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Couple psychology: when people decide to leave their partner

Among the happy summer vacationers, the unfortunate few stand out. Couples who are silent in the restaurant, poison themselves on the beach, spend the evening bored in front of the hotel TV. Summer and Christmas, says the Berlin therapist Wolfgang Krüger, are weddings for separations. Then his practice is full again, with desperate couples who have no clue how to proceed with them. A third split up after the summer vacation, another third after the holidays in December. The last third, says Krüger, is spread over the rest of the year.

Couples without a good basis for their relationship made it through everyday life, but they can't stand being close on vacation. “A separation is always a disaster,” says Krüger. "And the worst thing is: in most cases it can be avoided."

On average, it takes three years for an unhappy partner to leave

The couples who appear in the divorce statistics for 2013 seem to have no longer seen this possibility. Although the number of divorces fell by a good five percent in this country last year, it is a drop at a high level - especially since fewer marriages are concluded than a few years ago. Every third marriage still fails.

It is not an easy decision for dissatisfied couples to go their separate ways. On average, it takes three years for an unhappy partner to finally take heart. The specific occasion may then be individually different, but usually there is only one reason behind the separation: a total loss of closeness. Women are more likely to feel this than men - and are more likely to draw the conclusions from it.

Siblings influence happiness and partnership