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Bount saga

The Bount saga is the third season of the anime version of Bleach, which is divided into two more precise divisions. The action and some characters do not appear in the manga, and the saga includes the filler episodes. The season aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from January 2006 to January 2007. For the first part of the season seven DVD compilations with four episodes each and for the second part of the season two DVDs with four episodes each and two DVDs with five episodes each were released.

The contents of the episodes in green have only been seen entirely in the anime and are referred to as Fillere episodes designated. They usually have little or no reference to the plot in the manga.


Part 1: Bount (バ ウ ン ト 篇 baunto hen)

The Bount-Arc are the first series of fillings from Bleach. Shortly after Ichigo Kurosaki, Orihime Inoue, Uryū Ishida and Yasutora Sado come back with Yoruichi from the Soul Society and are back in school, Renji Abarai suddenly appears. He says that he was sent to this world and that Karakura Town is his area. Shortly thereafter, three mysterious people appear who kidnap Orihime and then Chad. Ichigo, Ishida and Renji have to pass several games to apparently save their friends. Later, Ririn, Cloud and Nova turn out to be mod souls,

that Kisuke Urahara made and sent out on Ichigo to see how he was prepared. He also explains that Ichigo is only a temporary shinigami and cannot use a bankai in this world.

After everything is cleared up, Yoshino Sōma, the first bount, appears and fights against Ichigo. Just before he is hit by a fireball, Rukia suddenly appears and saves him. Now another bount named Ryō Utagawa appears and interrupts the fight by taking Yoshino with him. Immediately after the incident, everyone is informed about the bount. Ririn, Cloud and Nova have a built-in bount sensor and are actually only created to detect bounts.
The next day, Uryū is rescued by Yoshino after another fight with Ryō, and is now in the hospital and Renji, Rukia, Orihime, Chad, Ichigo, Nova, Ririn and Cloud in soft toy form visit him.
Jin sends two bounts called Hō and Ban to get Uryū. They are superior first with their water dolls. Then come Hanatarō Yamada and Ganju Shiba, who drops a bomb and accidentally destroys the twins' seals, causing them to die.

In the meantime, Uryū and Yoshino get to know each other better until Koga comes and takes Uryū with him. Now Ichigo and his friends decide to break into the Bount's mansion. Ichigo, Rukia, Ririn, Cloud and Nova first invade the villa alone, where Ichigo fights against Ryō Utagawa, while Rukia, Ririn, Nova and Cloud meet Maki Ichinose and try to fight him. In the middle of the fight between Ryō Utagawa and Ichigo, Ryō steals the apparent seal of Jin Kariya,

then Maki Ichinose comes and kills Ryō because he resisted Jin.
A brief fight ensues between Maki and Ichigo, which is interrupted by Kisuke, Tessai, Jinta and Ururu. Whereby the villa was destroyed, it is also explained why Maki joined the bount as Shinigami. Even so, they managed to save Uryū and even Yoshino.

In the meantime you can learn more about the history of the bount. Kisuke Urahara lets Renji and Ganju train with Ichigo because the latter is depressed after the incident. Yoshino decides to take on Jin with her current strength. They then fight at the ruins of the villa, while Uryū, Ichigo and everyone else can only watch. But shortly before Yoshino's doll died, she reunites with him, but is still killed and sacrificed by Jin so that he can conjure up the bitto. Now the bounts gain great power thanks to the bitto. Jin orders his subordinates to attack Ichigo and his friends. Renji is then seriously injured for protecting a boy from the bitto.

Now Gō Koga and Ichigo, Yoshi fight against Rukia, Orihime and Cloud, while Sawatari fight against Nova, Chad, Rangiku Matsumoto and Ururu. Gō Koga appears to be superior to Ichigo and is saved by Izuru Kira. Yoshi's fight with Rukia, Orihime and Cloud is interrupted because of Mabashi. This then becomes her new opponent after Yoshi leaves. In addition, Rukia is under the control of his Doll Rizu, on the other hand she is cured by Orihime. Shūhei Hisagi also came to the rescue. Meanwhile, Sawatari's doll swallows Baura Ururu. Chad is determined to defeat him then. After playing hide and seek for a long time, they manage to get Ururu out of Baura's stomach.

The next day, Rangiku Matsumoto, Kira Izuru, Yumichika Ayasegawa and Shūhei Hisagi go to the Bount's hiding place, where they fall into various traps that came from Ugaki's doll journeyman. Ichigo, Renji, Rukia, Orihime and Chad also come afterwards, who are also attacked by journeyman, but Ugaki now shows his true form, whereupon Renji activates his Bankai. Journeyman receives an attack from Renjis Bankai and gets out of control, causing Ugaki to die.

Meanwhile, Nemu Kurotsuchi Uryū brings an old Quincy bow, which one can use even with lost strength, because it is supposedly very important for this battle. Ichigo fights against Jin, but Jin is visibly stronger than Ichigo, even when he can do his Bankai again. Surprisingly, Uryū opens the gate to the Soul Society with an archery shot, so that the Bount can now get there, because in his opinion it is better for Quincy and the Shinigami to fight there.

Part 2: Bount: Attack on Soul Society (尸 魂 界 ・ 強襲 篇 shikabane tamashii kai - kyoushuu hen; wtl .: world of corpses of souls - the stormy attack Arc)

In the second part of the Bount Arc, the Bount successfully invaded the Soul Society with the help of Uryū's bow shot. At first some of them stay in Rukongai, more precisely in the outer areas, and there bring the inhabitants to their side, while others Bount are already fighting the first fights. Maki Ichinose now meets his hated former commander Zaraki Kenpachi, despite everything he loses the fight.

In the meantime, the inventor of the Bount Ran'Tao has appeared, who heals Ichigo's wounds after the short fight with Byakuya Kuchiki against Jin and tells the true origin of the Bount. Meanwhile, the Bount invade Seiretei using the devices created by the residents. Jin also tells the residents that he has only taken advantage of them and blows them away. Now the war begins in Soul Society.

Because the Soul Society is made up of ghost particles, the bount can heal themselves with it and become stronger than they already are with the bitto. Mabashi, for example, who was previously able to take control of one person with Rizu, can now double it and thus take control of several people. He does this with several Shinigami and turns Seiretei upside down. However, he then fights with Soifon and is killed by her. Sawatari, the oldest appearing bount, is challenged to a fight by Mayuri Kurotsuchi. The result is his death defeat by Mayuris Bankai. Shortly thereafter, Yoshi and Uryū fight, whereupon she died.

Meanwhile, Jin has absorbed one of the Jōkaishōs and withdraws, because it takes another day until he can activate the power and destroy Soul Society. Go Koga has become too extreme and tries in vain to stop Jin. Later he still fights against Tōshirō Hitsugaya and loses the fight, but he is secretly saved by Yoruichi. The next morning, Jin and Ran'Tao meet again. As they fight, they remember the time before Uryū comes and saves Ran'Tao. However, he loses, breaks his bow and is unable to fight again.

Finally comes the duel between Jin Kariya and Ichigo Kurosaki, who turns out to be when Jin reveals the true form of his doll. In between the fight is interrupted by Maki Ichinose because he no longer wants to be subordinate to Jin, but is killed by Jin and by Hollow-Ichigo, who is then eliminated by Ichigo. In the end, Ichigo defeats Jin with a lot of effort and willpower, and Gō Koga is considered the last living bount to be last seen at Ran'Tao.

After the Bount Arc, the Arrancar saga continues as normal.


Part 1: Bount

Japanese title
German translation
Japanese premiere
Episode 064Shingakki, gense ni Renji ga yatte kita !? (新 学期 、 現世 に 恋 次 が や っ て 来 た!?) New school year, Renji comes into this world? 17.01.2006
Episode 065Shinobi yoru kyōfu, nibanme no giseisha (忍 び 寄 る 恐怖 、 2 2 番 目 の 犠 牲 者) Creeping terror, the second victim 24.01.2006
Episode 066Toppa seyo! Meikyū ni hisomu wana (突破 せ よ! 迷宮 に 潜 む 罠) Breakthrough! The hidden trap in the maze 31.01.2006
Episode 067Shi no gēmu! Kieru kurasumeito (死 の ゲ ー ム! 消 え る ク ラ ス メ イ ト) Death game! The missing classmates 07.02.2006
Episode 068Akuma no shōtai, akasareta himitsu (悪 魔 の 正 体 、 明 か さ れ た 秘密) The true form of the devil, the secret that is being revealed 14.02.2006
1-hour special
Episode 069Baunto! Tamashī o karu mono tachi (バ ウ ン ト! 魂 を 狩 る 者 た ち) Bount! The soul hunters 14.02.2006
1-hour special
Episode 070Rukia no kikan! Daikō chīmu fukkatsu (ル キ ア の 帰 還! 代行 チ ー ム 復活 Rukia's return! Rebirth of the Erzatz team! 21.02.2006
Episode 071Gekitotsu no toki! Kuinshī ni semaru ma no te (激 突 の 時! ク イ ン シ ー に 迫 る 魔 の 手) The moment of the collision! An evil hand approaches the Quincy 07.03.2006
Episode 072Mizu no kōgeki! Tozasareta byōin kara no dasshutsu (水 の 攻 撃! 閉 ざ さ れ た た 病院 か ら の 脱出) Water attack! Escape from the stationary hospital 14.03.2006
Episode 073Ba un to shūketsu! Ugoki dasu otoko (場 運 と 集結! 動 き 出 す 男) Gathering at the Place of Fate! The man who moves from his place 28.0.2006
1-hour special
Episode 074Eien o ikiru ichizoku no kioku (永遠 を 生 き る 一族 の 記憶) Memories of the ever-living clan 28.0.2006
1-hour special
Episode 075Jūichibantai gekishin! Yomigaetta shinigami (十 一番 隊 激 震! よ み が え っ た 死神) Shocking event in the 11th division! The resurrected Shinigami 04.04.2006
1-hour special
Episode 076Chikara no gekitotsu! Furīdo vs Zangetsu (力 の 激 突! フ リ ー ド ド 斬 月) Clash of Forces! Frido vs. Zangetsu 04.04.2006
1-hour special
Episode 077Kienu onnen! Kenpachi ga kitta shinigami (消 え ぬ 怨念! 剣 八 が 斬 っ た 死神) The lost grudge! The Shinigami killed by Kenpachi 11.04.2006
Episode 078Gotei jūsantai kyōgaku !! Rekishi ni uzumoreta shinjitsu (護 廷 十三 隊 驚愕 !! 歴 史 に 埋 も れ た 真 実) Shocking Revelations of Gotei 13 !! The truth left out of history 02.05.2006
Episode 079Yoshino, shi o kaketa omoi (芳 野 、 死 を か け た 想 い) Yoshino's decision to die 09.05.2006
Episode 080Kyōteki no kyūshū! Chiisana saishū bōei sen !? (強敵 の 急襲! 小 さ な 最終 防衛 線!? Surprise attack by a strong enemy! A tiny, last line of defense !? 16.05.2006
Episode 081Hitsugaya ugoku! Osowareta machi (日 番 谷 動 く! 襲 わ れ た 街) Hitsugaya is moving! The attacked city 23.05.2006
Episode 082Ichigo VS Daruku! Shirakigami no shutsugen (一 護 VS ダ ル ク! 白 き 闇 の 出現) Ichigo vs. Dark! Appearance of pale darkness 30.05.2006
Episode 083Haiiro no kage, dōru no himitsu (灰色 の 影 、 ド ー ル の 秘密) Gray shadow, the secret of the dolls 06.06.2006
Episode 084Daikō chīmu bunretsu? Uragitta Rukia (代行 チ ー ム 分裂? 裏 切 っ た ル キ ア) Separation of the replacement team? Rukia's betrayal 13.06.2006
1-hour special
Episode 085Namida no shitō! Rukia VS Orihime (涙 の 死 闘! ル キ ア VS 織 姫) Tearful agony! Rukia vs. Orihime 13.06.2006
1-hour special
Episode 086Rangiku, poor! Mienai teki o kire! (乱 菊 舞 う! 見 え な い 敵 を 斬 れ) Rangiku is dancing! Cut through the invisible enemy! 20.06.2006
Episode 087Byakuya shōshū! Ugokidasu gotei 13 (白 哉 召集! 動 き 出 す 護 廷 十三 隊) Byakuya convened! Gotei 13 begins to defend 04.07.2006
Episode 088Fukutaichō zenmetsu !? Chikadōkutsu no wana (副 隊長 全滅!? 地下 洞窟 の 罠) Extinction of the vice commanders ?! Trap in the underground cave 11.07.2006
Episode 089Saisen !? Ishida VS Nemu (再 戦!? 石田 VS ネ ム) Rematch ?! Ishida vs. Nemu 18.07.2006
Episode 090Abarai Renji, tamashii no bankai! (阿 散 井 恋 次 、 魂 の 卍 解!) Renji Abarai, Bankai of the Soul! 25.07.2006
Episode 091Shinigami to kuinshī, yomigaeru chikara (死神 と ク イ ン シ ー 、 、 よ み が え る 力) Shinigami and Quincy, the revitalizing force 01.08.2006

Part 2: Bount: Attack on Soul Society

Japanese title
German translation
Japanese premiere
Episode 092Shinigami sekai e no totsunyū, futatabi (死神 世界 へ の 突入 、 再 び) Storming the world of the Shinigamis, again 08.08.2006
Episode 093Baunto kyōshū! Gekishin no gotei jūsantai (バ ウ ン ド 強襲! 激 震 の 護 廷 十三 隊) Assault of the Bounts! The chaos in Gotei 13 15.08.2006
Episode 094Hitsugaya no ketsui! Gekitotsu no tokisemaru (日 番 谷 の 決意! 激 突 の 時 迫 る) Hitsugaya's decision! The confrontation is imminent 22.08.2006
Episode 095Byakuya shutsujin! Kaze o saku sakura no mai (白 哉 出陣! 風 を 裂 く 桜 の 舞) Byakuya is leaving for the field! Dance of the scattering cherry blossoms in the whirlwind 05.09.2006
Episode 096Ichigo ・ Byakuya ・ Kariya, sankyoku no tatakai! (一 護 ・ 白 哉 ・ 狩 矢 、 三 極 の 戦 い!) Ichigo ・ Byakuya ・ Kariya, Battle of the Three Extremes! 12.09.2006
Episode 097Hitsugaya Shutsugeki! Mori no naka no teki o kire! (日 番 谷 出 撃! 森 の 中 の 敵 を 斬 れ) Hitsugaya kicks in! Chop off the enemy inside the forest! 19.09.2006
Episode 098Gekitotsu! Zaraki Kenpachi VS Ichinose Maki (激 突! 更 木 剣 八 VS 一 之 瀬 真 樹) Collision! Kenpachi Zaraki vs. Maki Ichinose 04.10.2006
Episode 099Shinigami VS shinigami! Bōsō suru chikara (死神 VS 死神! 暴走 す る 力) Shinigami vs Shinigami! Strength out of control 11.10.2006
Episode 100Soifon shisu? Onmitsukidō no saigo (砕 蜂 死 す? 隠 密 機動 の 最後) Soifon dies? The last of the special forces 18.10.2006
Episode 101Mayuri bankai !! Sawatari ・ Akuma no gekitotsu (マ ユ リ 卍 解 !! 沢 渡 ・ 悪 魔 の 激 突) Mayuris Bankai !! Sawatari ・ devilish collision 01.11.2006
Episode 102Saigo no kuinshī! Bōhatsu suru chikara (最後 の ク イ ン シ ー! 暴 発 す る 力) The last Quincy! The exploding power 08.11.2006
Episode 103Ishida, genkai o koete ute! (石田 、 限界 を 超 え て 撃 て!) Ishida, exceed the limit for attack 15.11.2006
Episode 104Shitō jū ban tai! Hyōrinmaru o hanate (死 闘 十 番 隊! 氷輪 丸 を 放 て) The death throes of the 10th Division! The awakening of Hyōrinmaru 22.11.2006
Episode 105Kariya! Bakuhatsu e no kauntodaun (狩 矢! 爆 発 へ の カ ウ ン ト ダ ウ ン) Kariya! The countdown to the explosion 29.11.2006
Episode 106Inochi to fukushū! Ishida, kyūkyoku no sentaku (命 と 復讐! 石田 、 究 極 の 選 択) Life and vengeance! Ishida, the final vote 06.12.2006
Episode 107Furiorosareta ha! Hametsu no shunka (振 り 下 ろ さ れ た 刃! 破滅 の 瞬間 The curved blade! The moment of destruction 13.12.2006
Episode 108Dōkoku no baunto! Saigo no gekitotsu (慟 哭 の バ ウ ン ト! 最後 の 激 突) The whining bount! The final confrontation 20.12.2006
Episode 109Ichigo to Rukia, kaiten suru omoi (一 護 と ル キ ア 、 廻 天 す る 想) Ichigo and Rukia, rotating thoughts 04.01.2007


  • From a plot point of view, the starting point of this saga is the same as that of the next saga.
  • In a short scene you see Uryuu Ishida without his glasses.