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The wrong calculation of the living space is more than annoying. After all, the number of square meters of a property is the basis for purchase and rental prices. However, the information in purchase and rental contracts is not infrequently either incorrect or excessive. While millions of German citizens bear additional costs every year, you don't have to accept that: the housing calculator. Online allows even laypeople to calculate the living space online themselves. It serves as a practical and easy-to-use preliminary test that draws your attention to deviations in your area dimensions. If you get values ‚Äč‚Äčthat deviate five to twelve percent from your rental or purchase agreement, you should think about an on-site inspection of your living space. Following the living calculator, you can therefore have a professional arithmetical plausibility check of your living space calculation carried out by the appraisers from the Dierksen construction detective and a court-proof suburb living area calculation via the expert network of the company Wohnrechner, which is connected across Germany. Order online.


Calculate living space: Living space ordinance versus DIN standard 277

The DIN standard 277 and the living space ordinance, which has only been in force since 2004, offer two different options for calculating living space. Both methods differ in many ways and often determine a different size of living space for one and the same apartment. The differences can even differ from one another by up to 40 percent. The reason is that the living area calculation according to DIN standard 277 equates the floor area with the living area. For them, the height of the room does not matter. In addition, basement rooms, boiler rooms and garages, as well as terraces, balconies and winter gardens are all part of the living space. The living space ordinance does not include garages, boiler rooms and cellars as living space and takes a differentiated view of sloping ceilings, stairs, wall niches, free-standing columns and pillars. These only count towards living space with certain dimensions, while they are often not included in the calculation of living space.

Both calculation bases, both the living space ordinance and the DIN standard 277, therefore show completely different sizes for the same apartment. But before you even use the folding rule or the living calculator. To take it to hand online, you should know exactly which calculation basis is stipulated in your rental agreement. This is the only way you can determine the living space, which is ultimately the basis of your contract.


It is worth doing the math: do the living space calculation yourself online

As you can see, it is worth checking your living space. This not only has a significant impact on the amount of your rent, but also plays a key role in calculating the ancillary costs. The size of the apartment is used as the basis for calculation for many items in the utility and utility bill. The larger the apartment, the higher the costs - regardless of whether the specified number of square meters is correct or not. If you don't want to leave the size of the living space to chance, you can use the and benefit from determining the actual living space.