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Minecraft: brewing potions, crafting the brewing stand - very easy with recipes

Do you want to brew potions in Minecraft? How about an invisibility potion, a strength potion, or a magic potion? With us you will find the best recipes for all projects in the open world game.



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For the first time, potions and crafting were added in Minecraft 1.0. They are now an integral part of the game.

Potions in Minecraft are not only there to (temporarily improve) themselves, but can also be used as throwing objects. We'll show you the basics, give you instructions for the brewing stand and list the best recipes. Here we go:

Minecraft: Brewing Potions - Basics for Every Potion

Of course you can't just brew potions, we're in Minecraft after all. First we have to craft or collect the necessary brewing utensils. In addition, you definitely need a water source. It is best to be very close by.

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Crafting the brewing stand

To brew potions, we definitely need a brewing stand. Fortunately, this one isn't overly complicated:
  • Set up a workbench and place three rubble blocks (paving stones, cobblestone) in the bottom row.
  • Now comes a tan rod in the middle of your workbench grid.
  • The Lohenruten can be found in the Nether, they are dropped by the monster class Lohen.

Containers: kettles and glass bottles

If you don't have a water source nearby, you should quickly get a kettle room: Open the workbench and put seven iron bars in the shape of a horseshoe into it.

Glass bottles, on the other hand, are mandatory for making potions because they are stored in them.

  • A glass bottle can be obtained by killing a witch or fishing.
  • Of course, you can also make glass bottles yourself: Place three glass blocks in your workbench, one at the bottom in the middle. The other two are placed on the left and right, one level up, so that one small u forms.

Collect nether warts

Once we have put together all the brewing utensils, we can continue collecting nether warts. These plants are necessary for every base potion, so you can't do without warts.
  • Of course, nether warts only grow in the Netzter, often near fortresses.
  • You can grow nether warts yourself by planting them in soul sand.

Other ingredients for brewing

Of course we are still not finished with the preparations, we need more ingredients in order to be able to make more than basic potions (for brewing see below).

  • Spider eyes for poisoning potions (dropped by spiders and witches)

  • Rabbit's paw for potions of jumping power (are dropped by rabbits)
  • Sugar for potions of speed (obtained from sugar cane)
  • Glittering melon for potions of healing (is crafted by Melno surrounded by pieces of gold)
  • Fire dust for potions of strength (can be obtained from fire rods)
  • Puffer fish for water breathing underwater (can be caught)
  • Ghast tear for potions of regeneration (are dropped by ghasts)
  • Fermented spider's eye for potions of weakness (combination of spider's eye, sugar and brown mushroom)

  • Golden carrot for night vision potions (carrot surrounded by gold pieces for crafting)
  • Magma cream for potions of fire resistance (made from slime ball and tan dust)

So if you want to brew all potions, you need a lot of ingredients.

Brewing recipes

Make basic potions

First we make three basic potions. The reason for this is that one ingredient is always enough for three potions to give a base potion an effect.

  1. Fill the three glass bottles with water.
  2. Now click on the brewing stand.
  3. Place the glass bottles in the three fields above the inventory.
  4. If you put a nether wart in the upper field, you will receive one Strange Potion (Awkward Potion). The Strange Potion itself has no effect, but is the basis for almost all other potions.
  5. One Ordinary potion for one Weakness potion you get when you add one of the other ingredients. Or you can use a fermented spider's eye to get a weakness potion straight away.

Now we can finally get down to brewing the actual potions:

Craft potions with a positive effect

First we place three strange potions in the three free spaces of the brewing stand. You need different ingredients for the different potions. You can find all the recipes here:

Night visionGolden carrot
cureGlittering melon
Fire resistanceMagma cream
regenerationGhast tear
BounceHare paw
Underwater breathingPuffer fish

The duration of action is usually 3 minutes, only the healing potion works immediately, while the regeneration potion lasts only 45 seconds.

Craft potions with a negative effect

There are only two potions with negative effects, here are the recipes:

PotionBase potioningredient
poisoningStrange potionSpider eye
weaknessOrdinary potionFermented spider eye

Minecraft would not be Minecraft if you were already at the end. Of course you can strengthen the potions even further:

Even more ingredients to fortify the potions

After the actual brewing process, you can add a few ingredients to improve or change the effect. It's best to just try it out here to see what comes out in the end.

  • Redstone dust extends the effect, but reduces the effect (thick potion).
  • Glowstone dust increases the effect, but shortens the duration of the effect (mundane potion).
  • Schwarzpuler (from witches, creepers and ghasts) turns potions into potions of weakness.
  • A fermented spider's eye reverses the effects or spoils a potion.
  • For example, if you combine a Night Vision Potion with a Fermented Spider's Eye, you can get one Invisibility Potion.

All brewing options at a glance

Here again all brewing options in a practical overview from the German Minecraft Wiki. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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