Using the sensitivity of the magnetic viewing film

The use of the magnetic voltmeter in the compensation circuit


] 98 W a r f v i n g e, About electrical energy transfer. Electrical engineering. Archly far are valid. Such an energy transfer can be traced back to a circuit with a constant primary voltage. This makes it possible to deal with many problems of telephony technology and related areas using methods similar to those used in heavy current engineering. On the basis of these considerations, some AC diagrams of a general character are drawn up. In order to represent the variable values ​​of the secondary side as a function of the load as generally as possible, the quotient z = 8 ~ _2 is used as an independent variable, where 8 ~ is the load resistance and r0 ~ roe mean the unloaded secondary terminals measured impedance. The variable z is interpreted in a complex plane in which the families of curves of constant secondary currents, voltage and power are constructed. The resulting images only depend on a single quantity, namely on the phase angle of the impedance r0 ~. As soon as this angle is given, the images are completely determined. A general proposition arises from the developments about the adaptation of an alternating current apparatus, which is supposed to take up the greatest possible power. Finally the efficiency is calculated and curves with constant efficiency are constructed. The use of the magnetic voltmeter in the compensation circuit. By ViMor EngelhardL (message from tier


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Published: May 1, 1922