He asked and closed the cold store door behind him.

“It's just a thunderstorm, I think. Then there won't be any barbecuing? ”He giggled.

"Think! I'm not making it that easy for you, here you can take the bag? I'll take the rest. ”Chuuya asked and held the bag with the small potatoes under his nose.

"Yes, of course." Dazai replied and took it from him, they went out of business and Chuuya locked the lock, it was still raining a little.

"Here I brought another umbrella," said Dazai, holding out a wine-red umbrella. Of course, Chuuya had umbrellas in the store, mostly copies that had been left behind by customers. But he hadn't thought of taking one with him now either. Sky!!! He was so nervous like it was his first date in his life, but it wasn't at all.

"Oh, thank you I didn't think of it now." Chuuya thanked him and took the umbrella in his free hand, in the other he had the remaining bags.

So he and the brown-haired actor walked through the quiet city, past the theater stage and up the little mountain to Chuuya's house.

Chuuya was glad that there wasn't so much going on and he couldn't make out anyone who saw them both, least of all he needed stupid smells in the city.

Dazai seemed completely relaxed, he talked about Atsushi's premiere and how much he liked the play and that he sure had what it takes to become a television actor.

The redhead listened in agreement, what should he say big? He really didn't know about this business.

"Don't be alarmed, I have a few pets." Chuuya explained and opened his garden gate.

"I like animals!" Dazai exclaimed happily and followed him. On the way in front of them the first chickens were already standing and Chuuya could already see his two cats sitting in front of the door. They didn't like rain at all and were eagerly waiting for his return to get to the dry house.

"Nice garden, it's really big here!" Said Dazai in amazement as he looked around the garden as they walked up the path to the house together.

“Yes, it's a lot of work, but it's fun. It relaxes me a lot to do something in the garden. "

Dazai only nodded in agreement and looked a little sad for a moment, as if he was thinking about something, Chuuya noticed that clearly, even if it was only a short moment.

"They are cute." Dazai said when they stood in front of the front door and Chuuya's cats examined him curiously. Having found him okay, they crept around his legs while Chuuya unlocked the door and put the bags in the hallway.

“Yes and hungry! Give me your umbrella and I'll put it in front of the door to dry. ”Dazai did as he was told and stepped curiously into the hallway, the cats immediately ran through the hallway and through the open living room door.

Chuuya went ahead when he took off his shoes and closed the front door. In the hallway a staircase led to the upper floor, a guest bathroom was in the lower area of ​​the house opposite the front door and an office room that was filled with all kinds of tools and jars.

The last open door led from the hallway into said living and dining room. The whole area was open and connected, the dining room was basically one room with the kitchen and only a central wall along the length, separating both rooms slightly from the living room, which was accessed through a large archway from both the kitchen and the dining room.

The brown-haired actor had also taken off his shoes and was looking around the dining room, the large aquarium drawing his attention.

"Can you give me the potatoes?" Chuuya called out to him after a short while from the kitchen.

"Oh .." said Dazai a bit surprised, he was so busy that he hadn't even noticed that he was still holding the bag in his hand. He walked over to the kitchen island and peeked into the living room for a moment.

"It's very nice here, I like the house very much," Dazai explained and put the bag on the work surface in the kitchen.

"Thanks. Would you like some coffee or tea? ”Chuuya asked and got two cups from his kitchen cupboard.

"Gladly a green tea." Said the brown-haired actor and leaned against the kitchen counter and looked at the cat pictures that were hanging on Chuuya's refrigerator. The cats Thammy and Niki had swallowed a few pieces of dry food and curled up on the sofa to sleep, they didn't pay much attention to Dazai, almost as if he had always been here. Usually they were more suspicious of strangers and not as calm and relaxed.

"Make yourself comfortable on the sofa in the living room." Chuuya said and poured the tea.

Dazai watched him, nodded and went into the living room, he stopped at the patio door and watched the light summer rain as he soaked the plants and bonsai on the terrace.

“You have bonsai, they are beautiful. If I had more time and if I were in one place longer, I think I would buy a few too. ”He called over to Chuuya in the kitchen.

The brown-haired actor sat on the large flat gray sofa and watched the cats as they slept. How peaceful it was here ...

Chuuya came out of the kitchen with a tray and set it down on the flat living room table. He sat down between the two cats and motioned for Dazai to take a cup.

"You are very comfortable here, Chuuya, I wish I could have pets too." Dazai said as he took his tea from the tablet.

"Don't you have any?" Chuuya asked astonished and looked at him.

"No, I'm always somewhere different, depending on which job I take on, I'm often not at home for a long time," replied Dazai and looked first at Chuuya and then through the large window into the garden.

"Right, I didn't think of that at the moment." Chuuya said thoughtfully and watched Dazai.

The brown-haired actor looked so normal here at home, almost vulnerable, without his actor's facade. He just didn't look like a multi-million dollar superstar the way he was sitting on his sofa.

"I love animals, I would like to have a cat." Dazai said after a while of silence between them and played with Thammy's plush lynx ears. "She's really very cute," Dazai stated and smiled.

"Yes, an old girl, she will be 14 years old this October," Chuuya replied.

"Oh, you can't tell by looking at her." Said the brown-haired astonished.

"Where else do you live?" Chuuya asked curiously and took a sip of his tea.

“I have a penthouse in Berlin and one in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. But as I said, I am rarely at home. I usually stay in hotels for a long time when I have a job. Somehow such a life is very lonely ... "said Dazai and looked exactly into Chuuya's face at the last sentence, as if he wanted to study his reaction. Their eyes met and once again the redhead wondered what that was supposed to mean.

Dazai's gaze went back to the window when he added: “I have to admit, I haven't had any contact with a“ non-actor ”or anyone at all who has nothing to do with the film and acting industry for a long time. I enjoy our date very much Chuuya.“

"Gladly. To be honest, I was very surprised that you accepted my offer, which I made half joking. ”Chuuya explained embarrassed and put his empty teacup on the tablet. Dazai looked at him a bit puzzled, but said nothing and finally smiled shyly.

"I'll just change my clothes for a moment, then we'll start." Chuuya said happily and got up. While Chuuya went upstairs to put on something comfortable to cook with, Dazai looked quietly and thoughtfully out of the large living room window into the garden of Chuuya, the rain was now falling in thick drops.


After a few minutes, Chuuya came back into the living room with burgundy sweat pants and an oversized T-shirt with a palm tree pattern.

"Do you actually like chocolate?" He asked Dazai, who looked at him briefly, confused. "Ehh yes, of course." He replied.

"Ah well, then let's make the chocolate mousse first, it should then stand cold for two hours." Chuuya explained happily and went into the kitchen. Before Dazai could really follow him and step into the kitchen, Chuuya held him in the doorway, a dark blue kitchen apron under his nose. "Better put that on," he said and grinned.

Dazai grinned back and took it off. "Yes."

"I've already prepared something here." Chuuya said like in a cooking show and laughed, making a sweeping movement with his hand: "Tadaaaa!"

Dazai had quickly put on his apron and looked at the many bowls that were ready, he also discovered bars of chocolate, eggs and cream. Chuuya went into his kitchen and Dazai followed him.

“I'll separate the eggs for it and take care of the egg whites and the cream. Could you cut the chocolate into fine pieces? ”And pointed to the board with the knife that was waiting on the work surface. Dazai had listened with interest and immediately replied "Yeah, sure." And got to work. Chuuya put a pot on the stove in which he had put water and a small metal mixing bowl. The brown-haired actor had done his job quickly and was watching Chuuya with interest. After the redhead had prepared everything so far, he arranged the egg yolks in a large bowl.

"Now comes the hardest part." Chuuya explained and looked seriously at Dazai, who was standing next to him and looking into the metal bowl. Chuuya put the chocolate chips in and Dazai asked: "Yes what?" And looked at the redheaded with big eyes. Chuuya suppressed a smile, but then had to laugh because Dazai looked so haphazard.

"So we are now warming the chocolate in the water bath here ... It has to have a certain temperature, if it gets too hot our dessert is gone." Chuuya explained, looking at the brown-haired man as he came closer and closer and looked at him with wide eyes when he just spread out one of the seven wonders of the world in front of him. Chuuya somehow had the feeling that Dazai was a lonely man, terribly successful and wealthy ... he wondered if he had any real friends at all.

"Then you should do better," Dazai stated seriously.

"I was planning to." Said the redheaded, slightly teasing, sticking out his tongue. Dazai laughed and came closer and stared into the bowl of chocolate, watching exactly what Chuuya was doing.

"How do you know that it is the right temperature?" He asked confused and now stood directly behind the red-haired one at the stove. Chuuya could feel his body heat, "Oh, you can feel that a few times, of course the water bath shouldn't get so hot in the first place."

As interested as a small child, Dazai observed everything Chuuya did and hardly kept his distance from him. The red-haired couldn't say that it bothered him, much more it felt strangely familiar and he enjoyed having Dazai with him, how long has he been alone?

“Now you have to help me! I now add the chocolate to the egg yolk and you add the cream in proportions, then I can fold it in nicely. ”Chuuya said to Dazai, who immediately grabbed the bowl with the whipped cream and waited.

Chuuya poured the liquid chocolate over the beaten eggs and slowly stirred it until smooth.

"Now just little by little, but slowly!" He admonished Dazai, who looked a bit uncertain.

Dazai carefully added the cream and then the egg whites. He was so focused and when Chuuya had stirred everything wonderfully smooth, it was just perfect, he couldn't resist dipping his index finger into the finished mousse and smearing a blob of it on the surprised brown-haired actor's nose.

"EEEk! Dazai yelled and wiped the chocolate off his face with the back of his hand.

That was just too delicious, Chuuya thought and laughed, intuitively he grabbed the brown-haired man's hand and licked the mousse with the words "Nothing is wasted here!" Amused by Dazai's face, he giggled and didn't notice that he was still holding the brown-haired actor's hand in his.

Dazai looked at him with big eyes and his cheeks turned slightly pink, suddenly Chuuya noticed that he was still holding his hand and abruptly let go of it. "Sorry!" He uttered, startled. What was it that got into him?

"Everything's fine." Dazai calmed him down, smiled at him and ran his hair through his brown curls in embarrassment.

"Chocolate always makes me really high." Chuuya apologized again and poured the mousse into small glass bowls that he had prepared for it.

"You can tell!" Replied Dazai and suddenly started to laugh when he looked into his face.

"What?" Asked Chuuya with a slightly annoyed undertone and looked at him. Dazai stepped closer and unexpectedly wiped his right cheek. Very slowly he ran his fingers over it and then licked it off. "You have chocolate splatters all over the place." He laughed when Chuuya looked at him completely amazed. "Nothing is wasted here!" He mimicked Chuuya and punched him playfully on the hip.

Now Chuuya had to laugh too and relaxed a little.

After the redhead had quickly put the glasses in the refrigerator, he thought for a moment and looked at the clock.

5.30 p.m.

"Are you hungry?" He asked Dazai who had leaned over him and was curiously looking inside the refrigerator.

"Yes, actually. I haven't eaten anything today. ”Dazai explained with a shy grin.

"Ehhh why not? It's already so late, I would have died of hunger! ”Chuuya asked confused and stared at him over his shoulder. "I wanted to enjoy this, I just don't eat that much." Dazai explained.

"You can see that, as thin as you are." Chuuya stated, turned around and tapped him on the chest. “Chuuya is so mean! I just can't cook and I don't always go out to eat either. ”Dazai said and made an artificial, theatrical gesture.

“Well, why, you have enough money, you don't have to go hungry. Would you like a glass of white wine too? I could use one now. ”Chuuya asked as he took the meat out of the fridge.

"Sure." Dazai agreed.


Two glasses of wine later and after Chuuya had explained to him exactly how the schnitzel should be breaded, first in flour, then in the egg and finally in the breadcrumbs. Meanwhile, Chuuya was busy with the potatoes and asparagus.

"I prefer to peel the asparagus right away, you need a little skill that you don't peel too much but not too little then it gets fibrous ... like you do." He giggled and put the two-large storage jars on the work surface, one with flour and one with the breadcrumbs.

"Ha-ha ..." Dazai said ironically and stuck out his tongue. "Should I show you something else?" Asked the red-haired one and already the flat plate with the egg, flour and breadcrumbs a little bit backwards.

"No, I'm not that awkward either." Dazai said, tapping the meat a little with his hand and placing the first slice in the flour. Satisfied, Chuuya turned to peeling asparagus, he had turned on the music and was happily humming along while he started peeling.

From the corner of his eye he saw how Dazai had breaded the first schnitzel relatively skillfully, then Niki came into the kitchen and stroked their legs.

"No, there will only be something when we are finished, honey." Chuuya said to her and disappointed she went over to Dazai and stroked his legs.

"I'll give you something little." Dazai said suddenly and the alarm bells rang at Chuuya.

"No, you mustn't do that, you get sick of it!" He exclaimed in astonishment and it had already happened ...

Startled, Dazai pulled his arms back and hit the glass with the flour, it flew to the ground and the flour was completely distributed on him and in the kitchen, the glass shattered into 1000 pieces, Niki ran into the living room and Chuuya read with fright the asparagus spear and knife fall.

The fine powdery flour lay like a fine blanket of snow on everything in the kitchen, especially on Dazai.

Shocked, Chuuya stared at the misery and then Dazai in the face.

He looked confused, wiped the flour from his face and eyelashes and suddenly began to laugh.

"I'm sorry." Chuuya stammered and looked around ... vacuum cleaner ... he just thought.

"Oh, it was my fault, I didn't know they weren't allowed to pork, you see I shouldn't have pets." He grinned at Chuuya.

"I'll clean this up quickly." Chuuya said and disappeared to get the vacuum cleaner. When he came back he realized how Dazai had just gotten the most of it. "Do you want to take a shower? I can tell you some of my things if you want? ”He asked Dazai, who only fixed him briefly with his brown eyes. The only relief was "I think that would be better, thank you."