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How to rename an email account in the Windows 8 Email app to 2021

Windows 8 Mail is the new native Windows desktop email client. And looking at the interface and features, I'd say it's not a bad choice if you don't want to do complicated things. If you are planning to use or are already using the application, you should know how to add email services. We've discussed how to do it for Gmail. Others can be configured in a similar manner.

Now when you add an email account it will be given the name of the service to which it belongs. For example I configured Outlook Mail and it shows the name as Outlook.

That should be fine if you're adding a single account or accounts from different services. However, adding multiple accounts from the same service can create confusion for the user. So the idea is to rename the accounts to better differentiate them from one another.

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Let's learn how to do that.

Steps to rename the email account in the Mail app

Before you begin, you should add at least one email service to the application. Otherwise what would you rename?

Step 1: Start the Windows 8 Mail app by going to the start screen .

If not, you can go to the app search screen ( Windows key + W ) and search for it.

Step 2: Once you're signed in, you'll see your accounts list in the left pane. Hold down the mouse on the right edge of the screen to bring up the charm bar. Click the icon for Settings.

Step 3: A section with the Settings displayed. Choose Accounts.

Step 4: From the list of accounts, select the account that you want to rename. In my case it is Outlook.

Step 5: on a new screen displays the account name in an editable text field. Give it a new name and leave. You will see that it takes effect immediately.

There are other things you can configure here. It is up to you to test them and use them according to your level of comfort.

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My first experience with the Mail app was pretty decent. It's simple, comprehensive, and only contains what is necessary for basic email purposes. As we explore more of this, we will share with you our experiences and ways to make things easier and better.

If you've been a Windows 8 user and have been using the Mail app for a while, please share with us any tricks and workarounds you may have discovered that you think will help.