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Boar piglets

© Alfons Pillach

Mummy, today is mother's day
and because i like you so much
I'll write you a poem
please don't tell dad
he gets jealous
and I only know him briefly.

Mom, I'm still very young
and wants to be mom too.
I want at least twelve children
a couple of pigs and five cattle.
I want a dear man
who can take good care of me.

If my husband doesn't bring me luck then
I come back to you
then give you my children
also the five cattle.
But dad gets the pigs,
because he loves schnapps instead of you.

Whenever he drinks schnapps,
I smell that it stinks like a pig.
No, that's nothing with papa
and you know that too, mom!
If I can afford it
I'll buy you a new man
one who doesn't drink schnapps
and smells so piggy afterwards.


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