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Morning light

Morning light with a homodea subscription

For a great day

Meditation with Veit Lindau. Inner strengthening and centering in turbulent times.

All you need is a comfortable place to sit, headphones, and a candle. And off we go.

Morning light
with a homodea subscription

The course for you at a glance

  • For whom?

    For you, if you want to strengthen the light and peace in you in these wild times so that you can start the day centered.

  • What?

    This series of 4 meditations invites you to arrive deep within yourself.

    Take the space and the time to listen to yourself and to feel the silence and peace in you.

    Start the day in touch with your true self.

The course for you at a glance

Another important detail

These meditations are not a substitute for therapeutic treatment. You hear them on your own responsibility.

If you have any doubts as to whether they are good for you, talk to your treating doctor: doctor or therapist: in.

Never listen to the meditations while driving or working and always in a quiet, protected environment.

We recommend that you don't listen to more than one per day. If it does you good, you can hear it repeatedly.

1 | The light in you

2 | Encounter with your future self

3 | See the world with mild eyes

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I am not quite through with the course yet, it is a profound approach that Veit explains to me. I find myself.

Interesting impulses, presented lively and vividly. Much warmth of the heart. Very extensive additional material.

I think the course has the power to positively promote development!

The messages are conveyed very well. Brain-friendly, loving and personable.

Comprehensive and in-depth

It is a pleasure to listen to Veits lectures and to learn from him for life.

I have my exam as a naturopath on Wednesday and I feel very supported thanks to the point :)

It is a wonderful course to be able to stay with yourself and to get to know your own world better

I'm still at the beginning of the course and I'm thrilled.

I'm still on the course, it calms down and accelerates totally. It strengthens confidence in yourself. Am thrilled.

This new way of manifesting from my depth and following joy is insanely attractive.

It's actually so simple and yet the individual topics have touched me very deeply again and again and I thank you for that.

Haven't done the whole course yet. I really enjoyed the heart coherence part.

I am always surprised how much Veit touches my heart.

Every day I look forward to the content of the course, to new impulses and to the meditations. Thanks a lot for this

refreshing, wonderful, heart-opening, horizon-expanding, makes you happy! Thanks you guys !!!!

The lessons of the course go very deep, touch my core and set wonderful things in motion. Thank you very much

A fantastic course to fully engage in your life with humility, amazement, basic trust and joy.

I really liked the relative shortness of the course with a lot of content.

liebeswerk and schattenwerk have brought more clarity, strength, love and happiness into my life.

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Veit Lindau
Veit Lindau
Veit sees himself as a loving provocateur, mindful business punk and free spirit. In the German-speaking world, he is considered an expert in the integral self-realization of people.