How to annoy your neighbors' dogs

Stop your neighbor's dog from barking

Make constructive suggestions.It is possible that your neighbor is well aware of the problem. However, he may not know how to get the dog to stop barking. If you're pretty sure what the problem is, there's nothing wrong with making suggestions. This is especially effective if you are a dog owner yourself. You can share how hard it can be to get a dog to stop barking. A few common problems that you can cite are:
  • Dogs kept outdoors often bark out of boredom. This is especially true for energetic breeds like German Shepherds, terriers (including pit bulls), and guard dogs like Dobermans and Rottweilers. Suggest the dog needs more exercise.[2]
  • Some dogs are very excitable and nervous and bark at everything that goes by. Dog training can be very helpful. You may want to offer the names of some reputable dog schools in the area.
  • Dogs also bark when it is too cold or too hot for them. Many people wrongly believe that dogs' fur keeps them warm when the outside temperature is below zero. That is not the case unless the dog is a husky. You may have seen the dog shiver or look miserable in the heat during the day. Tell your neighbor that the dog may be barking because he is uncomfortable.