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Tuesday: Avengers, Butchers, Lovers - good eBooks, free and reduced

Good and free today: romantic thriller, tough thriller, hot romance novel and horror thriller; traditional home remedies and all age siren fantasy! And today good and cheap: “The smile I gave you”, a romance novel by Sara Landshammer and “Endlose Stille”, a North Sea thriller by Andreas Adlon. Also on this Tuesday I downloaded, flipped through and briefly rated reduced and free Kindle and Tolino eBooks. The free eBooks presented here are often only free for a short time.

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The Way to Love: Chloe & Chris

Romantic thriller from Janet Hope

Chloe Thompson is a couples therapist out of passion, unfortunately she misses exactly this in her own life ...

These are turbulent days for the psychologist Chloe: first she catches her friend Timothy with someone else, then she is confronted with her past. Because at a conference in her hometown all hotels are overbooked, she finds accommodation with a former school friend and meets her failed childhood sweetheart Chris, of all people. Will Chloe pose her own shadow? Chloe doesn't have much time to think about it. Because Timothy does not give up; he tries with all his might to get Chloe back to his side. She gets into a situation from which she can no longer free herself ... will she be able to trust the man who now wants to save her? Janet Hope's debut novel reads excitingly and fluently. “A really beautiful love story…” (reader) (35 reviews / 4.4 stars) (270 pages, reading time 3:51 hours) - still free for Kindle?

The Butcher - Retribution Thriller by J.S. Ranket: "Killing is like bungee jumping ..." - Erik Wagner, ex-soldier and analyst, investigates a murder case; and comes across the very talented killer Taylor, who is a true butcher on a bloody campaign of revenge. Action-packed, bloody thriller for adult readers; for the first novel in the series ("Die Schlächterin") J.S. Ranks good reviews, even if some depictions of violence went too far for the readers. (251 pages, reading time 4:26 hours) (16+) - still free for Kindle or for Tolino!

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The smile that I gave you

Love novel by Sara Landshammer

The 32-year-old Jona leads a seemingly perfect life ...

Jonah and Nina had lost sight of each other many years ago; she moved to another city with her parents, he had to forget her. Now the way seems to be mapped out for Jonathan: he has taken over an antique shop, his girlfriend is practicing wedding preparations in the shared row house. Jona meets Nina, and the love from back then is as fresh as it was on the first day ... if it weren't for Nina's fear of commitment; and all the commitments Jonah made. A love that comes at the wrong time - and so strong that it takes two people on a roller coaster ride of emotions. There are decisions to be made; Decisions that mean the greatest happiness and greatest pain at the same time! The third novel from the “Munich Love” series by Sara Landshammer. (164 pages) (16+) - buy cheap here or borrow for free!
Today only 99 cents: all three volumes of the “Munich Love” trilogy!

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Endless silence

North Sea thriller by Andreas Adlon

A young woman is found murdered in the State Theater in Oldenburg ...

She had played supporting roles in the theater and was hoping for the big breakthrough: Annalena Karweik, who is now dead between props and costumes. The Oldenburg commissioners Lisbeth Eicken and Paul Schweigert encounter a swamp of extortion and sexual coercion in their investigations - and the powerful theater director Leander Onnen, who exploited his position towards young actresses with all sorts of intrusiveness. When a secretly filmed video emerges with which Leander Onnen was blackmailed, the press starts to run hot. But in the midst of the scandal, the real murderer has to be caught ... the new Oldenburg thriller by bestselling author Andreas Adlon! "Everything is very exciting and ... read it yourself!" (Reader) (3 reviews / 5.0 stars) (205 pages) - buy cheap here or borrow for free!

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Midsummer blood

Finland thriller by Daniela Arnold

A weekend at Lake Bodom ends in a catastrophe for four young people ...

At Bodominjärvi near Helsinki in 1960 three young people who had camped on the shore of the lake were murdered. The uncanny circumstances made the case world famous - but the real killer was never found. Now the popular vacation spot is being shaken by a murder again, young vacationers are the target again. Police chief inspector Janne Göös is puzzled, but she soon realizes that she has to contest a race against time. Because the murderer will strike again ... the new thriller by bestselling author Daniela Arnold! “Wonderful Finland atmosphere and a super exciting, psychologically well thought-out story with lots of surprise elements…” (reader) (12 reviews / 4.4 stars) (252 pages) - buy cheap here or borrow for free!

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Don't say no to love

Love novel by Bella Andre, translated by Jo Schwieger

Can two people who have sworn off love find great happiness together?

Heather Linsey loves all the Chow Chows and Great Danes she interacts with on a daily basis as a dog trainer; but most of all she likes the little Yorkshire Terrier, which she is now supposed to train. Only the owner of the puppy doesn't like Heather at all. Because he embodies the type of man who once broke her heart and left her bleeding. Zach Sullivan is a real womanizer, and when he sees Heather he knows he's going to do whatever he can to get this woman to bed. Not more! Because Zach no longer believes in love ... with more than seven million books sold worldwide, Bella Andre is one of the most successful romance novelists of our time. "Once you've started reading it, you can't stop ..." (Reader) (3 reviews / 4.3 stars) (390 pages) (16+) - buy cheap for Kindle or Tolino!

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Tease & Please - discovered and awakened

Hot romance novel by Philippa L. Andersson

Catherine Malone is used to getting what she wants. Only one special thing is denied her ...

The powerful boss of a real estate company, Catherine Malone, is looking for the ultimate love kick - and enrolls in the exclusive "Tease & Please" BDSM club, which costs her $ 10,000 membership fee per month. But none of the offers of this club can bring Catherine the desired kick; so she terminates the membership. Ian, the club's attorney, is unwilling to rush Catherine out of the contract. Something about this unruly customer fascinates him. Could he see to it that Catherine got the kick she had longed for? For that he would have to jump over his shadow ... the new, very hot romance novel by bestselling author Philippa L. Andersson! "... a suspenseful and tingling novel ..." (reader) (11 reviews / 4.7 stars) (approx. 248 pages) (from 16) - buy here for a low price on Kindle or borrow for free!

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Dramatic relationship thriller from Bella Muray and Isabella Mey

Longing for love - isn't that what drives us all?

Everything is going well for the student Lena ... except for the emptiness that she feels inside. She is single, and Lena dreams of great love! She publishes a personal ad on an internet platform and soon gets a very positive surprise. Because their contact Julio turns out to be the perfect gentleman, a heartwarming romantic with clear ideas about life and love. Lena is carried away! But behind Julio's shiny facade there is an abyss. With subtle manipulation, Julio drives Lena deeper and deeper into a dependency from which she can hardly get out. When Lena realizes that she has barely any air to breathe, it may be too late ... dramatic thriller by Bella Muray, who writes fantasy under the pseudonym Isabella Mey ("Flame Dance"). (237 pages) - buy cheap for Kindle or borrow for free!

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13 - The third book of time

Fantasy Romance, the third part of Rose Snow

After the appearance of her father, Lizzy's world is upside down ...

Lizzy finally learns the secret of the "time opener" - and with it her own task. She should hunt down her mother's murderer! But is that your own decision, or is Lizzy just the puppet of a bigger plan? The third volume in Rose Snow's Romantasy bestseller series! "It's just as entertaining, exciting, mysterious and full of romance as in the first and second part ..." (reader) (7 reviews / 4.5 stars) (394 pages, third volume of the trilogy) - buy here for a cheap price on Kindle or borrow for free!

Still for free: Second chance: You won't forget your first love Hot romance novel by Emma Smith: “Elly has already experienced a lot in her life. Marked by severe strokes of fate, she has been avoiding every feeling for years ... “- Elly and Sam were the dream couple; but two strokes of fate destroyed Elly's luck. Now she doesn't dare to open her heart anymore. Especially not against a sporty muscleman and pretty bad boy like this Devon, who moved in next to her ... and immediately made butterflies rise in her stomach area. A boxer who is not only in a tight relationship, but also has connections to the underworld? But there is something that attracts Elly so much ... the new, hot and entertainingly written romance novel by Emma Smith, which has received great reviews for her previous books! "The writing style is fluid, very captivating and pictorial, it reflects the emotions as well as the erotic tension very well ..." (Reader) (84 reviews / 4.4 stars) (274 pages, reading time 4:26 hours, first book of Trilogy) (16+) - still free for Kindle or for Tolino!

Free again: And then there is a knock on your door ... Thriller by Thomas Scherer: "Independent of each other, seven guests find their nest in the old Hotel Elisa ..." - Two dead sisters lie strangely draped in the forest: Inspector Klein has a dark premonition ... this perpetrator will be strike again. As the evening turns over the forest, seven guests find their way to the remote Hotel Elisa. And will experience a real nightmare from which some will not wake up! Horror thriller about a crazy serial killer. "... a story, almost like a chamber play, which keeps the reader under its spell and occupies them ..." (reader) (11 reviews / 4.3 stars) (240 pages, reading time 4:07 hours) - still free for Kindle?

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Mila - password: murder

Kurt Jahn-Nottebohm's crime thriller

Mila, whose real name is Michaela Freese, is a freelance journalist ...

The unconventional and cheerful journalist Mila wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of a gunshot: and in fact, a dead man is lying on the street in front of her apartment. When Mila finds a USB stick that could have belonged to the dead person, her curiosity is aroused: she cracks the stick, learns more about the dead person's family and workplace and begins to research on her own. Mila soon realizes that she is working on a hot case: it is about lies, greed and violence - a vicious circle that means deadly danger for herself! The new crime thriller by Kurt Jahn-Nottebohm, who received good reviews for his series “Frank Wallert's Cases”. (273 pages) (Elaria) - buy cheap for Kindle or for Tolino!

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The traitor

Fantasy thriller by Cate Barrett

Alone against an empire? Clear. But betray your best friend?

Luca is in extreme danger on the isolated island of the "Targan Group" - but one of them stands by her. Fabrizio, a comic fan and an accomplished player in virtual realities. He hacked into the group's systems and from now on is Lucas' companion and protector in a game of life and death ... and Luca will have to decide whose love is real! The second volume of the exciting fantasy thriller trilogy, for fans of the "Hunger Games"! "While you were able to experience Luca's heroes' journey up close in the first part, the second part goes a step further - under your skin ..." (reader) (2 reviews / 5.0 stars) (300 pages) - here cheap for Kindle buy or borrow for free!
Today only 99 cents: “The Candidate”, the first volume of the “Targan Trilogy”!

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The nursing case

Psychological thriller from Olivia Monti

Anna Zerbst takes on a job as a nurse. She is supposed to look after old Mr. Brunt ...

The old, wealthy man whom the geriatric nurse Anna has to look after in her new position turns out to be irascible, brutal and vicious. Then Anna learns from Nella and Markus, the caretaker couple, that old Mr. Brunt is actually a real monster. He is responsible for abuse and murder, and the janitors plan cruel revenge on Brunt. You want to poison him! Anna is desperate. Should she rescue Brunt and call the police? When she finally makes a decision, she herself finds herself in this hell of human abysses of vengeance, greed and hatred. "Very realistic description ..." (readers) (22 reviews / 4.0 stars) (202 pages) - buy cheap here or borrow for free!

New release: only 2.49 € instead

The blood finca

Mallorca mystery thriller by Jorge de la Piscina

A mysterious Aztec, cruelly disfigured corpses and a house where a murder occurred around 500 years ago ...

Marc Renner, former detective and profiler, has fulfilled his lifelong dream: his own restaurant on the picturesque coast of Cala Pi in Mallorca. But instead of pamboli, tapas and empanadas, corpses are on the program again! Because a mysterious serial killer is up to mischief on the sunny island, and soon Marc Renner is in the middle of the investigation. But the traces don't seem to lead to any living person: the figure of an Aztec prince appears again and again. Is Marc even fighting a ghost? “A great mixture of thriller, mystery and a portion of historical novel. Highly recommended. ”(Reader) (6 reviews / 4.5 stars) (approx. 256 pages) - buy cheap for Kindle or for Tolino!

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Big Boss Undercover: Surprising Love

Hot romance novel by Pearl Amber Rayne

Stacey, sexy, neurotic and indebted, meets Liam, relationship damaged, spoiled for success and rich ...

The motivational speaker, who is supposed to encourage the leading employees of the “Meridian Group” at an event in New York, impresses Stacey less with his presentation than with his chivalry; after all, both experience a hot night of love. But the next day Stacey learns the truth: Liam is her new boss, who wanted to check the mood in the company he is now supposed to manage through his appearance. An affair with your own boss? Stacey always refused. And Liam doesn't really get along with the idea of ​​a partnership either. If only it weren't for this longing ... a romance novel with hot scenes! (215 pages) (from 16) - buy cheap here or borrow for free!

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Angel scream

Brigitte Wolven's thriller

What you don't see will kill you ...

It's been six years since Simone was murdered. Police officer Richard Rubner is plagued by the question: could he have saved his girlfriend? Rubner takes a leave of absence from the police and drives to Oklahoma, the home of serial killer Clark McHamilton, who has been behind bars for years. There he wants to follow all traces again and find certainty for himself. But another series of murders shakes the city; Richard Rubner begins to investigate together with forensic doctor Sheila Sunwood. He is convinced that Clark McHamilton must have something to do with it - but how can a killer who is in prison kill? The third volume in the highly rated thriller series by Brigitte Wolven! “The thriller is exciting without being too bloody. Well done! ”(Reader) (2 reviews / 5.0 stars) (366 pages) - buy cheap here or borrow for free!

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Death wears black

Crime by Nika Lubitsch and Michael Hellmann

Dead priest in St. Elisabeth: Father Ludger was killed with a crucifix in the sacristy ...

Father Ludger Meerbusch, who worked as a missionary in Rwanda for many years, lies dead in the sacristy of St. Elisabeth's Church in Berlin Schöneberg - killed by a crucifix. The head of the homicide squad, Claudia Westermann, investigates the area around the African community in Berlin; and soon a hot lead seems to be opening up. The investigators almost believe that they have brought down the perpetrator ... then another murder of a missionary sexton takes place! The new “Blue Light” Berlin thriller from bestselling author Nika Lubitsch and Michael Hellmann. “I read the novel with great pleasure! The book is consistently very exciting ... “(reader) (4 reviews / 5.0 stars) (292 pages) - buy cheap here or borrow for free!

Guide & non-fiction book

Natural medicine cabinet for the whole family Guide from Doro Kammerer: "Fortunately, most people rarely need a doctor ..." - From "A" for acne to "Z" for strains, there are good home remedy tips here; as well as an extensive presentation of all the compresses, wraps, juices and teas with which our ancestors were able to effectively fight some diseases. Plus an interesting chapter on "Nerves and Emotions". "All in all a good reference and booklet if you want to find out more about traditional home remedies, their limits and possibilities ..." (reader) (200 pages) - still free?

Children & Youth

The power of the heart: Awakening the siren All Age Fantasy romance novel by SL Giger: "Serena is an average 17-year-old girl ..." - Wallflower Serena is suddenly torn from her life, her family declares her dead. But Serena actually became one real siren transformed, a beautiful female mythical creature whose basic task is to lure the sailors of passing ships to their deaths through enchanting singing. But that was so thousands of years ago - today the sirens live among us; and quarrel with their magical abilities, because they too can love! Can Serena also love without killing? "If you like fantasy love stories in the style of Twilight, I can only recommend this book!" (Reader) (56 reviews / 4.7 stars) (251 pages, reading time 4:26 hours) - still free?

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