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Modification / Hexxit

Surname author description CodeChickenCorechicken_bones Coremod for loading the mods from chicken_bones (for example Not Enough Items) CoFH CoreCoFH Usually Coremod for loading TeamCoFH's mods, but is used in Hexxit to spawn ores at certain heights (for example diamonds also on the surface) bspkrs Corebspkrs Coremod for loading the mods from bspkrs (for example Treecapitator) Armor Status HUDbspkrs Adds a HUD that shows how long a player's armor will last Custom LAN portsCptHunter Change MOTD and port in LAN worlds Inventory tweaksKobata You can sort your inventory automatically with the button. TreecapitatorDaftPVF and bspkrs If you cut a tree trunk with an ax, the part of the tree above it is dropped. BackpacksEydamos Adds backpacks that allow the player additional space in the inventory. Rotten Flesh to LeatherEpic Blargh and thesbros If you melt rotten meat in the oven, you get leather. Tinkers' ConstructmDiyo With this mod you can make your own weapons and tools. ObsidiplatesMyrathi Obsidiplates adds pressure plates that only respond to players or creatures. Armor barCrudeDragos The wear and tear of the armor is displayed in the HUD. Asgard ShieldJade Knightblazer Jade's giant swords and shields bring a new gaming experience Asgard Shield addonsJade Knightblazer More shields and giant swords Back toolsiChun With weapons on your back you get a real RPG feeling Battle TowersAtomic Stryker Huge dungeon towers that spawn on land as well as on water. At the end of each tower a final boss awaits you. Better dungeonsChocolatin Lots of new dungeons, bosses, creatures and items. Better storagecopygirl New chests, cupboards, locks, armor holders, drinking helmets and much more. BibliocraftNuchaz Hundreds of furnishings: chairs, tables, cupboards, showcases and much more. Buff barCrudeDragos The player's status effects are displayed in the HUD. ChococraftTorojima A rideable creature called the Chocobo, which has extraordinary properties. Damage indicatorsrich1051414 Displays the life points of creatures. Dimensional DoorsStevenRS11 New dimensions, items, blocks and creatures. Extra biomesXLScottKillen and MisterFiber More biomes, trees, bushes and blocks. Enchanting Plusmssodin28 and GnRSlash Allows you to choose the enchantment. Harken ScytheJade Knightblazer Add scythes to the game that can be used to capture souls. Objects, potions, blocks and weapons can be enchanted with souls. Infernal mobsAtomic Stryker New and especially strong creatures are added. Legend GearNMcCoy Special flowers and plants, food, weapons, blocks. There is also a sugar cane flute with which you can make music. Map writerDavey Liam A minimap with which you can set waypoints, among other things. Falling Meteors ModAlexDGr8r Meteorites fall from the sky! When they land they can be picked up. But beware! Often the meteorites are guarded by strange creatures ... More bowsiDiamondhunter Diamondhunters epic bows not only look cool but can also shoot 3 arrows at once! NaturamDiyo You don't always have to kill innocent animals in Minecraft to get food. With Natura you can pick berries and plant lots of new seeds! If that's not an environmentally friendly alternative ... OffLawnRhodox and Cannibal Vox Adds decorative blocks such as bean sticks and sunflowers. Project ZuluCrudeDragos Over 50 new creatures, armor, plants, end bosses and secret locations. What more do you want? RuinsAtomic Stryker Abandoned ruins are generated in the world. Soul shardsShadw Drgn Simply catch and lock up souls of monsters with the Soul Shard. When you are at home you can simply release the souls or the monsters again. Twilight ForestBenimatic Do you like giant worms and dragons with 7 heads? Then Twilight Forest just right for you! Wild Caves 3Alexmania Wild Caves 3 transforms monotonous caves and canyons into chic, atmospheric places to explore. Xeno's reliquaryx3n0ph0b3 With holy weapons, this modification makes life hell for the undead. Immibis microblocksimmibis Adds a saw that can be used to saw blocks into smaller blocks or layers (microblocks). These can be used for decoration. Immibis Coreimmibis Coremod for loading the mods from immibis (for example Immibis Microblocks) Hexxit Gearsct 3 new armor from Hexxit himself. If you wear one of these armors, you get special skills. Chest transporterCubeX2 With the new Chest Transporter it is now possible to transport chests with their contents from A to B. If you transport a full chest, the player can neither jump nor sprint. ArtificeShukaro Make improvements to your tools and armor in the workbench! Secret RoomsAbrar Syed With the help of Secret Rooms, invisible pressure plates, doors and levers can be built. QcraftDaniel Ratcliffe Quantum physics can be used to build new blocks, portals and teleporters.