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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age: Job System and Licenses

As soon as you get the job with Vaan from Tomaj to hunt the killer tomato, you get access to the job system. There are now 12 jobs to choose from, from which you can choose a single one - and this choice cannot be changed later. In the course of the game (as soon as you are allowed to fight the first Esper) you get a second job license, with which you can also select another job for each main character. So it's in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Now theoretically possible to choose all 12 jobs (6 characters each with 2 jobs).

With these two jobs, it is possible to have licenses that you have acquired for a job, does not have to activate again for the second job. However, this also means that two jobs that have many of the same licenses do not actually fit together that well, since the range of possible licenses is quite small.

It has to be mentioned that certain licenses can only be learned by the Esper - and unfortunately you can only choose one job for an Esper that you want to support. The positions on the license board for the corresponding Esper only appear in the game as soon as you have access to the corresponding Esper.

Without an appropriate license, you may not use the appropriate equipment or skills (techniques, magic).


Character analysis

Each main character, regardless of the chosen job, has already learned a few licenses. This is how Vaan always is Claws learned even if he takes a job that does not include this license. However, if the job has the character's initial license, this license is already activated and can be used as a bridge to other licenses. These initial licenses can also be the first choice for weapons, as long as you have not yet found a suitable weapon for the chosen job.

  • Vaan: Claws, daggers 1, light armor 1
  • Penelo: First Aid, White Magic 1, Daggers 1, Magical Armor 1
  • Ashe: White Magic 1, Swords 2, Shields 1, Heavy Armor 1, Accessories 2, Analysis
  • Balthier: Claws, First Aid, Firearms 1, Light Armor 1
  • Fran: Claws, White Magic 1, Black Magic 1, Bows 1, Light Armor 2
  • Bash: Analysis, Swords 2, Shields 1, Heavy Armor 1

You should also be aware that the characters have different strengths and weaknesses in their values ​​and are therefore better suited for some jobs than for others. Ultimately, these values ​​are in part hardly different, so that you can distribute the jobs among the characters at your own discretion.

  • Max TP: Basch> Vaan> Balthier (> Fran> Ashe> Penelo)
  • Max MP: Ashe> Penelo> Fran> Vaan (> Balthier> Basch)
  • Strength: Basch = Vaan> Balthier> Ashe> Fran> Penelo
  • Constitution: Vaan> Penelo> Balthier> Ashe (> Fran> Basch)
  • Magic: Ashe> = Penelo> Vaan (> Fran> = Basch> Balthier)
  • Agility: Balthier> Vaan> Penelo> = Fran> = Ashe (> Basch)